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  1. TIGR

    VESA Dual 32" Vertical Mount

    I'm looking to desk mount two 16x9 32" monitors vertically, so I bought this. Unfortunately, the highest and lowest settings for the arms aren't high and low enough for the monitors to clear. I chose that one for its weight rating of 9kg per monitor, as I'm running a PD3200U at 8.5KG and C32HG70...
  2. TIGR

    Discrete vs Integrated Sound: Latency

    Hi TPU, been a long time since I posted here. I'm not much into computers and tech any more but do still game once in a while, and in a gaming forum I frequent, the superiority of sound cards over motherboard-integrated sound was brought up. This was specifically in regards to sound quality. But...
  3. TIGR

    DAW, NLE & CAD Drives and Drive Configuration

    For those of you working with multimedia workstations in a professional or prosumer environment, what configuration of HDDs, SSDs, and RAID do you use? I'm curious about what you use for boot drives, working drives, source and result drives, and if you've done some testing to see what...
  4. TIGR

    Dealing With Difficult Game Server Admins/Leaders

    I was just banned from a CoD4 server. If you're interested, there's an ongoing thread about it at the web site for that server (get some popcorn :laugh:): http://fusiongamers.com/forum/index.php/topic,3391.0.html And I was thinking it might be interesting to swap stories and experiences...
  5. TIGR

    Game Statistics

    What's the best way to compare the number of people playing different games? In this case I'm particularly interested in comparing the number of people who play multiplayer CoD 4, MW2, Black Ops, and MW3. From Steam we have the game stats page which shows only the current day's current and...
  6. TIGR

    Apple to Discontinue Mac Pro Line?

    Has anyone else seen this? Hope I didn't miss any other thread about it on TPU. Full article here: http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/11/10/31/despite_new_cpu_options_apple_reportedly_questioning_future_of_mac_pro.html
  7. TIGR

    [US] 40% Off Steelseries

    Blizzcon week! Use code blizz2k11. Store link: http://shop.steelseries.com/us/
  8. TIGR

    Afterfall $1 Pre-order

    Afterfall InSanity is a new indie game announced yesterday with an interesting approach. If 10 million people pre-order the game, everyone will get the game for $1 and 10% will go to charity. As of this posting, they have about 14,100 pre-orders. If they don't get 10 million pre-orders, well...
  9. TIGR

    [FS][US] AMD CPUs, Motherboard, 1kW PSU

  10. TIGR

    JS: Detect User's Resolution, >1 Screens?

    I'm using JavaScript's screen.width and screen.height to detect the screen resolution of a web page's users. This works fine regardless of the number of monitors a user has, except in IE and Opera. IE seems to return the current screen resolution of whichever display is set in Windows as the...
  11. TIGR

    [FS][US] Vapor-X 5870

    SOLD I am not sure what these are selling for now and am going to check on Ebay and private forum sales. Just want to hurry up and get it posted first as I want it gone. Since I have to set a price, let's go with $230 or best offer. All reasonable offers will be considered. This card has never...
  12. TIGR

    CoD4 Server Problem

    Server: Host: GameServers.com Problem: Lag spikes every 8 or 18 seconds To get a feel for the problem, go to the server and flip on your lagometer (in console [~] enter cg_drawLagometer 1) and look for the spikes. My clan got this server two years ago and until about a week...
  13. TIGR

    Antitrust Cry From Microsoft Against Google

    I searched but didn't find anything about this on TPU. Sorry if it's been posted. Mods, sorry if I posted in the wrong section. Full article here.
  14. TIGR

    Calculating Video Bandwidth/Signal Frequency

    Trying to clear up a number of things here. I want to determine the exact meaning of the listed bandwidth of products like this (lists 400MHz bandwidth/2048x1536 @ 72Hz). Other products (example) list a "pixel frequency". Still elsewhere I've seen "pixel bandwidth" and "signal frequency". So...
  15. TIGR

    USB 3.0 Over Ethernet?

    Does anyone know of a product like this for USB 3.0? Or is it not feasible/reasonable for such a product to exist? Thanks. :)
  16. TIGR

    Lifetime of Non-Mechanical Keyboards

    I use a mechanical keyboard myself, but to help me inform my clients better, am looking for info on the lifetime of non-mechanical keyboards. Clearly mechanical keyboards (seems the switches are typically rated for 20 to 50 million operations each) should outlast non-mechanical models but I...
  17. TIGR

    Help With Find and Replace

    Real basic question for anyone with experience. I have a long list of cities and zip codes formatted in the following way: 55472 Abmps 56510 Ada I need to replace the space between each zip code and its city with a comma, as such: 55472,Abmps 56510,Ada In the Find and replace...
  18. TIGR

    [FS/FT][US] My 5870s for Your 460/470/480 (for Folding@home)

    Items for Sale/Trade I have three 5870s; two Diamond and one Vapor X. They are "like new"—purchased for testing and used about ten hours each. Their biggest flaws are being dusty from sitting on a shelf. I guarantee these to function 100% like new. They've been handled with care by a...
  19. TIGR

    CoD4. 4800x1200. GPU(s)?

    Bottom Line What Nvidia 400 series GPU or SLI'd GPUs could maintain a minimum 85fps framerate in CoD4 at 4800x1200 with 4x AA? Gotta be Nvidia for Folding@home. Details Due to the economics and performance of Folding@home on 400 series cards, I would prefer to SLI two or more lower-end 400s as...
  20. TIGR

    Parse Web Page to MySQL Db

    accidental edit
  21. TIGR

    Folding Troubles on a 5870

    I'm trying to fold on my 5870s for the first time. Just downloaded and installed GPU3 on a fresh Windows 7 Ultimate x64 install. Tried with one 5870 to start and got the following: --- Opening Log file [October 31 13:31:04 UTC] # Windows GPU Systray Edition...
  22. TIGR

    FahMon Reports Wrong Downloaded/Deadline Values

    I just moved and upgraded some computers around here, and looking at FahMon on my main rig (which is set to remotely monitor FAH on all my computers), noticed the WUs on one machine had supposedly been downloaded two weeks ago and missed their deadlines. So I checked the local FahMon...
  23. TIGR

    [WTB][US] GTS 450s for Folding@home

    I'm interested in buying up to twelve GTS 450s and have budgeted $100 each. These would be dedicated to 24/7 Folding@home. I will also consider good deals on other 400 series nVidia cards. Shipping would be to zip code 55342 in SW Minnesota. Heatware is under TIGR. My preferred method of paying...
  24. TIGR

    Easy Spreadsheet Question

    I'm using OpenOffice.org Calc. It's sad that I have to ask this but spreadsheets are just something I've never used in all my computer-related adventures. This is very basic and I'm sure someone here can probably answer this quickly. In the meantime I'm reading the documentation. Unfortunately...
  25. TIGR

    Shipping Mistakes

    I'm smacking myself over the forehead. Back on May 26th, 2010, I ordered a HAF 932 from the Cooler Master Store (part of a larger shipment, was just stocking up on parts). CM mistakenly sent an Elite 310 instead. This can happen no matter where you order from. The sad thing is that I didn't...