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    Mionix Announces the NAOS 8200 Gaming Mouse

    maybe it's just me, but it looks just like the steelseries ikari
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    LG EA93 29-Inch Monitor Priced in Europe

    isn't this anamorphic widescreen?
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    Nokia Windows 8 Tablet Concept Art Surfaces

    that was the exact same thought i had when i saw the pics lol
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    Transcend Releases the JetFlash 780 USB 3.0 Flash Drive

    read is slower than write?
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    Intel Releases Firmware Update that Fixes SSD 320 Series 8 MB Bug

    seems it doesn't do a reformat at least.
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    Suitable replacement for TJ07?

    not saying it's flimsy as it is a good case in its own right, but it feels flimsy in comparison to the TJ07, imo. I feel that the TJ07 is probably the most solid case I've seen so far, build quality wise. It's just that my TJ07 is lacking a few features that I've recently found to be that would...
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    Suitable replacement for TJ07?

    looks quite nice! and yes, the 800D isn't quite what i am looking for...seems my perfect case hasn't come into existence yet lol. Thanks again for all the replies.
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    Corsair Announces New Enthusiast Series Modular PSUs

    maybe i missed something here, but the link is to the original TX850 and not the TX850M...
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    Suitable replacement for TJ07?

    yep, I saw the cosmos 2 and took a second look at it b/c of your link. The internals are actually a bit nicer than what I had expected, but the external is still something I don't think I can ever grow to like, lol I'd be all over that case if it weren't for a couple of things: no holes in...
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    Suitable replacement for TJ07?

    thanks for the suggestion, but i would probably go the lian-li route instead (i think the black pearl was a copy of the V2000). but, for the same reason i wouldn't go with the TJ11 i won't go with the black pearl/v2000 (reverse ATX mobo tray). the 840 looks like it would've fit the bill...
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    Suitable replacement for TJ07?

    I've looked at that, but I really dislike the layout of it. I was looking at getting the mobo tray cut so that the bottom bracket wouldn't interfere with dual slot cards in the 7th slot and was also looking at placing holes so cable routing would be better, such as the ones found in the...
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    Suitable replacement for TJ07?

    thanks for the quick reply. I've considered the 800D, but it seems quite flimsy/cheaply built compared to my TJ07; the materials seems thinner and I've seen more than one case where the hot-swap panel is broken off. I was also looking at Lian Li's A77F...
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    Suitable replacement for TJ07?

    Hi, I have been using my TJ07-BW for a few years now and it has been the most solid case I have owned by far (also the most expensive by far). Recently I have had the opportunity to work with the Corsair 600T and I must say that, feature wise, I prefer it over the TJ07. Build quality...
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    EVGA Ready with GeForce GTX 580 Classified Graphics Card

    wow...i guess it's really going to be a while before anyone releases any NEW tech...so many variations of stock. anyone happen to have a roadmap?
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    Intel Reinvents Transistors Using New 3-D Structure

    just a friendly fyi - the bolded words should've been 'soar' and 'whole', respectively. :)
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    Antec's Resident Overclocking Champion Breaks Two World Records Using HCP-1200 PSU

    um...straw man argument there; I was not referring to the importance of one component vs the next in a working system, but how a component adds to the 3dmark benchmark score. If you read and understood my point, which it seems you didn't, then you would have seen that my objection to the ARTICLE...
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    Antec's Resident Overclocking Champion Breaks Two World Records Using HCP-1200 PSU

    I agree with the bold section and most of what you stated in your post, which is why I found it funny in the original article that Antec posted what it did: The PSU did not set a world record; it was a component in the setup, yes, but IT did not set the world record as stated by Antec...
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    Antec's Resident Overclocking Champion Breaks Two World Records Using HCP-1200 PSU

    The title is not hard to understand at all. With that being said, I generally read more than just the title, i.e. I read the article where most of the 'meat' is. Seems that you completely missed the point at more than one count... Since you like to skim, here's the Coles/Cliffs notes: I...
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    Antec's Resident Overclocking Champion Breaks Two World Records Using HCP-1200 PSU

    unless 3dmark has changed and added another sub-score rating the PSU, I don't see how Antec can claim that they achieved a world record...perhaps the producers of the plastic components should claim that they achieved a world record benchmark in 3dmark as well...:shadedshu
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    CRTC Usage based billing poll

    http://www.cbc.ca/politics/insidepolitics/2011/02/question-of-the-day-283.html for those that haven't heard of it, bell canada (a canadian ISP) wishes to limit monthly caps to 25GB for ALL ISPs, thereby crippling our internet usage. the government wishes to overturn this and wants to allow...
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    Intel Sandy Bridge to Introduce New Sockets, Chipsets, Reorganize Platform Further

    unless i'm mistaken, wasn't sandy bridge supposed to be released in 2010?
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    How To: Enable SLI on pre-i7/i5 hardware

    doesn't the p55 already offer SLI by default? or perhaps just the UD3 doesn't allow it? (bios locked option or something?)
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    G.Skill Shows off SandForce-powered Phoenix Series SSDs

    Hm, perhaps it was your previous replies have made it seem like you prefer high failure products; it was just odd that your other reply was that it IS unreasonable to expect a drive to function as expected -
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    G.Skill Shows off SandForce-powered Phoenix Series SSDs

    wow, with that mentality, it makes no sense whatsoever to get a highly reputed reliable product over a known to fail product as long as it has a warranty. i.e. even with the seagate 7200.11 series which are known to fail prematurely, i suppose you'd take that since it is covered by a 5 year(?)...
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    G.Skill Shows off SandForce-powered Phoenix Series SSDs

    lol, while that IS a true story, I don't think that it's unreasonable to expect the drive to function as expected. Also, using the more costly SF1500 controller (enterprise version), it is not acceptable that the drive fail in 2 weeks.