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  1. Grings

    New NVIDIA Specialized Pascal 1060-based Cryptocoin Mining GPUs Photographed

    I'd like to see display output-less cards like this, but with regular pci back panel plates (and a better heatsink) for sli/crossfire/dx12 multi gpu(lol) use Obviously they would need to be cheaper than a regular GPU for it to be worthwhile
  2. Grings

    How thick a self-adhesive thermal tape should be?

    I would say 1mm is probably best In the case of ram you are allowing for the differences in height of each of the 8 chips (per side), as ram is so precision manufactured the differences are usually tiny on older motherboards the vrm's sometimes had a big enough variation in heights that you...
  3. Grings

    GLOBALFOUNDRIES on Track to Deliver Leading-Performance 7nm FinFET Technology

    well the voodoo 5 used approx 14 million transistors, a current day titan xp has 12 billion...
  4. Grings

    Potential upgrade to AMD Ryzen

    4790 non-k for £180? (+2.50 delivery) https://uk.webuy.com/product.php?sku=SCPUINTI74790#.WUF8QmgrKUk
  5. Grings

    Logitech G Announces New POWERPLAY Charging System and LIGHTSPEED Technology

    Smart tech, but just like those dumb rgb mouse mats, i would be nudging that raised box thing at the top of the mouse mat accidentally all the time I just hope they have fixed the g logo flickering i can see on the g900
  6. Grings

    Xbox One X Hardware Specs Give Gaming Desktops a Run for their Money

    I havent read many comments, but don't we get this "as/more powerful than pc's" thing every single time a new console is about to release, i'm still waiting for the death of pc gaming that the ps3 and 360 bought about And remember how the cell cpu in the ps2 was hundreds of times more powerful...
  7. Grings

    Plextor M.2 M8peG 256GB Nvme on AsRock Z97X Killer 3.1 motherboad

    Sli wont work in 8x/4x, it only works on 8x/8x
  8. Grings

    Amd to Nivida

    I run DDU when switching from amd to nvidia and vice versa, not sure its really necessary nowadays, but people normally mention it in threads like this still so there
  9. Grings

    Should I sell my R9 fury?

    I was actually going by the fury x in wizzards reviews, not a regular fury, my bad, though i'm sure they choke at around the same point I had a non x fury for a while before getting a 1070, and i really think you will find the 1070 choke around the same point too, in between 2560x1440 and 4k...
  10. Grings

    Should I sell my R9 fury?

    Unless it costs you next to nothing i wouldnt bother trading it for a 1070, its pretty much a sidegrade, check one of wizzards gpu reviews (the most recent review with both cards in comparison charts will be on more recent drivers), they will both drop below 60fps around the same settings get a...
  11. Grings

    Problems with DDR4 3200 MHz running rated speed on Asus Pro Gaming Z170

    Stick to 1.35v ram voltage but try raising vccio/vccsa both to 1.15-1.2v This usually needs doing on these Asus boards (and the -a, -e, PG Aura etc)
  12. Grings

    Linus Has Some Things to Say about Core i9 and X299

    I cant see its 'quad channel' ram working great tbh, even more so with epyc, given they will be using slower ecc ram with ryzen we saw its ccx latency issues quite apparent until you get the ram up around 3000mhz
  13. Grings

    Intel Core i7-7740K "Kaby Lake-X" Cracks 7.50 GHz on Liquid Helium

    Does it make coil whine sound funny?
  14. Grings

    Enermax Shows MaxTytan Series of 80+ TitaniumPSUs With Integrated Power Meter

    1250w is fanless until 60-70% load, so many of these are never going to spin their fan up...
  15. Grings

    Enermax Unveils Equilence Chassis with Noise Dampening

    The Antec P180 was out about 10 years before the Fractal.. I quite like this Enermax one, but wonder whats going on with the top panel to limit it to only a 2 fan radiator in the top, its a shame as it looks like it has at least 70-80mm clearance from the top of the motherboard to the roof
  16. Grings

    GeIL Shuttle Series M.2 NVMe SSD Pictured

    I would imagine the MLC variant is in real use the samsung will be faster in benchmarks though, as if by magic(ian)
  17. Grings

    Calyos Showcases Its NSG S0 Phase Change Cooling Chassis at Computex 2017

    The Vinyl on the CPU and GPU blocks looks awful, like a bad ghetto mod
  18. Grings

    Colorful Showcases Two GTX 1080 Ti Graphics Cards

    Lol @ the 2nd one, are Colorful Klingon? is this why we never see them on the western market? Is the Bat'leth detatchable?
  19. Grings

    GeIL EVO-X Series AMD Edition DDR4 Memory Pictured

    I see these i was referring to now come in 4266 speeds, if they came with controllable rgb, or even an option to turn off the blue led's they do have off, they would be top choice for me Edit: nevermind, looking closer i see it's still only 4gb modules at the decent speeds
  20. Grings

    GeIL EVO-X Series AMD Edition DDR4 Memory Pictured

    Ok, so Geil sell 4000mhz DDR4 with no heatspreader (i would assume also b-die at that speed), but that huuuuge heatsink is necessary on these...
  21. Grings

    Where do you cut if you are really on a budget for a new PC ?

    The introduction of k processors stopped me skimping on cpu (and mobo to a degree), but ryzen 5, and kaby pentium have made lower price points more interesting And with ram prices going up even the lowest spec stuff is barely any cheaper than 3000ish stuff from corsair, g.skill etc For Ssd's i...
  22. Grings

    Intel Cuts Price of Core i3-7350K Overclocker-friendly Dual-core Chip

    Scan, Aria, Overclockers and Amazon(.co.uk) have all dropped them already
  23. Grings

    Cherry MX style switches on mechanical keyboards

    I have tried red, blue, brown and black, brown being my favourite I am currently using TTC Browns (Roccat Suora FX) having previously had Cherry MX Browns in a Logitech G610, and i think they feel a little nicer, but i'm not sure how much of that is the switches, and how much is the board...
  24. Grings

    The Slumbering Giant Wakes: Intel to Introduce 18-core X-Series Processors?

    I doubt it, it looks like they are going to lock out using xeons on desktop x299 boards this time around