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    aorus rx 580 8gb overheating

    aorus rx 580 8gb overheating, even though already change thermal paste and I've tested on furmark, core clock not running at default (1365MHz) and getting hotter and hotter around 86-88, at least it should running at 1365MHz until thermal throttle, but it's not. core clock running at lower than...
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    gigabyte rx 580 8gb black screen after OC and custom fan curve not working

    I've overclocked my gigabyte rx 580 8gb from core 1340 to 1450 mem 2000 to 2150 when I stress test using furmark it takes around 5-10 min, then i got black screen but my pc is still running. I wanna know why it doesn't recovery to stable state and i settings fan curve by msi afterburner it not...
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    hd 7970 nothing changes when overclocking

    this morning i had overclocked my hd 7970 form 925/1350 to 1050/1500,then i leave my computer just the moment,when i go back gpu clock is back to 925/1350 although i restart my computer and try to OC again but nothing changes. SORRY FOR WEIRD ENGLISH GRAMMAR.
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    xfx hd7970 no display after flash bios

    help me please i just flash my xfx hd 7970 fx-797a-tdfc from this link https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/131977/xfx-hd7970-3072-120715 with atiflash version 4.1.7 after that it no display but my card is still working my pc can see card but no display sorry for bad english