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  1. The Haunted

    8th Gen Core "Cannon Lake" Over 15% Faster Than Kaby Lake: Intel

    The last time Intel released an exciting new product was in 2008 with Bloomfield, everything else until now has just been poor incremental increase in performance. I sincerely hope Amd will force them to step up their game because it's getting pretty boring. I would have never guessed that 8...
  2. The Haunted

    **ENDED**Giveaway Time-**Dark souls 3**

    I'm in! Praise the sun for an awesome giveaway!
  3. The Haunted

    Will It Handle 1440p?

    You will be fine. I have been gaming at 1440p with a single 290x, an old i7 920 and 6gb ram for quite a while now. Ultra settings and 60fps for most games (some may require to lower shadows and lighting a notch, which is barely noticeable). You wont go back to 1080p!
  4. The Haunted

    Cannot stabilize framerate in any games

    Make sure the power limit is set at +50% on the gpu. The 290x like to throttle and underclock when it reach a certain power usage. Mine used to throttle a lot on a batch of drivers where the power limit feature was broken (water cooled at 40c). Use a quick benchmark like furmark and gpuz to log...
  5. The Haunted

    CPU for 1440p gaming

    I play nearly everything maxed out at 1440p with the old i7-920 and a single 290 flashed to X and 6gb of ram. Processors are overated...
  6. The Haunted

    AMD Catalyst 14.4 RC Available For Download

    This driver finally resolve the throttling problem i had with my 290x! The power limiter now work properly.
  7. The Haunted

    CPU Water Block upgrade

    One of the best water block (if not THE best) out there along with the Watercool Heatkiller 3.0. I have the older Ek Supreme and the temps are very good.
  8. The Haunted

    No fully desktop amd CPUs -_-

    Exactly, PCI-E 3.0 only make sense with a 3 gpu setup where the lanes would be shared between the cards e.g. (16x-8x-8x or 16x-8x-4x)...
  9. The Haunted

    Have you tried Mantle with BF4? (Frontpage poll)

    I get 10 more fps in BF4 but it screw up my mouse cursor in the menus and map. The cursor become offset by about 1 inch to the right of where it is actually clicking... back to DX11 for now...
  10. The Haunted

    OFFICIAL Battlefield 4 (Discussion)

    When using Mantle, my mouse cursor become offset by about one inch to the right from where it is actually clicking in every menu and map. Pretty annoying! I get 10 bonus fps average using Mantle on 1440p everything maxed out but im back to DX11. Crashing is back in force since the new patch...
  11. The Haunted

    R9 290-290X owners thread

    Since i installed the the 14.1 drivers, my water cooled 290x throttle down to a steady 840-850mhz in Furmark benchmark only. Never happened with previous drivers. Tried with and without Afterburner, it look like the power limit feature is not working at all since the further i push the clocks...
  12. The Haunted

    Upgrade Soon?

    A real upgrade would be a higher resolution monitor to use all those wasted fps. No point in upgrading if your GPU can max out all games at 100+ fps, 1920x1080 is old gen. ;)
  13. The Haunted

    Monitor Query: What do you think?

    Why not a nice 27" 1440p Asus? You have more than enough Gpu power.
  14. The Haunted

    Where to get XFX 7990?

    Unless you find a really good price on this 7990, a set of 290's would give you more fps for your money.
  15. The Haunted

    Your GPU history?

    Geforce 2 mx400 Radeon 9550 Powercolor x1800xt volt mod +water Sapphire Hd3870 volt mod +water His Hd4870 volt mod +water , tried in crossfire, wasn't impressed... Sapphire Hd6870 Powercolor Hd7870 Tahiti LE +water 35c @1200mhz... The old D-tek Fusion gpu block rock and still stand the test of...
  16. The Haunted

    Microsoft Reveals ''Mouse 2.0'' Prototypes

    This just look like a bad April fool joke.
  17. The Haunted

    E8600 4.3ghz at 1.275v stable ish

    Yes thats for sure, and if your on water don't worry and just crank the volts, this thing is stable at 4.5ghz. And no, the pressure only affect the sensor, not the actual temp...
  18. The Haunted

    E8600 4.3ghz at 1.275v stable ish

    There is no way to tell, it seem to vary depending on the mobo and pressure applied on it. I used a backplate + high pressure and got very high temps...
  19. The Haunted

    E8600 4.3ghz at 1.275v stable ish

    I used to own this cpu before selling it to moonpig and yes the temp sensor is completly wrong , ( was getting idle temps in the 50s). And about that 5ghz club, maybe you can, i pushed it to 4,9ghz on a el cheapo dfi blood iron and water. ;)
  20. The Haunted

    Services stopped working during crunching and folding

    Stability issues? Lower clocks a bit.
  21. The Haunted

    AMD, BMW Group DesignworksUSA and Thermaltake Present Level 10 Extreme Gaming Station

    I see some massive modding possibilities for water cooling, tubing everywhere :eek:
  22. The Haunted

    Computex report: intel to discontinue cheap i7s?

    They just realized that there is no point in buying a 1000$ cpu when you can get a 4ghz i7 for 250$ (i7 920). :rolleyes:
  23. The Haunted

    [FS/FT][EU] Intel Core2 E8600 - Lapped

    I sold this cpu to Moonpig and forgot to give him the cpu info. It is indeed a q820 1.26 vid. 4.5 ghz stable and 4.9 ghz max windows boot on a Dfi Blood Iron and water. I highly recommend doing business with him. :toast:
  24. The Haunted

    Scary HD4890 VRM readings :eek:

    Those temps are perfectly normal.
  25. The Haunted

    are my 295s dead?

    I had the same problem when i set the qpi link to slow speed with my hd4870's. But i guess this already have been checked?