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    AsRock Confirms Z390 Motherboard in Its Support Pages

    It's funny how many leaks we had over the years because of Asrock :D Also remember when they open overclocking to H chipset motherboards against intel rules... Got to love that
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    ASRock Offering Its Phantom Series Graphcis Cards in EMEA Region Starting July 1st

    Yes, them coming to the graphics market is a great news! Asrock always been very competitive and innovative, which means other brands will have to drop their prices if they want to compete. I don't see any Vega cards yet, but hopefully they will also carry Vegas, it's a great card if you have a...
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    Does anyone have a Asrock x370 killer sli/ac with a Ryzen 2700X (or 2600)?

    I'm pretty sure that any AM4 has to be capable of at least running at stock clocks any AMD CPU, even R7 higher end. What I would doubt is the overclocking stability and or the long term health of the motherboard.
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    ASRock X299 Extreme4

    True that. The Extreme series always been such good value.
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    mITX / MATX boards for Ryzen TR

    Funny to see the socket is almost 80% of the board :D
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    MSI and ASRock X399 boards leak

    You have a point right there. Someone should email them :D
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    X370 Motherboard - need help

    Quote :D why? because of this: https://level1techs.com/article/fastest-ryzen-1800x-sys... http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/everything-you-need-to-k...
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    Almost casual gaming build

    A friend of mind got a Asrock B350 K4 and he's pretty happy with it. Looks like a solid board..
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    First AMD Ryzen Mini-ITX AM4 X370 Motherboard Pictured & Detailed

    Does anyone knows when or if Fatal1ty miniTx is in the works?
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    Need detailed advice for kaby Lake

    I would rather go for the i5 and overclock it using a good motherboard. You will be fine running any games with the high end i5 with some decent overclock on it. But for overclocking I would opt for Asrock instead of MSI. PCPartPicker part list: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/GjQN2R Price...
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    Where to go next..

    Well, not sure about if he will be gaming 1080p in 7-8 yrs. I believe the graphics and gaming will be exponentially better in the next 5, with the VR and the 7nm coming. Which will make anyone game at 1080p, un attractive option :D
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    Motherboard Differentiation

    For the price difference, if you don't see any more benefit getting the asus, go for the Fatal1ty. Asrock builds great boards and generally they actually pack more for less. Not to mention the quality build is pretty good and generally they are solid overclocking motherboards.
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    MSI Announces its Intel 200-series Motherboard Family

    Shame that is a bit history for MSI. Still looking to check the new stuff from Asrock, better value and very complete bios for all overclocking possibilities.
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    970/990fx board with good phases

    I think Asrock 990FX Extreme 6 has 8+2 if Im not mistaken...
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    ASRock Z270 Fatal1ty Motherboard Teased

    Looking good, kinda military look added to it.
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    ASRock Intros H110M-DS Hyper for Gaming PC Builds on a Shoestring Budget

    That's awesome! But probably asrock could have saved the 3$ that probably that chip costs, not so sure how many people will be looking to overclock in such a entry level mobo. But looks good.
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    MSI or Asrock

    I would say Asrock, but the H170 Hyper series.
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    [Rumor] RX480 AIB Card Leaked and Tested!

    That Devil looks pretty good! But if most reference are not doing more than 1350, I find it very hard if they can clock more than that at default!!
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    $1k Gaming Build for a Friend

    http://pcpartpicker.com/list/VTFzM8 Added a cooler and changed mobo, Hyper one that allows you to overclock even nonK CPUs apparently.
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    Sub £200 build for browsing

    This one might have better performance, not sure about the heat tho..
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    Which one Formola or Hero for i76700k

    Formula? Well you should pick the OC-Formula :D 9,9 out of 10 in TPU :D
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    MinMax Buid - Your feedback is needed!

    I think the ASRock Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming-ITX/ac is compatible, and its a good mobo...
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    Which MoBo should I buy?

    Same here, actually did the switch from a MSI which was causing me problems. Had couple of rigs using them and zero issues so far.
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    Major build change...good, bad or thoughts

    Amazing, you can even turn a profit if you dont like the case and decide to sell everything again :D ahaha
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    Chilled Water Cooling now over 3 years operational

    Thats pretty cool! Gave me immediate flash backs on the good old days where world records were done using chilled watercooling rigs and some 120w pelts on the CPU and back then 80w would be fine for the GPUs... Macci overclocking maddness. Still have one his waterclocks around my place.