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  1. zo0lykas

    HELP - vega64 primary bios corrupted

    Hi primary bios is corrupted due my idiotic move, by rushing and not keeping attention i chose wrong bios, and now my gpu card vega 64 is working only on secondary bios. on primary bios black screen when try boot pc, motherboard show gpu fail indicator. i tried a lots of way to restore/fix...
  2. zo0lykas

    1080 video glitch

    Heeeelllo guys i need some help, all life i was ati/radeon gpu fan, but few months ago i jump on nvidia product to try, and start regret it. almost all videos when i watching have some time gliches, i try upload video, please guys any advice or tips how to fix it video please start watch from...
  3. zo0lykas

    Vega64 bios flash

    Hello guys At moment i have 1080 sea hawk under water block, but i dont like a lot of glitch.. So now i wondering, if i buy vega64 + attach water block, because all system in water loop. Can i flash bios for vega64 from watercooled version? bios no locked from factory or etc? Few years ago...
  4. zo0lykas

    White frame

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Case: NZXT H630 - FULL Tower - White Mob: Gigabyte - 990FXA-UD7 Ram: Kingston HyperX - 16GB - 1866MHz CPU: AMD FX-9370 GPU: 2x - MSI R9 290 PSU: NZXT 850W - HALE90 V2 Sound: Creative Sound...