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  1. EvolvA

    UNIGINE-Valley BENCHMARK scores

    may I join?
  2. EvolvA

    [Case Gallery] Skyline GT-R By NohCego

    omg, that's probably the most amazing rig I've ever seen. I love the GT-R theme, I love all the carbon fiber, I love it all over. Congratulations for such an astonishing pc. 10/10
  3. EvolvA

    What is the largest read/write speed across normal 7200RPM HDD possible today?

    I might be wrong, but mbps means megabit per second, so what vawrvawerawe said was righ, a 1000mbps is actually a 128 megabyte per second connection.
  4. EvolvA

    Dell's Enhanced Alienware Portfolio Delivers Exceptional Mobile Gaming Experience

    I'm in the same situation, I simply love my M11x R1 with the 63Wh 7+ hours of battery...:toast:
  5. EvolvA

    The NZXT Case Clubhouse

    wooow, that's gorgeous, brilliant jod, I truly love it, congratulations
  6. EvolvA

    Razer Unveils World's Most Advanced Gaming-Grade Tracking Technology

    I've been using my Imperator for the last 1.5 years and I would only change it for the newest Imperator, it's awesome:respect:
  7. EvolvA

    The NZXT Case Clubhouse

    I think it's ugly even for a girl, unless the girl likes Hellow Kitty or something like that...:laugh:
  8. EvolvA

    Ubisoft announces "Anno 2070"

    god, a cannot wait for this, I loved 1404 so much it's almost painful having to wait for this one:cry:
  9. EvolvA

    OC'ing E8400 to 4.0Ghz

    as you haven't surpased the 1.4v maximum recommended for 45nm cpus, you should be fine all you have to do now is test for stability:rockout: nice chip btw
  10. EvolvA

    OC'ing E8400 to 4.0Ghz

    and here's mine :roll:
  11. EvolvA

    Are you going to try Internet Explorer 9 ?

    pretty much the same use I give to IE, just to download firefox, apart form that,I allways try to avoid using IE and it will continue to be like this
  12. EvolvA

    Sapphire vapor-x hd 4870 2gb gddr5 help!!!

    I'm not sure, but this could be the one you need http://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/42940/Sapphire.HD4870.2048.090303.html
  13. EvolvA

    [FS][US] 4gb Ballistix D9GTS $45 bucks today!!

    bump from anotther owner of two of these stiks, all I can say is that they're awesome, I have them running at 1408MHz CAS6 and I'm sure they would run faster if I had a better mobo
  14. EvolvA

    The NZXT Case Clubhouse

    I thought your tempest was imposible to improve but I was wrong, it's gorgeous, congratulations
  15. EvolvA

    Alienware MX11 R2 worth it or not??

    if you read the reviews above, you will see there's not that much of a difference between the core i5 and the core 2 duo, so I dare say there will be a smaller difference between the i7 and the i5 and if the i5 is 100$ less I'd buy it instead of the i7
  16. EvolvA

    Alienware MX11 R2 worth it or not??

    well, I'm not the owner of an R2 but I have an R1 and I can tell you that it's a beast with games and windows as well (this one is because of the fantastic 7200 rpm HDD), and the battery is so enormous that I got 7 hours 30 minutes out of the box while installing the software I use and the games...
  17. EvolvA

    The NZXT Case Clubhouse

    I had a very good experience with NZXT customer service with a problem on my Sentry LX fan controller, I hope that having a NZXT representative on the forum will help improve the service and, in this case, popswala.
  18. EvolvA

    The NZXT Case Clubhouse

    I can't wait either, and knowing how skillful you are it'll be awesome for sure.
  19. EvolvA

    [Case Gallery] CyborgX

    wow, I really love your build and specially the color scheme
  20. EvolvA

    Razer Announces the World's First MMO Gaming Keyboard: the Anansi

    it's a beautiful looking keyboard, but I still prefer my Steelseries/Ideazon Merc Stealth, it's just superb
  21. EvolvA

    The NZXT Case Clubhouse

    nice tempest mate, wellcome to TPU
  22. EvolvA

    Corsair Shatters SSD Affordability Barrier

    I absolutely disagree. I have a 40Gb Intel SSD in my netbook and it's more than enough for windows 7 and a lot of aplications and another 80Gb Intel SSD on my main rig with windows 7, lots of software and 5 games (NFS Shift, Assassin's Creed 2, Anno 1404 + Venice, Splinter Cell Conviction) on it...
  23. EvolvA

    Mouse Recommendations? Anyone try a Cyborg (Mad Catz) R.A.T?

    I would recomend my Razer Imperator. I've had it for two months now and I'm still amazed by the performance of this beauty and last week I bought it a Razer Destructor mouse mat and it's even more unbelivable. here's a picture with both (just to show off a bit :p)
  24. EvolvA

    .mkv to other formats - program to convert?

    I've allways used XVID4PSP and it's fabulous, never used any other software to convert my videos
  25. EvolvA

    The NZXT Case Clubhouse

    of course you can, why don't you let us see some photos of your tempest?;) that's nice:toast: