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    RX 480 not hitting 900mhz

    If flashing to default bios does nothing I would try undervolt and raise powerlimit. Can you post a Picture from GPU-Z readouts when you put the card under load?
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    AMD Radeon RX 5500

    Remember the RX 470, slightly slower than 1060 3gb and used about the same power so very close to 5500 in performance pr watt.
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    Testing undervolting with my 5700XT

    After updating drivers my 5700 XT blower has downclocked/undervolted some. Max readout stock are now 1990MHz@1180mv vs 2034MHz@1200mv. Helps a bit Tried Gears 5 benchmark and got the following: Temps and powerconsumption is max value, not avg. 1610/850mv 110W 61-67C 100fps 1700rpm 1700/900mv...
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    Testing undervolting with my 5700XT

    Glad to hear that it worked out well for you :) There is some variance in the silicone lottery, my card is about average from what I have seen. One Lucky guy was able to run 1900 at 966mv stable, that is insane. About noise everyone has their own preferences. Around 2300rpm and higher the noise...
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    Testing undervolting with my 5700XT

    I haven't dobe anything to mem or power limit, might be further gains there :)
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    Testing undervolting with my 5700XT

    Thing is that AMD still overvolts heavily as I show here. I did not win the silicone lottery by any means, but undervolting by - 100mv without underclocking is no problem. For many users I would recommend doing just that. For the 5700XT blower style temps and noise is too high even with UV for...
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    How hot is your Ryzen 3700X ? Air Cooler comparision.

    Maybe mention before but a tips to lower temps on the 3000-series is to use the best thermal paste possible (not the stock stuff which). Safe approach is Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut which often reduces temp by 3-5C during load compared with popular stock paste like MX-M4 etc. Second tips is to...
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    Hynix CJR vs Samsung B Die

    One of the major differences is that the Samsung can run tRFC a lot lower. Appart from CL, tRFC is often the most important timing for gamingperformance. How much tRFC does for the 3000-series I don`t know, but for the 1 and 2-series it could mean a lot (up to several percents) in some games. At...
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    AMD Introduces Radeon RX 5500 Series Graphics Cards

    It will be interesting to see. A bit sceptical about the 8-pin. Makes little sense. Thing is Polaris, Vega and Navi can be really efficient when AMD uses same voltage as Nvidia does. In the Asus notebook GL702zc the rx 580 ran at around 1100MHz, quite low volt and used around 70W. It was...
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    Ryzen 3000 memory speed vs latency in gaming

    Thing is you used really low timings, most cheap ram, for instance 3000cl16 has no chance whatsoever of running 2933 at cl12. Samsung b-die however does that. I really find your testing interesting, but for many it's not possible to go so low. Can give you an example, I have G. Skill Aegis...
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    Built my first AMD system since Thuban...Ryzen 3700x

    Hi. I use afterburner since I can set it to apply on boot and avoid the reset issue wattman has. I unlocked voltage control in settings. Moved voltage slider to 1060mv and clock sluder to 2000MHz :) Very simple. If unstable, try getting voltage higher, 1070, 1080 etc till it is stable. If 1060mv...
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    Built my first AMD system since Thuban...Ryzen 3700x

    Sorry, misunderstood, not very good with english. Watch the temps on the 5700 XT, they are not good. I have the same card, running stock mem often went past 90C. If you undervolt it to 1060mv which I did without problems and set max clock to 2000MHz, it got 3% faster in games, 10C cooler...
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    Built my first AMD system since Thuban...Ryzen 3700x

    If you plan to undervolt and slightly underclock then the Reference 5700 XT is a good deal, if you plan on running Stock: Stay away! They are insanely noisy and hot when running Stock. Please buy a Sapphire Pulse og Powercolor Red Dragon if you plan using Stock settings. They are the best of the...
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    RX 5700 XT GPU Swap

    Good cards with low noise and thermals: - Sapphire Pulse and Nitro. - Powercolor Red devil and dragon. - Gigabyte. - MSI Gaming X. - Asus Strix. Bad card due to noise and/or thermals: - Msi Evoke and Mech. - XFX Thicc. - Asrock challenger. - Asus Tuf.
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    Samsung, Hynix and Micron memory scaling on Ryzen 3000

    I'm not saying that :) But I'm curious to see how much of an impact it has. Where I live B-die costed only 140usd for a while, cheapest E-die costed 110usd so in that case I would consider B-die. Now the difference is larger and I would chose E-die any time but it can change again. Currently...
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    Samsung, Hynix and Micron memory scaling on Ryzen 3000

    In aida, bit gaming is a different animal ;) Hynix "won" in aida latency in the ryzencalc-test, but samsung was often 5% ahead in gaming, mainly due to tRFC.
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    Samsung, Hynix and Micron memory scaling on Ryzen 3000

    With ryzen 1 and 2-gen especially the tRFC-value made the B-die several percent faster than Hynix and Micron. In ryzencalc, the main difference between Samsung and the others is that you can run tRFC much lower and on coffee lake and previous ryzen-gens it could account for quite a bit of...
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    Samsung, Hynix and Micron memory scaling on Ryzen 3000

    Interessting, looking forward to gamingcomparisons :)
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    How's your Navi (5700XT/5700) Treating You?

    Also: Undervolting the Navi-cards yields better results than OC. I gained a few percent performance by just lowering stock voltage from 1200mv to 1100mv. Overclocking is blocked due to powerlimits on Navi, but undervolting fixes that.
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    Thoughts for i5 9600K and MSI Z390-A PRO

    B250 only works with the 7xxx-series CPUs. You can use B365, but ram speed is max 2666. If you want 9600K which I dont recommend since your current CPU is almost equally fast, the get a Z370 or Z390 board so you can overclock ram.
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    Thoughts for i5 9600K and MSI Z390-A PRO

    You cant use a B250 board with a 9600k. Only 3xx-boards work. With your current cpu, the 9600k is barely an upgrade. It's not much faster. Only real upgrade would be an overclocked 8700k, 9700k or 9900k with a z370 or z390 board.
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    Thoughts for i5 9600K and MSI Z390-A PRO

    Notc so sure about that. Look at the i7 6700K, 7700K etc used prices, they havnt dropped all that much. The 9600K is more of a sidegrade than upgrade from his current setup. Where I live 9700K cost about 400usd while the 9600K cost 270usd, I would pick the 9700K any day and it will outlive the...
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    Thoughts for i5 9600K and MSI Z390-A PRO

    I would rather get the i7 9700K if I were you. It costs slightly more, but performance in some games is way better, for instance AC:O. More futureproof.
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    Error when building with ASRock X570M Pro4 and AMD Ryzen 3700X

    Sometimes using xmp wont work, try manually enabling settings. It can be that the xmp-profiles tries a autosetting that dont work on the ram. Use ryzencalc.
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    Questions about RAM OC

    On ryzen you should set Your infinityfabric clock to 1900 and then optimize timings. Especially primary timing CL and tRFC can affect gamingperformance quite a bit. Do you use geardown mode? Can you try setting first timing to 16 or 17 and see if it Works? Also try to lower tRFC as low as you...