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    Replace Graphics card or new CPU/Mobo/Memory?

    No sure on the PSU but I think is half decent 600w one so it sould be fine for a GTX970 - but will check.
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    Replace Graphics card or new CPU/Mobo/Memory?

    Those are fair points, but it seems you think that he's buying the A8 6600k when he already has it in his current PC. Lets simplify the question. What would you do if you already have a AMD A8 6600K & a 750Ti.... Buy an Intel Skylake 6600 & keep the 750Ti or Keep the A8 6600K & buy a GTX 970?
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    Replace Graphics card or new CPU/Mobo/Memory?

    A friend has asked me to price up a new PC for him as he wants a better gaming rig. His current spec is: AMD A8 6600K CPU Gigabyte GA-F2A78M-D3H mobo 8Gb DDR3 1600Mhz Ram Nvidia GTX 750ti 1Tb HDD He wants: Intel Skylake i5 6600, 250GB Samsung 850 Evo M2 MSI Gaming B150 M3 Intel mobo 8Gb DDR4...
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    Samsung Mass-producing First 128GB DDR4 RDIMM for Servers

    Still not enough for Chrome.
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    MSI Announces GeForce GTX 970 Gaming LE

    Step 1 - Buy MSI 970 LE Version Step 2 - Flash MSI 970 Gaming Edition firmware onto LE card Step 3 - Enjoy
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    Iiyama Launches ProLite GB2488HSU 24-inch Gaming PC Monitor

    Yaay!! Another 'gaming' monitor with another completely useless 1080P resolution. When will monitor manufactures wake-up & start making 2560 x 1440 (& up) a common size.
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    Apacer Announces the AH174 Football Mobile Flash Drive

    That looks far to large & cumbersome (and fugly too) for a phone. Just get a Meenova.
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    NVIDIA Announces the GeForce GTX TITAN-Z

    Takes 3 Slots. Is $3k Obvious really: Half Life 3 confirmed.
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    Philips Outs 284E5QHAD MHL-Ready Monitor

    When will monitor manufactures wake up & they finally work out that people dont want 1080P resolutions any more. I'm saving for the £500 (hopefully) 4K Dell monitor thats out next month.
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    BenQ Launches the XL2720Z Gaming Monitor

    Dear Monitor Manufacturers, If you want gamers to buy your 'gaming monitor' then please stop making f*****g 1080P 16:9 monitors!!!! Yours Sincerely, The entire world.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost 2 GB

    Stupid UK pricing system (again) Currently the cheapest 650Ti Boost (on pre order) is £141 & the a 2GB 660 (non Ti) is £142 If this price remains constant for the first few months there will be no reason to buy it - just get the 660 instead. But hopefully once they come into stock prices...
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    EA to go 100% Digital, Calls NPD 'Irrelevant'

    I'm buying some popcorn..... who wants in?? :)
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    LG Display Develops World's First 5" Full HD LCD Panel

    come on guys - dont upset the apple cart!
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    ASUS Readies Two Budget P8Z77-V Series Motherboards

    The LX version has been out for weeks!
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    7 mm Won't Cut It, Intel Wants 5 mm-Thick Drives for Ultrabooks

    Oh, and 5mm SSD have been around for over 3 years: http://discountechnology.com/Samsung-SSD-IDE-Hard-Drive-MCCOE64GEMPP-01A
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    7 mm Won't Cut It, Intel Wants 5 mm-Thick Drives for Ultrabooks

    I wonder if Intel have realised yet that 5mm mechanical hard drives have been around for over 4 years!!! http://storage.toshiba.eu/export/sites/toshiba-sdd/media/products/datasheets/mk4009gal_datasheet.pdf
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    AMD Radeon HD 7950 Clock Speeds Revealed

    ^ Obviously this happened with the ATI 9500. Simple unlock via driver & you got yourself a 9700 Pro but £100 cheaper! The ATI 9500 is one of the main reasons why the techPowerup web site & forum exists!!
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    FXI Puts A Powerful Cloud Client in Your Pocket with Cotton Candy

    Sod Doom & Quake 3..... It plays Angry Birds!!! :rockout: NEED ONE NOW!!! :laugh:
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    Intel Releases SSD Toolbox 3.0 Software

    ^ Thats quite good. The new Crucial M4 & OCZ drives only have 3000 rewrite cycles. But dont panic as that is quite a lot. Let me explain: Say you write 100GB data a day to your 120GB SSD (lets say 20GB is taken up with OS & software) It would take 3000 days for it to wear out. This is 8...
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    PowerColor and TechPowerup Present Pimp My Rig Contest

    The GF4 MX440 cards didnt support DX8 let alone DX9!!! So good luck running any of the tests with one of them!!! Slowest DX9 cards on the market are the NVidia 5200 & the ATI 9550 - both of which I own!!! ( I knew there would be a day when they would be useful!! )
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    PowerColor and TechPowerup Present Pimp My Rig Contest

    What system you running? I'm currently running it on Athlon XP @ 1Ghz, 512Mb DDR1 Ram & a NVidia 5200 card. Its a sod trying to get it stable at low speed & several times I thought I would have got less then 10 but the driver keeps bombing out with errors. Plus it takes about 1 hour to...
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    PowerColor and TechPowerup Present Pimp My Rig Contest

    Now under 15!!! Reckon I can get under 10 on the next run!!! :cool:
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    PowerColor and TechPowerup Present Pimp My Rig Contest

    under 35 now!!! :cool:
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    PowerColor and TechPowerup Present Pimp My Rig Contest

    Well, I'm below 50 now, reckon I can get around 10 with a little more tweaking!