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  1. Yukikaze

    So how long did you get from your last mouse?

    My MX518 gotten worn out by skin oils after about a decade of service before I replaced it, but all electrical parts were still working perfectly. My RAT7 lasted 7 years so far, but it is no longer on my main box as of last week (replaced with a M65). Still perfectly functional, but no longer in...
  2. Yukikaze

    What's the one game you keep coming back to time after time?

    Baldur's Gate I and II, Diablo 2. Out of modern games, Cities: Skylines and Stellaris.
  3. Yukikaze

    Sharkoon Announces SM1 Clip-On Microphone for Headsets

    Errrr..... Already up for about three hours on the news page here?
  4. Yukikaze

    Intel Shares Down, AMD and NVIDIA Up Following VT Flaw Surface

    It would've been probably better to wait until the end of the trading day before writing this article, since it was not long until that point. In any case, the EOD stock results: INTC -> -3.39% AMD -> +5.19%
  5. Yukikaze

    LG Launches the LG 27GK750F-B Monitor: 27" TN, 1080p, 240 Hz, FreeSync

    I bought a LG 31MU97-B last year. It died about 9 months later with the DisplayPort input becoming unreliable and losing sync (with the screen going black until it re-established link). I RMA'd it (LG even sent me a box) and got a full refund from LG since the model was no longer in production...
  6. Yukikaze

    'Scientist', 61, prepares to prove the Earth is flat by launching himself in homemade rocket

    Because at least some of these bozos believe that airlines and airliner manufacturers are a part of the conspiracy, so the views from an airliner are not real and are modified to show you a round earth.
  7. Yukikaze

    KFA2 and GALAX Announce SNPR GTX 1060 External Graphics

    If you are referring to eGPU enclosures: Asus has the ROG XG Station 2. Gigabyte has the AORUS Gaming Box 1070 and also the 1080 version. Razer has the Razer Core V2. AKiTiO has the Node. Mantiz has the Venus. PowerColor has the Devil Box. This is not a complete list. Out of these, the Gigabyte...
  8. Yukikaze

    Internal nVidia Laptop GPU + Thunderbolt 3 eGPU?

    A lot of eGPU stuff showing up here lately :) I'll go about providing some answers. I ran a ZBook G2 (K2100M) with a GTX960 eGPU back in the day (now on a ZBook G4 and a R9 Fury), and here how it went: Do I have to keep the internal GPU drivers uninstalled? No. However, if you wish to use the...
  9. Yukikaze

    The eGFX Breakaway Puck Turns Your Ordinary Laptop Into a High-End Gaming PC

    It uses an MXM RX570, so that is likely an existing mobile module re-purposed as an eGPU, not a desktop card. Here is a picture of a teardown of the RX 560 version. Also keep in mind that this provides charging to the laptop, so the power brick is more powerful than what is needed by just the...
  10. Yukikaze

    The eGFX Breakaway Puck Turns Your Ordinary Laptop Into a High-End Gaming PC

    To be honest, eGPUs work best on an external display, not the internal one, due to the lack of need to loop the frames back to the laptop (which also incurs an additional performance hit, and the higher the resolution, the worse it is). Most people who use eGPUs use them as docks to which...
  11. Yukikaze

    The eGFX Breakaway Puck Turns Your Ordinary Laptop Into a High-End Gaming PC

    Yup, quite a few, even as small as 13" (HP Spectre x360, for example).
  12. Yukikaze

    The eGFX Breakaway Puck Turns Your Ordinary Laptop Into a High-End Gaming PC

    It is (way) too expensive, yes, but it actually has some uses for people where money is less of an object and/or space is at a premium. It works like a charger and a docking station that allows you to connect 4 high-resolution displays to a lightweight laptop, plus giving it some graphical...
  13. Yukikaze

    The eGFX Breakaway Puck Turns Your Ordinary Laptop Into a High-End Gaming PC

    There's a lot of these already, including a few by Sonnet themselves.
  14. Yukikaze

    What the hell am i ?

    If you got a large amount of cabling on the floor for a long time and you want to clean it up? Dunno. It doesn't look like anything else to me, so I guessed that :)
  15. Yukikaze

    What the hell am i ?

    Is that some sort of a cable cleaning brush thingie? Snap it on a cable and pull it through?
  16. Yukikaze

    WPA2 Vulnerability Found

    From the disclosure page: I'm using WPA2 with only AES. That's also vulnerable? Yes, that network configuration is also vulnerable. The attack works against both WPA1 and WPA2, against personal and enterprise networks, and against any cipher suite being used (WPA-TKIP, AES-CCMP, and GCMP). So...
  17. Yukikaze

    WPA2 Vulnerability Found

    A small update with regards to the Microsoft fix. The fix itself is sufficient to solve the issue on Windows, even if your WiFi device has no driver update, with one caveat: Does this security update fully address these vulnerabilities on Microsoft Platforms, or do I need to perform any...
  18. Yukikaze

    Razer Announces Revised eGPU Dock, the Core V2

    The original Core was also overpriced as heck. Considering that eGPU alternatives start at ~270$ (AKiTiO Node, but it does not have extra ports) and the HP Omen Accelerator is 300$ and does everything this does (except looking as sleek), the price is ludicrous.
  19. Yukikaze

    WPA2 Vulnerability Found

    Yes, it is huge for businesses, but they also have devices that tend to have good support...at least the ones that have actual IT departments. Small businesses might be screwed, or not even aware of this at all. I was indeed talking about the usual home use case of a single WiFi router and...
  20. Yukikaze

    WPA2 Vulnerability Found

    From the disclosure page: What if there are no security updates for my router? Our main attack is against the 4-way handshake, and does not exploit access points, but instead targets clients. So it might be that your router does not require security updates. We strongly advise you to contact...
  21. Yukikaze

    WPA2 Vulnerability Found

    That is correct. However updates of the sort tend to be pushed via driver updates (there are no standalone utilities for FW updates for most Wifi devices), and driver updates get pushed via OS updates (on windows, at least, but that's what most people use at home). EDIT: It might not be correct...
  22. Yukikaze

    WPA2 Vulnerability Found

    Yeah, since it requires you to intercept/disrupt/inject traffic, this means that you need to be within WiFi radio range of the targets. I think the main worry here is for small business owners (no real IT department, but might still be using sensitive data). For most people on a computer at home...
  23. Yukikaze

    WPA2 Vulnerability Found

    This attack does not gain access to the network, nor does it require the attacker to be "connected" to the network. If it works, it lets you decrypt some (or in some cases, all) traffic sent between a client and the access point.
  24. Yukikaze

    WPA2 Vulnerability Found

    US-CERT statement: US-CERT has become aware of several key management vulnerabilities in the 4-way handshake of the Wi-Fi Protected Access II (WPA2) security protocol. The impact of exploiting these vulnerabilities includes decryption, packet replay, TCP connection hijacking, HTTP content...