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    ARM Revokes Huawei's Chip IP Licence

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    PC Memory Prices in Free Fall, Time to Upgrade

    2016 and easy OC. Over $140 right now for the same item. Definitely can still drop more.
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    HP Omen X Emperium 65 is the FIRST NVIDIA BFGD Product: 4K, HDR, G-SYNC, 144 Hz for $4,999

    But that VRR OLED may work, may work partly, or it may not work at all with Nvidia GPUs.
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    Samsung Unveils The Future of Displays with Groundbreaking Modular Micro LED Technology at CES

    Portrait mode porn? Can you explain your fetish for all of us?
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    VESA Introduces DisplayHDR True Black High Dynamic Range Standard for OLED Displays

    Again, I said nothing about brightness, only 10-bit and the local dimming scam. This is the 3rd time I'm repeating this but DisplayHDR600 and up REQUIRE local dimming. It's that or 6000:1 contrast ratio. Read the full PDF from VESA. They literally say it's either 4000:1 or local dimming, but on...
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    VESA Introduces DisplayHDR True Black High Dynamic Range Standard for OLED Displays

    What doesn't make sense? I'm not going to explain how HDR works but you can at least read the official DisplayHDR specs from VESA's site. I'll even attach it for you to make things easy. Nobody mentioned 10,000:1. True 10 bit, however should be required for the highest level of HDR, just as how...
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    LG to Introduce the 27GL850G "UltraGear" Monitor: 160 Hz, WQHD, Nano IPS, G-Sync

    What, were you somehow expecting 3000:1 on IPS? Nano IPS is just a monitor rebranding of Nano Cell IPS from their TVs which is just LG's version of quantum dots.
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    VESA Introduces DisplayHDR True Black High Dynamic Range Standard for OLED Displays

    900 nits? It's only usable around 500. Edge lit is as much of a scam as DisplayHDR. https://pcmonitors.info/reviews/philips-436m6vbpab/
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    VESA Introduces DisplayHDR True Black High Dynamic Range Standard for OLED Displays

    Yeah a DisplayHDR1000 monitor that only classes as "an HDR-lite display or something along those lines " is a great way to show how much of a scam DisplayHDR specs are.
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    VESA Introduces DisplayHDR True Black High Dynamic Range Standard for OLED Displays

    Because the quality isn't there. There's a DisplayHDR1000 monitor out now (the Philips Momentum) that only has 32 EDGE LIT dimming zones, which ends up degrading your image like crud if actually enabled. Even 32 FALD zones will look like crud in most cases. Forcing OEMs to use edge lit dimming...
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    VESA Introduces DisplayHDR True Black High Dynamic Range Standard for OLED Displays

    DisplayHDR is such a scam compared to HDR in TVs. 600 and up REQUIRE local dimming which is useless for anything but getting the specification since <10 is generally used due to cost, and this is generally useless for any sort of content viewing The only other option is getting a 4000:1 contrast...
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    Razer Announces Its New Southeast Asia Headquarters in One-North Singapore

    I'd be embarrassed to work in a building with a tramp stamp on top.
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    LG to Launch New "Ultra" Monitor Lineup at CES 2019

    Monitors were always slow on tech. There's not enough incentive to put R&D into those small panels. VESA's DisplayHDR spec is also a joke to actual HDR (contrast ratios usually achieved only through local dimming). But if anything it's been advancing far faster in recent years than earlier...
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    NVIDIA's Stock Has Been Plunging Since October; Softbank Reported to be Looking for a Way Out

    But I thought the more you buy the more you save?
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    1MORE Introduces "True Wireless" In-ear Headphones

    And 1 More true wireless IEM that fails to stand out from the rest
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    Creative to Launch Audiophile-grade Sound Card: Sound BlasterX AE-9

    Uhhh so how does this work exactly then? The pic of the PCIE card shows OP-AMPs and something that is labeled as "DAC", and the external card only has that proprietary cord along with RCA (out?). So audio goes from computer to the PCIE card, which then goes to the external DAC, then back into...
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    Leaked Roadmap Shows Intel's Ghost Canyon X NUC Could Have 8-Core 16-Thread CPU

    And then it will just thermal throttle.
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    Spire Intros Ergo, the First Tenkeyless Ergonomic Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    From the second image, it looks like the keys are PBT, with 1st gen dye sub (split lettering). Concept is cool but it's pretty ugly.
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    NETGEAR Introduces the Nighthawk AX8 WiFi Router - The New Era of WiFi

    The AX8/80's antenna wings do look kind of pointless, but if you look at the AX12/120 which is coming out later, the wing a few more tilted antenna positions, and keeping them in those specific positions might increase performance. Only a proper review could confirm that though.
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    Samsung 970 Pro 512 GB

    Been using this for a while as I retired my 850 Evo from system drive to working drive (photos/vids). Don't know if CrystalDiskInfo reports the correct temps but it never gets over 55C here since I keep a 120mm fan pointed at the 970 Pro. Only bought it since I'm somewhat expecting this to be...
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    LG Launches a 32-inch 4K Monitor with AMD FreeSync Support & HDR10 at $500

    I mean there's barely any >60Hz 4K monitors, and you're certainly not getting one for $500. And it does accept the HDR10 signal as most monitors but it's not certified for the VESA standards (which are crap either ways).
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    Gigabyte Expands SSD Storage Lineup With NVMe M.2 Solutions

    What's with all the DRAM-less garbage SSDs nowadays? DRAM cartel at it again?
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    UL Benchmarks Kicks Huawei Devices from its Database over Cheating

    Huawei, how about just put more Mali GPU cores in your SoCs instead of cheating? Your SoCs have always been severely underpowered in the GPU segment.
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    The Power of Q: Das Keyboard Inspires Mechanical Keyboard Revolution with Launch of Q-Series Cloud-Connected Smart Keyboards

    When I heard "cloud connected keyboard" the first thing I thought of was built in keylogger.