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    Trouble installing windows 7 on RAID in UEFI

    As the title says, I'm trying to install Windows on a RAID array in uefi on my Maximus V Formula. When using legacy ROM I can install just fine but I go into CSM and change settings to UEFI only, I can build the array in the UEFI Raid driver (IRST tab in "BIOS") but the array does not show up in...
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    power hungry PII 965

    I have managed to oc my Phenom II 965 (c3) to 4.045 GHz which seems seems pretty par for the course. Here's my problem, to get there I had to crank the cpu voltage up to 1.608 and the cpu-nb to 1.55v. based on what i'm seeing in the forums and such, that's really high. If i try to bring the...
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    295gtx or 2x radeon 4890

    I recently had to RMA my 295gtx. I opted for replacement but newegg was out of stock so they gave me a refund. now I have all this cash and need to find a graphics solution. I liked the 295gtx but nvidia control panel is a little buggy. I have a mb with ati chipset and crossfire ready. Should...
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    Phenom II 955 Running HOT!

    I am running a P2 955 on an msi 790fx-gd70 and my temps are unusually high. on stock freq. and stock voltages on stock cooler it idles at 47c under load it hit 60c in about 3 minutes so I stopped prime 95 because I didn't wand to run any hotter. I installed my spin-q cooler and it idles at 43c...
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    295 gtx, Do I have a dead core?

    I purchased an MSI N295GTX about a week and a half ago. it's been running fine until the other day. In gpu-z, one of the GPU core speeds is showing a blank field. It's also been making noise. I know the high pitched whine is while it is loading is the inductor coils but it is ticking while I run...