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    The Coalition's Gears 5 Is Filled to the Brim With AMD DNA, System Requirements Outed

    And I'm sure that my RX570 is in no way comparable to the 5700...
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    MSI CEO: AMD Plans to Stop Being the Value Alternative, X570 Motherboards to be Expensive

    I'm perfectly fine with X570 being costly because it have the specs that back it up. But I hope that AMD will keep it's value alternatives with the B550 (or whatever they call the B450 replacement) with cheap price and keeping the overclocking feature available for the mass unlike Intel.
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    Elgato Expands the Stream Deck Range with Stream Deck XL and Stream Deck Mobile

    Still no back button... Why can't they make a back button instead of wasting a button (with a screen) just to exit a folder? The app version is a nice idea since StreamDecks are only a screen with plastic buttons on top of it. (Teardowns clearly show that the buttons don't have individual...
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    ASRock RX570TM-ITX TBT is a Thunderbolt External GPU with Copious Amounts of Downstream I/O

    Finally, a eGPU that behaves like a dock. Why it took so long and why it don't use an upgradable GPU like any other?
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    SilverStone Intros LSB02 Addressable RGB + Fan Controller with Remote

    Powered by a molex connector? Really?
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    AMD Motherboard Vendors Are Removing Support for Older CPU Models

    They are already planning to drop support for older CPU while AMD is planning to support this socket until 2020? There's gonna be a problem down the ro So basically AMD want to have long term motherboard upgradability to differentiate with Intel but motherboard makers don't want to loose a...
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    AMD Ryzen 3 2300X and Ryzen 5 2500X Spotted in Geekbench

    Besides one mobile CPU with 2 cores and 4 threads, there's never been a Ryzen 3 with SMT...?
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    Audio-Technica Introduces the Limited-Edition ATH-M50xRD Headphone

    Should have been called MKBHD edition xD
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    It's Coffee Lake Again: Intel Six-Core Processor Surfaces on Geekbench

    One thing too good to be/stay true: Socket LGA1151
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    DOOM with Vulkan Renderer Significantly Faster on AMD GPUs

    I hope that this poor result on Nvidia's GPUs are only because Pascal is still not optimised for Vulkan. It would be highly inappropriate for Khronos to favor AMD in a multiplatform API.
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    AMD 4GB Radeon RX 480 Can Be Flashed into 8GB

    Could be a publicity stunt. If they are desperate it might be cheaper to sell a limited number of 8GB as a 4GB than few ad spots. They do that, leak the good news, and then profit from all the buzz it do and the flock of people who buy those cards wishing to play the lottery-ish game.
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    MSI Readies the B150M Mortar Arctic and B150M Bazooka Plus Motherboards

    OMG! Next gen speeds from 2009! Ah PR and marketing, always trying to hide boring stuff with excitement.
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    Logitech Announces the G900 Chaos Spectrum Gaming Mouse

    I'm waiting for years for a follow up on my G700 and they release a G900 that have less buttons than my G700. Why it's so hard to make a dual connectivity (wireless and wired) mouse that have more buttons than a normal mouse yet less than a crazy MMORPG setup...
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    Palit Announces its GeForce GT 710 Graphics Card

    Seriously Palit? SERIOUSLY? =2910&cmp[]=3281']
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    GIGABYTE Releases FORCE H1 Wireless Gaming Headphones

    These are a ripoff of the Monster VEKTRs and that's not a good thing. I own one of these (bought them in liquidation) and while the ear cup weird design is actually surprisingly good the sharp angles on the headphones isn't nice at all, enough bad to break my five year old habit to always wear...