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    New to Linux need some help plz!!!

    hiya, yes he probably ran XP as a virtual PC in his Ubuntu. the software is called virtual box. you install virtual box and then install XP in the virtual box as a virtual PC. I wont be checking this site until next week.. .but to enable the cube...
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    New to Linux need some help plz!!!

    What graphics card do you have?? i know its nVidia, what model? you can go to nvidias site and download the driver from there.. or run a search on add/remove programs for nvidia. to get the cube... look through your add/remove programs for compfiz-fusion. Install it then. compfiz-fusion...
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    New to Linux need some help plz!!!

    hey man, there is no need for anti anti-virus or firewall on ubuntu. install WINE for microsoft office, or you can get crossover http://www.codeweavers.com/products/ this will run aload of windows applications for you.. the full list is available on their site. take down the live CD...
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    Firewall and Antivirus No Longer Working

    download and install malwarebytes anti-malware and run it.
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    TechPowerUp! Wishes You a Happy New Year!

    the girl in picture is avril lavigne. Happy new year guys!
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    new monitor 19-22"

    get the one on ebuyers that mikek75 has a link too.
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    Need help with something!!

    And its to tell everyone on TPU and all of the guests.... Merry Christmas!!!!!! Have a brillant Christmas and I hope everyone gets lots of cool hardware and toys!!! Cheers everyone!:toast:
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    Apple Announces Its Last Year at Macworld

    so what they gonna call it now? world?
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    Help, my computer smells like shi*

    NEVER EVER open a PSU or a CRT monitor... you will do serious damage to yourself if you do.. .even if its turned off and unplugged from the mains!
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    Gigabyte 3D Aurora & HD4870X2??

    yes it will, but if arent using some of the CD/DVD drives then i think you can get a holder cage that u can put your hdd into it and it will slot into the space of a 5.25 drive. just an idea for you!
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    Gigabyte 3D Aurora & HD4870X2??

    hey, i have that exact same case and i have a Sapphire HD4870 and it bearly fits in, so i reckon you may have to remove the HDD cage to fit the HD4870X2.
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    A couple of questions regarding dual monitor setup

    Ultramon can put seperate wallpapers on each screen and a whole load of other stuff. I use it myself and it works a treat!
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    Pioneer Showcases Super Multi-Layer Disc

    she also has two purple socks, a wooden leg and 3 fillings in her teeth..... jeez!!!! :rolleyes: Would you kick her out of your bed???
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    RAM & XP Pro

    yeh your probably right, when i saw it i was like "wtf!! 4GB on a 32bit PC?? when did that happen???!" wonder what percentage of calls did OEM manufactorers get before and after the 4GB switch in SP1 was installed?
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    RAM & XP Pro

    vista ultimate 32bit with SP1 can see 4GB of RAM. I have a 4870 512MB card in as well... With XP Pro SP3 it sees 3.25GB. The PC is dual-booted. just my two-cents
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    45,000 CPUs, 362 TB RAM, 10 PB HDD

    I wanna see some benchies on that mofo!!! fo sho!!!! :wtf::wtf::rockout:
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    How much cash have you spent on your computer?

    on my new rig in my specs.... €1600
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    iexplore.exe virus help

    Hey jacko, download and install this... hope its of some help to you. Let it run and it should fix your problem. http://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam.php
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    How to mode bios fan speed of sapphire 4850

    What version of catalyst u using?? 8.10 as fan control inbuilt into it.
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    I use photshop CS3 on a regular basis myself.. along with a few more Adobe titles. Go to youtube and search for photoshop tutorials.. .there are some brillant easy to follow tutorials there. Also check out lynda.com some you may have to pay for, but some are free.. like the basics. :toast:
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    HD4870 3dMark06 results

    Hey guys/girls, If you have a HD4870 512MB... what are your 3DMark06 results, 3Dmark Vantage Results and any other benchmarking results??? Thats without any overclocking.. if you got it OC.. post them too Thanks!:toast:
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    Hard Drive Question

    If you set up RAID0 you will lose all data thats on the older hard drive.
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    First New Startup Since 2003

    I would change it slightly.... Flash new BIOS for Q9550 (SLB8V-E0) support. Install Vista x64 OS & activate. (also SP1 for vista, if you can slipstream it into the install disc you will save time, google vlite.) Install motherboard software. Install antivirus/Internet security suite...
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    Microsoft Delivers Pre-Beta of Windows 7 to Developers and Previews Web Applications

    meh... it looks ok... but it still is in its infancy so I'll wait until the beta release, loads of stuff is bound to change and more stuff added!
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    Whats the difference between these 2 HD4870's?

    sweeet..... thanks dudes!!!