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  1. Nick259

    [WTB] [UK] DVD RW Drive

    Hey all, looking for a cheap DVD drive to put in a media PC. Does anybody have anything? :toast:
  2. Nick259

    [WTB] [UK]Ipod Nano 2nd Gen 8GB

    Looking specifically for an 8GB 2nd Gen Ipod nano, does anybody have one kicking about?
  3. Nick259

    Power supply rails, are these voltage readings ok?

    I have an old x connect 500w power supply from 2004 that had a bulging capacitor so I changed it. I forgot to take before and after readings but do these voltages seem right? Taken with a cheap multimeter but given the age of the PSU there's no point in getting a better one just to test it...
  4. Nick259

    Friends PC won't turn on

    Hey, my friend just text me in a panic saying that his PC has 'died'. He says the lights come on but the fans don't and nothing displays on screen. He also stated that his PC was very warm so naturally I have just assumed that it's overheating and should be fine in the morning. I'm going to see...
  5. Nick259

    [FS] Dirt Showdown Steam

    I have a copy of this from the AMD promotion and as I don't play racing games regularly and already have dirt 3 and GRID anyway I am selling this. This is a steam code so can be registered on steam and downloaded right away. Looking for £8 (~12.43 USD) and I can either send the code by PM or...
  6. Nick259

    [FF] [UK] FREE Xbox 360 Case + DVD drive

    I tried fixing up a RROD xbox 360 a few months ago and it didn't work (:o) so I have an xbox 360 case and dvd drive that I can't use. It could be useful for a PC mod or something. It's free to anybody who wants it, just pay the postage. Case still available, DVD drive given to scaminatrix
  7. Nick259

    [WTB] [UK] X-fi Xtreme Music

    I recently bought one of these and i've been fairly impressed by it compared to onboard. I've also found out it is moddable with a bit of effort and soldering skills so i'm looking to do that, and i'd like a second so that I can do some side by side comparisons to evaluate the improvement (or...
  8. Nick259

    Computer shuts down as soon as it starts (P5N-E SLI)...

    Hello everyone, I suspect this motherboard is faulty but i'm just posting here in case i've missed anything obvious. My friend bought a P5N-E SLI mobo second hand a while back to upgrade his sisters pc but it had the issue whereby it would shut down almost instantaneously after it was started...
  9. Nick259

    [WTB] [UK] First Gen AMD Athlon X2 (AM2)

    Hello, i'm looking for a first gen AM2 AMD Athlon X2 to upgrade a friends single core machine, so that's anything between a 3800 and a 5200 (can't be higher as the PSU is rubbish). Doesn't need to be anything fancy, just needs to be cheap :D
  10. Nick259

    8gb g-skill ripjaws on gigabyte ma-790xt ud4p problems

    I'm having issues getting this memory to run on my motherboard. I've tried clearing the cmos and it will come up with the post screen and I can access the bios but once I select boot with optimum settings it restarts and the screen doesn't come back on. I'm running with my old 4gb set in atm and...
  11. Nick259

    Any way to fix this 8800gt?

    I changed to cooler on an 8800gt and when I plugged it back in it came up with lines on the screen and lots of symbols in squares followed by a lock-up. I had a look and some of the thermal paste had gone on some of the connectors however I used ic diamond which is supposed to be non conductive...
  12. Nick259

    [FS/FT] [UK] VTX 5850 1GB trade for lower end card

    Hi, being a student i'm in need of money once again and as i'm gaming very little these days the 5850 is expendable :P It's a VTX branded reference model and I have the box. I'm ideally looking to trade for a lower end card + cash but I can also sell it outright for £85inc RMRD. I have a 8800gt...
  13. Nick259

    [WTB] [UK] Decent dual core and mobo

    Looking for a friend. It's for his little sister to play the sims 3 and minecraft so it doesn't need to be amazing lol. He has a budget of around £40 to get both items. :toast:
  14. Nick259

    Finalising pc build: which psu to use?

    I'm finalising a build for one of my neighbours. The pc base we're using was handed down to one of my friends and was a pc used in an office. Currently it has a suntex 300w psu with the following specs and is dated dec 2001: +12v 16a -12v 0.8a +5vsb 2a -5v 0.5a +5v 30a +3.3v 22a I have a 250w...
  15. Nick259

    [WTB] [UK] AMD Athlon 64 X2 AM2 (first gen)

    Hello, i'm looking for an amd athlon x2 am2 cpu for a friends pc. Currently she's bought a 9800gt and 4gb ram for it but it still has a 3800 single core cpu so that needs to go. Anything 65w 3800 x2 and above should do. :toast:
  16. Nick259

    [WTB] [UK] DDR ram and possibly pentium 4

    I have a neighbour who's stuck on a pentium 3 pc with windows me so nothing is compatible with it any more and he needs something newer. One of my friends recently obtained two pc's from his mum's work so he's keeping the better one and was going to throw out the other one so instead we're just...
  17. Nick259

    [EU] [UK] Videocardshop graded cards 8800GT £22, 9800GT £28!

    Great deals here. I bought a card from these guys a year ago and delivery was very quick. They even offer a 1 year warranty on their graded cards. I went looking to see if they had a cheap 5850 and I came across these. 8800GT 9800GT Delivery is an extra £6 but it's still a bargain. EDIT...
  18. Nick259

    Running two copies of a game from one computer

    Sometimes we all get together for a lan party and there's always the numpty who couldn't bring his pc. We have spare monitors but no spare pc's up to the task of gaming so is there any way to plug in a controller or another monitor to a pc and run two copies of a game over the two screens using...
  19. Nick259

    [FS] [UK] Clearout!

    Everything will be sent by royal mail recorded delivery. Payment by paypal or bank tranfer. Heatware First up is the x1950GT 256mb (click). It's pci-e and has a dual slot cooler. It was in one of my friends pc until he got an 8800gt so instead of this lying in the cupboard it's up for sale :)...
  20. Nick259

    Will triple channel RAM work on a dual channel board?

    I'm seeing some good deals about with some 3x2gb triple channel kits being just as cheap as 2x2gb dual channel kits. I was thinking I could perhaps get a 3x2gb kit for my pc, use 4gb on it and then have 2gb for another pc build. Maybe a better idea would be get 6x2gb and use 8gb on my machine...
  21. Nick259

    tf2 guest pass for anyone who wants it

    I just bought the orange box for my friend so he has a spare tf2 guest pass which i can give away. First person to post saying they want it can have it :) Just give me your email address and it will be sent.
  22. Nick259

    WCG stuck on uploading status

    Yesterday WCG got stuck reporting a work unit and now have 5 stuck on 'Uploading' status. Is there any way I can get them to report or is my best bet to reinstall? I don't want to lose 5 work units especially that 10 hour work unit :(
  23. Nick259

    [FS] [UK] XFX GTX260 Black Edition

    Regretably having to downgrade and sell my GTX260 to get repairs done to our car :( It's an XFX GTX260 Black Edition Core 216 65nm that I bought refurbished exactly a year ago. For some reason it runs stock bios (it must have been a mistake during the refurb process) but I was never confident...
  24. Nick259

    [WTB] [UK] 2GB (2x1gb) DDR2 RAM

    Looking for some cheap ddr2 ram, preferably 800mhz. UK only please. Anybody have anything? :)
  25. Nick259

    [WTB] [UK] 4870 Stock Cooler

    Looking (again) for one of these for an RMA. Preferably sapphire but any brand will do. It's just the bog standard cooler that I need, not one of the fancy design ones.