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    Opinions on 5-Bay NAS?

    Looking for a 5-bay NAS. This is mostly going to be used for data backup and movie storage. No need for 4K (or any crazy) transcoding. Just decent speeds and RAID5 capable + dual Gigabit for teaming. I will be using WD Reds 8TB for 32TB of total data. I was looking into the QNAP TS-563, reviews...
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    Software to time and lock user out of computer

    So we have an employee lounge where we want employees (domain users) to be able to log into the computer and be able to have 2-hour use time (and have a visible timer on the screen). Once the two hours are up, they get logged out of the computer automatically and become unable to log-in for at...
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    Best free PDF software?

    Need a PDF program that can do the following: -Convert to/from PDF to/from Word and Excel -Read and edit PDF files (be able to modify the text especially, and match the document's original font automatically if possible). -Merge and/or split multiple pages into PDF files. -Has to be installed...
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    How do I change the network adapter name? (Windows 10)

    So I want to make this default, remove the "(2)" How can I do this?
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    Big apartment. Need multiple APs

    The apartment has multiple ethernet outlets so I can put up to 4 APs connected directly into the LAN ports of the router in the laundry room. I have two plans, one is buying APs/Routers (in AP mode) and put them in those outlets. Each in a different channel (two in channel 1, one in 6 and one...
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    Which videocard to play video files?

    I need a video card that will allow me to play the same video, open in four different media players each one playing in one of four screens. So, 4 screens. One video playing per screen. The video is the same in all four screens and it is a 2.2GB file. We currently "recycling a FirePro W9100"...
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    Divide video file into 4 equal pieces

    I have a video file which I want to play into four screens (four screens make one big square). I want each screen to play a piece of the video, but because of software limitations, I need it so that I have something like: video1.mp4 video2.mp4 video3.mp4 video4.mp4 Video1 would be the top...
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    New server for NVS 810. Any advice?

    Planning on building a server for a NVIDIA NVS 810 (the one with 8 screen support). I need the server to be 2U form so I can mount it in our current server rack. Any recommendations? Doesnt have to be a monster server, it will just be displaying pictures and videos. Nothing too out of the...
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    Data Recovery for Mac (OSX Capitan) ?

    Anybody knows of a good data recovery software for mac? Preferably free? I use Active@ Data Recovery for Windows, but honestly no idea what to use for Mac OSX. Any suggestions?
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    Free & Easy DVD burning software

    I need a free and simple (dumb-proof) software to burn movies into DVD discs. Any out there?
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    Can't "Scan To" from printer. Please help!

    The scenenario is the following: We have multiple subnets in our network. One of them is the security one which is 10.224.2.xxx Computer A is connected directly into it. Ethernet cable comes out of the wall and goes into her Intel NIC. Computer B is also connected directly into it. However...
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    Windows users can't log in

    The DNS server has collapsed. However, users cannot log into the domain? I thought as long as they log in once, their credentials were saved locally into the computer?
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    .MOV files play choppy

    Trying to open .mov files on a computer, video will start fine for 3 seconds then freeze. Play for one second, then freeze again for 5 seconds. Happens with multiple .mov files. Tried using WMP and VLC. Task manager is not showing signs of PC being taxed. Ideas?
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    Random clicks & key presses.

    Computer problem: The keyboard would randomly stop responding and press "r" indifinitely like rrrrrrrrrrrrr Mouse would work fine. Opening task manager fixed the issue for like 5 seconds, but then the keyboard would start acting up again. Replaced keyboard and mouse for working, wired ones...
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    How to turn off router network discovery feature?

    Simple question. At home I'm running an ASUS RT-AC3200. It allows me to broadcast up to 3 SSIDs. What I need to do is block on the SSIDs from been able to discover other computers on the network. I've seen this feature in Ubiquiti routers where you can do this so you can have guests connect...
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    Help IT/System admins, in urgent need of a new RMM!

    Currently using Naverisk. Basically, before a computer is deployed, I install the Naverisk client and I can control all of the third party upgrades through it. However, lately it has been giving me issues so the company has decided to try something else. One thing to consider, whatever new...
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    How-to enable auto log-on in Windows 7?

    I need the computer to boot and then automatically log into Windows 7. The account would automatically log into a standard account (non-admin) with no password. However, I also have another account in that same computer (which is an admin account). If I was to enable auto log-on into this...
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    Adobe Media Center and Axis camera

    I have an axis camera in my network. It streams through xxxx port. The problem is that I need it to be able to stream to an unlimited amount of people at the same time. The camera only allows two streams (or three I believe) at the same time. My solution was to come up with a media server that...
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    Overclocking Rampage V + 5930K

    Well, I just built a new PC. Last time I did was back in 2008 when we still used FSB (lol). I am now exposed to new things such as base multiplier etc. My setup is the following: Rampage V Extreme (BIOS 1701) Intel 5930K Corsair 32Gb DDR4 - CMD32GX4M4A2666C15 I have no idea where to start...
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    Easiest Linux distribution to boot into

    Hi So a friend of mine just had his HDD crash (windows 10, BCD is corrupted). Fixing it is taking a little too long (bootrec and rebuilding the bcd are not cooperating) and we need access to the data asap. I told him one option could be to use a Linux OS to boot into it (from a USB), grab his...
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    Windows Firewall blocking program even with inbound/outbound rule enabled.

    So I have this program called Vertilinc (used for building and hotel management). It has the option to log-in contractors and visitors and print a badge with their information (which includes a picture of them that can be taken from a webcam). Once the picture is taken, it is saved on the...
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    Where to find available internet service providers for my area?

    So Im done with AT&T and their super slow 6Mbps DSL service. I want to get AT LEAST 12Mbps so Im looking around to see which internet service provides work in my area. As far as I know, Comcast and U-verse dont work. Not sure why since I moved to Miami in 2003, cable is impossible in my area...