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    NVIDIA to Steal AMD's Ryzen Limelight on Feb 28

    They picked the wrong moment to go up against AMD. NVidia's CPUs/SoCs are mediocre at best. Nintendo release is few days later, if NVidia marketing was less stupid they would have announced their rehash of old GP102 days before Ryzen launch (to enjoy as much time in the spotlight as possible...
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    Biostar Intros the A6N-5100 "Kabini" Motherboard

    Hello Biostar, this is year 2013 calling. I want my APUs back!
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    AMD Ryzen 8 Core/16 Thread CPU ES Now Run at 3.6 GHz base, 3.9 GHz Boost

    It is 20 directly from the CPU (16 + 4, which will typically be used for GPU and NVMe drive), the rest are from the platform hub ("chipset").
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    Das Keyboard to Demo the World's First Cloud-Connected Keyboard at CES 2017

    Wow, spyware-prone keyboard ... as if buggy USB interface chips in some devices weren't bad enough. Whose brilliant idea was this, the CMO's 9yo kid's?
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    AMD "Polaris 12" Surfaces in Linux Drivers

    Well, this definitely clears up any doubts, nice find!
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    AMD "Polaris 12" Surfaces in Linux Drivers

    H2 2017 is just a tad more than 6 months away. Ellesmere and Baffin have been added to Linux drivers under these designations no later than March 2016 yet the cards themselves were only released in August. I believe the bits of code (PCIe device defines) have actually been added earlier...
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    AMD "Polaris 12" Surfaces in Linux Drivers

    Does it have to be discrete GPU? My integrated HD 530 gets its own PCIe Vendor ID and Device ID and APUs with Polaris-based GPU are due to be released in 2017 (Raven Ridge).
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    First GIGABYTE Aorus Branded Motherboard Teased, probably Z270

    Must be something with your configuration. My Z170M-D3H runs my memory (using its 2666 MT/s XMP profile) just fine and I am using Samsung 950 Pro NMVe as the primary (boot&application) drive. There was some initial confusion as to whether the NVMe drive was detected or not before installing...
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    Intel "Coffee Lake" Company's First 6-core Mainstream SKU

    So you were wrong then and still keep spouting same nonsense? There are no mainstream (= non-HEDT) 6-core Intel chips coming out in the near future, and most certainly not in either of the two upcoming families. Intel is not readjusting product tiers and bringing HEDT chips down into...
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    Intel Core i5-7600K Tested, Negligible IPC Gains

    It would appear that "optimization" in "process - architecture - optimization" stands for Intel's bottom line optimization ... Reselling same stuff on a somewhat larger (= cheaper) process.
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    AMD's ZEN to Implement Advanced Security Features not found in Intel's solutions

    This is correct, Puma-based SoCs (Beema/Mullins) contain TrustZone Cortex CPU as well. Zen will be the first high performance chip to employ this though (for server/high end desktop market).