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  1. Shadowdust

    OFFICIAL Game Soundtracks You Love

    Counterattack The Tomorrow With You
  2. Shadowdust

    What are you playing?

    I've been doing a lot of Switch gaming. Taking a break from Breath of the Wild and finishing up Xenoblade Chronicles 2 again. Other than that, some time on Lord of the Rings Online too.
  3. Shadowdust

    AMD CEO Lisa Su: "CrossFire Isn't a Significant Focus"

    I got into Crossfire with my old HD 4850 setup. It was fun to play with but honestly I spent more doing that then just buying a high end card. I actually had a 4850x2 plus one more 4850 in Crossfire and man that was a heater. I haven't really done Crossfire since. I've found that buying a sub...
  4. Shadowdust

    CPU stuck to the cooler? - Solved

    Same thing happened to me with one of my old Socket 754 setups. It was my first CPU with a heatspreader and the cooler suctioned to the CPU. I ripped it out and lost a few pins on the CPU. A lesson well learned! Now I just lightly wiggle until it begins to break free.
  5. Shadowdust

    [WTB] Z77 Motherboard

    I am in need of a Z77 motherboard for a I7 3570K I purchased recently. It's for a friend's build so I'm not too picky on brands as long as it works. Please PM me with price if you have something available.
  6. Shadowdust

    240 GB OCZ Agility 3 $139.99 AR

    TigerDirect is doing a sale for today only on a 240 GB OCZ Agility 3 for $139.99 AR and free shipping. Before rebate, it is $159.99. I can't believe that these were $250 AR only a few months ago when I got mine. xD...
  7. Shadowdust

    Hp dv6-7138us $550 ar

    Not a bad price considering what you're getting under the hood. My brother bought one of these and he couldn't be happier. Plays most games pretty decent and awesome battery life. http://www.officedepot.com/a/products/113893/HP-Pavilion-dv6-7138us-Laptop-Computer/ Prices are good until 8/18.
  8. Shadowdust

    The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Thread

    I was going to wait for awhile before buying the sequel until the price went down a little but after watching the newest trailer, I just put it back on my pre-order list. This game looks to have a lot of potential and I love how the developers aren't treating us like we're the enemy. :) Now I...
  9. Shadowdust

    [WTB][US] Apple iPod Classic 5th Gen

    My cousin recently lost her 5th Gen 30 GB iPod Classic and she's asked me to look for a replacement for her. She has a budget of $80 so if anyone has one they are looking to sell for around that price or if you know of someone else selling one for around that price, the help would be...
  10. Shadowdust

    LOTR online

    It's a great game. I've been playing it since it went F2P. One of the updates a while back made one of the first quest packs completely free (Lone Lands) and made all epic (storyline) quests free through the first expansion pack, "The Mines of Moria." So you can actually play a lot of the game...
  11. Shadowdust

    AMD Appoints New CEO, Dirk Meyer Resigns

    Well, this isn't good. I have been watching AMD shares dropping more and more since I woke up this morning. At this moment, the loss per share is at $0.72. :(
  12. Shadowdust

    [FS] Complete AMD HTPC

    A very nice HTPC. I use the same case and I have to say it is an awesome case. It will fit any full sized video card you want to use. I even tested my old, ultra-long 4850 X2 for a short while and it fit without issue. Awesome price! Bump for a great system with a killer deal!
  13. Shadowdust

    [WTB] AM3 CPU & Video Card

    Found everything I needed. Thanks!
  14. Shadowdust

    [FS] 5850 + Icy Vision, RipJaws 1600, e8400, SSD

    Great prices! Wish I could buy that 5850. YHPM. :D
  15. Shadowdust

    Lord of the Rings Online Free to play

    My wife and I have been totally addicted to this game since it went free to play. I much prefer this over a subscription since I can just buy a new quest pack when I am finished with my current quests. I haven't really needed all of the premium features. The only things I've taken advantage of...
  16. Shadowdust

    Dissidia Duodecim - Final Fantasy (PSP)

    I spent a lot of hours on the original. I am looking forward to this one. From what I understand, it's a prequel isn't it? I I'm remembering this right, the first game took place in cycle 13 of Cosmos and Chaos' battle, thus this iteration being Dissidia 012.
  17. Shadowdust

    [FS/FT] Parts F/S/T: motherboards, RAM, fans, and more!!!

    Wow! That is a killer price on that OCZ SSD! I haven't planned to jump on the SSD bandwagon until prices started lowering a bit but after seeing the read/write speeds for that drive, I'm seriously considering it now. I have to really think this one over, but you might be getting a PM later if I...
  18. Shadowdust

    Phenom II X6 1055T $150 (in-store@Frys)

    If you have a Fry's nearby, they've got a Phenom II 1055T for $150. I haven't seen a price that good on a 1055T since its release at TigerDirect. Definitely jump on this if you are able. http://www.frys-electronics-ads.com/ads/2010/09/24/49982/AMD-Phenom-II-X6-1055T-Processor
  19. Shadowdust

    Recommendations for a growing company...

    I've been working for a business that's been established in Northern California for over 45 years. Recently, my employer opened up a new location in Los Angeles. Originally, we planned to switch to Quickbooks Online (QBO)to handle the two locations' accounting. After starting a QBO subscription...
  20. Shadowdust

    I'm pretty sure a bunch of game publishers just called me a prat

    I felt really irritated by many of the comments made in that article. How can you compare "wear and tear" to purposely disabling features? When I sell a car, is the manufacturer going to disable the stereo at the time of the title change to ensure a buyer thinks twice before buying used? Then...
  21. Shadowdust

    Corsair Obsidian Series 700D - $139.99 after MIR

    This is only for 24 hours at Newegg. You need to enter the promo code "EMCYWNR57" to get $40 off of the price. Plus, there's a $40 mail in rebate. Here's the link to the case: Corsair Obsidian Series 700D CC700D Black Aluminum... I hope someone gets to take advantage of this deal!
  22. Shadowdust

    Dragon Age II Announced

    The Destiny trailer has been released! Dragon Age II: Destiny
  23. Shadowdust

    [WTB] AGP Video Card

    I think my brother has a 512 MB 6800 GS that I bought from cdawall back at the beginning of last year. I checked and it is still getting driver support. I'll check with him to see if he wants to sell it.
  24. Shadowdust

    RPG Suggestions

    I don't know if you have played Lost Odyssey yet but that's a great turn based RPG for the XBox 360. I second the comment about checking out The Last Remnant. Although I recommend the PC version more than the 360 version. Better options and it runs much more smoothly.
  25. Shadowdust

    Fallout 3 or Borderlands???

    I really enjoy both. As others have said, Fallout 3 is a great single player experience while Borderlands is great for multi-player. I just bought Borderlands two weeks ago though and have been amazed at how fun it is. To me, it seems like Fallout 3 is an RPG with FPS elements while Borderlands...