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  1. Vulpesveritas

    Samsung Announces Breakthrough in Building Blocks of 3nm Circuits, Updates Roadmap

    Diameter of a silicon atom is 210 picometers, (according to google - other sources have it between 110ish to 240ish) so roughly 5 silicon atoms across per nanometer
  2. Vulpesveritas

    Samsung Announces Breakthrough in Building Blocks of 3nm Circuits, Updates Roadmap

    So... We're at 15 atoms now. Isn't the silicon limit 4 atoms for a transistor?
  3. Vulpesveritas

    Yet Another Speculative Malfunction: Intel Reveals New Side-Channel Attack, Advises Disabling Hyper-Threading Below 8th, 9th Gen CPUs

    The report from the lab testers say the newest chips are more vulnerable, while Intel is claiming they're not, is what it appears.
  4. Vulpesveritas

    Yet Another Speculative Malfunction: Intel Reveals New Side-Channel Attack, Advises Disabling Hyper-Threading Below 8th, 9th Gen CPUs

    The official webpage by the guys who discovered the exploit to begin with, which I linked earlier in the thread. https://mdsattacks.com/
  5. Vulpesveritas

    Yet Another Speculative Malfunction: Intel Reveals New Side-Channel Attack, Advises Disabling Hyper-Threading Below 8th, 9th Gen CPUs

    By what I've read, 9th generation processors may in fact be even more susceptible to these attacks, despite Intel's claims otherwise, due to the fix for spectre/meltdown making it easier for these new attacks to function. Here's a detailed webpage covering things on how it works, for anyone...
  6. Vulpesveritas

    AMD to Continue Working With TSMC, GLOBALFOUNDRIES on 7 nm Ryzen

    If I'm not mistaken, i heard that negative effects from quantum tunneling start happening sub-10nm, but don't become a serious issue till 4nm? But yeah, kinda crazy to consider that we're maybe five years off from the physical limits to how small we can shrink silicon.
  7. Vulpesveritas

    AMD Ryzen 9 "Threadripper" Lineup Leaked

    We've already seen that Ryzen is rather fine in single core performance. This shouldn't be any slower than a normal Ryzen chip at the same frequency, and by the look of things we're talking only around a 100-200mhz drop in performance for the high end chips, ex the 1998x vs the 1800x. So, I...
  8. Vulpesveritas

    AMD Radeon R9 Nano Review by TPU...Not

    Let's see, HardOCP and TPU both denied review samples, and tomshardware having no word on it that I'm aware of?.. Well AMD, I am disappointed. I may not have been looking at getting one, but this is just.. one hell of a BS paper launch.
  9. Vulpesveritas

    Last Chance to Win One of Two PowerColor Radeon R9 Fury X Graphics Cards

    since my 7870 has gone to it's grave, really hoping I win on this one... Even if the chances of that are slim, I still have hope!
  10. Vulpesveritas

    Black screen on windows startup with HD 7870

    So I currently have my GPU pulled and am running off of my Intel 4000, but I've done some basic troubleshooting and am wondering for second opinions on whether it's A: drivers, B; The Graphics card, or C: The PCI-e slot. 1. Safe mode boots and I tried deleting and reinstalling the regular...
  11. Vulpesveritas

    AMD Radeon R9 Fury X 4 GB

    Nvidia has what, 20+ times the budget AMD has? And AMD has to divide their budget for more things than Nvidia and has fewer engineers? I'd say AMD is doing well to offer what they do, all things considered.
  12. Vulpesveritas

    AMD Radeon R9 Fury X 4 GB

    Compared to the hype I felt? Yes, yest it is. I wanted to wake up this morning and squee about how amazing the Fury X was after I read the reviews. I wanted it to be fast enough to justify my paying more for it despite my 1080p-ness. I wanted a Titan X Killer, and instead I saw a 980ti...
  13. Vulpesveritas

    AMD Radeon R9 Fury X 4 GB

    I.. Can't believe just how much of a fail this is. By specs and everything else, this thing should be so much better. My inner AMD Fanboy is screaming right now. Well, I guess I'll just wait a few months and see if the Nano is really better than a 390X and get whichever of them as planned...
  14. Vulpesveritas

    AMD Radeon R9 Fury X Pictured Some More

    Wild guess #1: Maybe AMD supersized the height of the cooling block? Wild guess #2: Maybe there's a hybrid passive heatsink under that dimple-holed plate? Wild guess #3: Maybe AMD thought it would just look nicer? Wild guess #4: Maybe they stuffed a good sized pump in there? Wild guess...
  15. Vulpesveritas

    Raijintek Themis

    Only criticism I have is that I can't buy it in the USA through a reputable distributor yet.
  16. Vulpesveritas

    Raijintek Themis

    http://www.techpowerup.com/187570/raijintek-debuts-its-pc-cooling-lineup.html "In IT market Raijintek is a brand new name created by the main part of Xigmatek and Cooler Master team, designed in Germany and made in Taiwan."
  17. Vulpesveritas

    Raijintek Themis

    Well given that Raijintek is made up of a combined team from Xigmatek and CoolerMaster....
  18. Vulpesveritas

    Intel Core i7-4770K 'Haswell' HD Graphics 4600 GPU Performance

    Actually an octa-core design might be a good idea overall for furthering performance on titles that are next-gen console ports, what with their being likely octa threaded made for a processor much weaker per core but said 8 cores, what with both high end next-gen consoles running on octa-core...
  19. Vulpesveritas

    Media server PC??

    As for the Brazos AMD APUs, they outperform the Intel Atom chips, but consume about 10 watts more at load. They are also a good choice, especially if you want a slightly better system than you'll get with an Atom. A couple of boards; ASRock E350M1/USB3 AMD E-350 APU (1.6GHz, Dual-Cor...
  20. Vulpesveritas

    CPU coolers

    I would have to recommend a CM 212 Evo as well as a budget cooler. Mid-line would be the Xigmatek Dark Knight II, and if you're already paying for a Noctura, I would say you would be better off getting an AIO water cooler unless you're prioritizing your cooler being quiet, and even then...
  21. Vulpesveritas

    Corsair Hydro Series H90

    I for one also would vote for using AMD for testing given the high heat loads and that they are still a more common system than LGA 2011.
  22. Vulpesveritas

    ASUS Embraces Revolutionary New Interface, Partners to Bundle Leap Motion With PCs

    Maybe this will make me not suck at first person shooters. I wonder how much it would cost to buy on it's own non-preorder?
  23. Vulpesveritas

    Razer Posts Specs of "Project Fiona" Gaming Tablet

    @Blibba; An AMD A10-4600m is a 35w TDP part, and is significantly more energy efficient than an i7, of which for Ivy Bridge there are only 45w TDP parts. (and yes, they eat more power in benchmarks) The graphics on die of the A10 w/ 1333mhz dual channel RAM perform just below a Geforce 630m...
  24. Vulpesveritas

    Amazon Slips Out GTA V Release Date

    Meh I'll wait for it to come to Android.
  25. Vulpesveritas

    Buffalo Intros BSKBB15SV Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

    And this is how you play Crysis on the go in a couple of years.