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  1. J

    NMI: Memory check/ iochk

    Hello everyone! I will try to explain the best I can: 2.5 months ago, my motherboard went to RMA because it was giving BSOD/ freezes all the time until it died. 2 days ago I picked up the pc and they gave me a new MB, which was supposed to be fixed, but soon it started to have freezes and this...
  2. J

    Surgeon Simulator 2013

    :laugh: If anyone wants to be a surgeon...
  3. J

    Hardware Malfunction...

    Hi TPU'ers about a week ago I was playing some games and appears this: Today happened the same thing while I was seeing TPU forums. So.. what's the problem? faulty RAM?
  4. J

    Good game to play

    The title says all. I need a nice game to play I don't care if is old or new just want an interesting and prefebably a long game. To be honest latest games didn't appeal too much. Last game I played was FC3 and liked. I Did few searches first but it's always good to hear TPU members oppions.
  5. J

    Watercooling worth it?

    Hi, I currently have this coolermaster K350 and I was thinking on a watercooling system. So my case have this: Front: 120mm fan x 1 Rear: 120mm fan x 1 Bottom: 120mm fan x 1 Side: 120mm fan x 1 I'm sure if worth it mount a watercooling system or should I buy a new case. For you guys...
  6. J

    Giveaway: More Dota 2 Keys

    Have more 2 keys to offer! Just say if you want a key and talk about the game if you have played Requirements: Minimum 50 posts; TPU join date October 2012 or earlier; Contest Closes Saturday 8pm GMT +0:00 Congratulations to the Winners: T3RM1N4L D0GM4 & Exosdusprime1337...
  7. J

    Build for CAD

    Hey! My Dad needs a new computer for his work, he works with Auto Cad, Visi, MasterCam... and probably he is using all at the same time so he needs a fast cpu and a lot of ram... He has about 800~900 euros to spend so i was thinking on this: Amd FX 8320 or intel I5 8 to 16gb of ram A nice...
  8. J

    GTA V GameInformer

    A lot of info about the Next Grand Theft Auto form GameInformer: http://fast1195.imgur.com/grand_theft_auto_5_gi_reveal. This is the december issue and the print version comes in two weeks.
  9. J

    Giveaway: Dota 2 Keys

    My first giveaway! I have 2 keys to offer Contest: Why you want a key? Talks about your experience in Dota 1, pros and cons of the game, your favorite hero... If haven´t play the game no problem you might have a chance to win! Requirements: TPU join date july or earlier and minimum 50...
  10. J

    Dota 2

    Who want to play Dota 2? I don´t like to play this type of games alone, and i have no friends with this game. Also i have Killing Floor and maybe i will start playing DayZ steam id: JNUKZ