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    Testing undervolting with my 5700XT

    Did a few test runs today with my 5700XT reference design in Shadow of the tomb raider with different voltagesettings etc. Tested with TAA, dx12 and highest in 1080p. Custom fancurve. Temps are maxtemps. Stock 2050/1200mv: 110fps, 185W max, 160W avg, rpm 2950, gputemp 74C, junction 93C...
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    A quick comparison of undervolting with Throttlestop vs offset in BIOS

    Did some testing yesterday to see how they compare and the results was quite interesting: I have a i5 8400 on a Asus Prime B360m K, currently crappy Intel Stock cooler With TG Kryonaut paste, waiting for my BeQueit Dark Rock Slim. 3 CB15 multi in a row: Stock voltage: 80W...
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    Upgrade advice

    I currently have a i5 8400, Asus prime B360m, RX 580 4gb and 2x8 G. Skill Aegis 3000cl16 running at 2666cl13. Components I will keep is my SSD, evga 650GQ psu, bequiet dark rock slim cooler, Phanteks 300 case and Samsung S24F352 freesync (8nly hdmi so no Nvidia for me). I am going to buy a RX...