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    Best Left Handed Mouses

    Because i can't find any decent wireless mouse for left handers since...i can't remember can anyone suggest anything? Not for gaming. Thanks in advance
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    Full Hard Disks

    I assume that this will be a stupid question but i always wondering. If you completely cover a hard disk is really a problem? is really a problem to use all the hard drive space so that the indicator turns red? your soonest reply is highly appreciated. thanks
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    Computer price question

    did you think guys that it worth it to sell this pc for 900 euro amd phenom x2 1090t crosshair iv formula coolermaster v10 his 6870 coolermaster cm 690 2 advanced 8gb domi gt 2 caviar black 1tb each 1 raptor 80gb xonar d2x asus sound ard lite on dvd rw
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    Windows 7 drivers issue

    Does anyone have n idea why when im installing windows it wont find any drivers at all? The net is fine.when i install the ethernet driver it works but anyone have anidea? Thanks
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    Windows 7 wont install drivers

    Why 7 wont install drivers at setup i tried many versions nothing done any help?
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    eyefinity 6870

    hi guys. so i have an his 6870 with 3 samsung bx2440 displays. but i cant make them work together. will only work 2 extended. or 2 duplicated. i have them connected 2 direcly dvi and one mini display port to dvi. i tried hdmi and two dvis but nothing. any help? thanks again
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    cosmos s front buttons

    in front of cosmos s theres a small 2p in cacble that converts to a 24pin what is that? thanks again.
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    Hd 5970 and hd 6970

    Will be the 6970 more powerful than the 5970 or 5970 will still be top on the list? thanks again. :toast:
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    Best case for me.

    I know i know theres a lot of threads containing my question. but i want a case that has the most fan places 120cm except the window and fit the cm v10 cooler. thanks again.
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    4870x2 crossfire--->6870 crossfire

    is it worth it ? :) and is it good to purchase sapphire instead of his
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    Coolermaster V10-Dominator GT

    Hi. im thinking to buy a v10 cooler by cm but im wondering if my dominator gt 8gb 1866mhz will fit without problems. does anyone know? thanks:toast:
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    Dominator GT's Compare.

    which one is better http://www.singular-cy.com/memory-desktop-ddr3-c-277_279/corsair-dominator-gt-8gb-ddr3-1866-ram-kit-airflow-ii-fan-p-91693 http://www.eshopcy.com.cy/show_per.phtml?id=PER.553155 I know the second ones are 4gb but they have better timings than the others. or im...
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    4870x2 crossfire--->sli gtx460.

    so is it worth it?
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    Lg w2753vc-pf

    Hello all. anyone know the manufactuer date of the specific monitor? W2753VC-PF. and whats the difference between w2753vc-pf and w2753v-pf because u dont have the vc-pf model in the website you have only the v-pf. thanks.
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    are benq monitors good for gaming?

    for example this http://www.singular-cy.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=453_457&products_id=51226
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    The Best FrozenCPU Coolant?

    Guys im goin to order coolant from frozencpu and i want the best brand. i want an orange uv one. http://www.frozencpu.com/cat/l2/g30/c337/list/p1/Liquid_Cooling-Coolant_-_Brand.html
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    xspc rads

    hi guys. i own the rx120 and the rx360 new models with the 6/32 screws and mat finish. im wondering if i will have any problem mount them on my cosmos s because of the new screw type? let me know if u know ;pp thanks :d
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    4870x2 backplate

    yo folks. so i have 2 4870x2's with koolance waterblocks on them but i broken the black backplates and decided to buy heatsinks to place on them since is better. you think that heatsinks have the same size with my card or? http://www.eshopcy.com.cy/show_per.phtml?id=PER.807516 or this...
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    Loop diagram

    sorry if my question is stupid:d i saw many ppl on tpu drawing where they goin to install the parts of the wc on their case and showing everything barbs tubing. how can i do it? thanks :d
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    Best full tower case.

    Hello folks. so im sick of looking for a full tower case that best suites my needs. i want a full tower with black interior (not a problem i can paint if is the only issue) i have 4 rads 2 2x120 and 2 4x120. i want to fit 2 of those at least. not too expensive like obisidian...
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    mac files

    i downloaded a bunch of torrents on my mac and im trying to copy them to my external hard drive but it wont let me. ive formatted already the hard drive without any success of copying. only files that are more than 4gb cant be copied the rest are ok. any help? thanks:toast:
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    Swiftech MCP655

    Hi guys. I wanted to ask if is importand to connect both connections of the mcp655 swiftech pump. the molex one i know i have to but i have to connect and the blue one? the blue one is only to check the rpms right? thanks:)
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    [WTB][EU] [CY]Dead 4870x2

    Title says all :P Im looking for a 4870x2 dead to buy. im only interested at teh backplate but because i cant find i have to buy the whole card :P so im waiting :P thanks im paying only with paypal.:)
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    4870X2 Graphics Card

    guys if i dont install the backplate of the 4870x2 it will be a problem?
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    Strange LED's

    How this LEDS work? http://www.frozencpu.com/products/5540/ele-235/3mm_PurpleUV_LED.html u have to put the 2 heads in that cable or not? http://www.frozencpu.com/products/1099/cab-17/3mm5mm_LED_Power_Cable.html thanks