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    4850 CF 8.6 hotfix Vantage distortion

    Ok really strange problem here.......here is a quote copy/pasted from another forum. Anyone experienced distortion in vantage in the first test? Also when I get to my desktop Dreamscene is all wigged out, looking like a corrupted movie file download.....blockly with scattered textures, then it...
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    [FS][US] Brand new Xonar D2X Audio

    Asking $150 (dropped from $160) shipped to the continental US (others will require price adjustment). The ONLY reason I'm selling this barely (and I mean barely) used card is due to a sort of conflict with my system. If you would like to view my trader rating at another forum, here
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    Overclocking 2900xts on water

    I have the new BIOS editor and I couldn't get too great of an OC because I need better cooling....so I bought some water cooling equipment. I have the following: Anyone running a similar setup? I'm expecting to be able to hit 900+MHz stable 24/7, and hoping to be able to do 950+ stable with...
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    Trade: TT armor 250mm left side panel for non-fan

    It must be silver. I bought a Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme and this thing is HUGE, so I had to uninstall the fan.....thermaltake doesn't have any replacements in stock. Go figure. Anyhow, I'd like to trade, or I'll but it if it's in good condition.
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    Q6600 G0 Oc's!!!!

    Just wondering what everyone has so far. Please show all your info that you can. I have: Q6600 G0 SLACR @ 425*8=3400 MHz 1.450V in BIOS (haven't tested with less, but I can probably useless) 1.41V in OS Vista x64 I have my stepping written down if anyone wants it.
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    Q6600 G0 2 cores disabled

    I haven't been able to figure this out for the life of me. I was only seeing 2 cores in the BIOS under system info, but I flashed the latest 0601 BIOS for my P5K deluxe and now I see 4 in system info. Under task manager I only get 2 graphs. In CPU-Z I only see 2 cores as well. In device...
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    [FS] E6600 $170 shipped only 4 months old

    I will ship anywhere in the US for $170 shipped. I ship FedEx ground which takes normally 3-5 days on most of my shipments. Stepping is L651B721 If anyone is at overclock.net you can check out my trader rating there. I have dealt with numerous people who have all given positive feedback...
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    2900XT OCs

    Wondering what everyone has reached for these for 24/7 gaming use. I was able to bench 3dmark 06 at 860/150, but I can't even get 858 stable in catalyst 7.8 with Overdrive....I just bought an 8pin adapter cable, so now I can use Overdrive.
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    For Sale: HIS X1950 Pro 256Mb GDDR3

    Non-VIVO second revision. Only 2 months old. This model runs 1.1ns memory as opposed to the 1.4ns that is in most. $130 shipped to the US I have all of the original packaging with the Crossfire cable (which I bought seperately :D) I ship FedEx, buy you UK guys can get it through USPS...
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    HIS 2900xt 1Gb in the mail, input please

    I was just wondering if anyone has some info on some hi res performance. There aren't any reviews that I can find..... I play at 1920*1080 on BF2142/2, FEAR, HL2/Ep1, Prey, Enemy Territory QW. I'd be interested in any games' info though, as well as benches.
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    How to properly install INF chipset drivers for P35?

    I installed the old drivers from my mobo's CD, and there are much newer ones on the ASUS site. I am getting horrible Crosfire performance and this may be the culprit. How do I install the newer ones?
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    E6600 with P5K Deluxe arrives tomorrow......

    So anyone have this motherboard or combination? I also got 4Gb of Crucial Ballistix and an OCZ XTC RAM cooler. I'd like to know what OCs/settings you guys are running. I have my CPU on air (in my system specs)
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    Overclocking the RD580 (Xpress 3200)

    I have read that they are stable beyond 1500 MHz (300 HT), so you don't have to worry about changing the multiplier from 5X to 3X. I'm wondering if running mine at 1500 will yield any Crossfire performance. Anyone tested this yet with Crossfire (or single card for that matter) on the RD580 or...
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    Need suggestions for a router

    I bought a Linksys BEFSR41 v4.2 yesterday and I can't get it to work with BF2142. I used to run a WRT54G in BF1942 with no problems...but I keep getting disconnects from EA master server. I tried DMZ, and there is only 10 fields for port forwarding (even though it's not needed unless you're...
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    Crossfire won't enable

    Ok well I got my second X1950 Pro today, connected the bridges, booted, installed the 7.3 Catalysts after uninstalling and running driver cleaner pro (properly).....then I go to enable Crossfire and it says it can't because a 3d app is running (it isn't) then it says that it may be because the...
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    X1950 Pro users: Your thoughts on the new Catalyst 7.3

    Um my benches were a little lower in 3dmark (same overclock) but they were drastically lower in the ATI Tray Tools bench. I went from the Warcat 7.1 to the standard 7.3. I generally use the Warcats because they look a lot better usually. Your thoughts please!
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    Anyone have a Ultra ChillTec Thermo Electric CPU Cooler?

    I'm thinking about buying this soon. I want something safe and simple to upgrade from my A64 Freezer Pro air cooling, and this supports c2ds also, which I plan on getting sometime in the future...
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    HIS X1950 Pro users post OCs, issues plz

    I've had this card since late Novmeber, but about a month ago I had some strange artifacting that disappeared when I rebooted, and it occurred when running temps of only 51C max. I have run this OC since I bought the card: 661.5 core/ 823.5 memory, and I ran the artifact scanner for around an...
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    3800+ X2 user, post your memory OCs please

    I am trying to determine if my memory controller on my CPU is holding me back, or if my memory is bad and I need to RMA. If anyone has a socket 939 AMD 3800+ X2 CPU, then please post your memory speeds and settings. Here are mine, and they aren't even stable in Memtest, but they are stable...
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    Team Xtreem Cronus issues, post your benchs too plz

    Okay I've posted in the other thread, but I haven't gotten any results from a TeamGroup tech yet, so I thought I'd give my own thread a shot. I've tried MANY different timings to allow me to reach the spec clock of 250 with no success. Here are my best clock/timing settings so far, but I've...
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    Timings for X1950 Pro

    Okay, I have a patched version of ATI Tool that a user has created with a hex-editor that allows timings adjustments for my card, here: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=121382&page=9&highlight=timings I was wondering if anyone has adjusted their timings on an HIS X1950 Pro...
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    Memory clock rate under stock?WTF?

    hey guys, I own an ATI Sapphire Radeon X1300XT, and under the Sapphire website, they have the specs for my card listed as the core clock: 500MHz, and the effective memory clock as: 1000MHZ. Well, my card shows under Rivatuner hardware manager as the effective memory clock as 783 MHz, and when I...
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    OCing in Battlefield franchise games, Windows Media player, core speed resets!!!!????

    Fellas, he's not the only one!!! I am OCing an X1300XR video card using Rivatuner, although I've tested this issue with ATItool beta 16 pre5, and my clock speed resets after running the following apps:Battlefield 2142 or 2, Windows Media Player--even if I'm just listening to music! I am running...