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  1. Eternal

    [Case Gallery] Aliens Vs Predator - Box

    You got my vote! 10/10. Love E.T bdw
  2. Eternal

    MoonPig's Desk Mod

    Awesome idea. Looks great aswelln you definitely earned yourself some bragging rights there. :toast:
  3. Eternal

    Pictures of Computer Desks/Tables & Chairs

    Heres mine... http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/10059716
  4. Eternal

    High res hardware pictures needed

    They gonna be some big ass pictures. Or does this PC shop have a big ass billboard to match?
  5. Eternal

    Would you want a tripple slot cooler ?

    Not a bad article, n 18c when under load is quite significant. Although i would be worried bout the weight of the cooler still.
  6. Eternal

    We need a podcast!

    Hell yh, Im all up for another Podcast on the old faithful iPod. :)
  7. Eternal

    Great Ram for Pc build

    Ive heard Corsair dominators are pretty good, not bad OC either. Im considering them for my build. Not sure on the Corsair XMS2 ram though.
  8. Eternal

    OK got all the parts, now how do I build it?

    Thats some sweet kit for a first build. Im gonna be real nervous when i insert the OS for my build.
  9. Eternal

    Sexy Hardware Close-Up Pic Clubhouse.

    Some really nice pics guys, keep em coming!
  10. Eternal

    TPU's F@H Team

    I think im gonna join in the F@H fun, when my build is up n running at least.
  11. Eternal

    Foxconn Blood Rage Final Look!

    A pretty sweet lookin' board. N yh, Dominators would look pretty sick on that thing. Deffo Red n Black FTW!
  12. Eternal

    FarCry2 PS3 Mod

    Pretty sweet, but i can see the point that Chryonn is making. I was thinking of doing it to my 360, but came to the same opinion.
  13. Eternal

    Help me Overclock my e8400 past 4.5ghz

    4.5 eh?.. Thats gonna be a tad tricky to run stable 24/7. Unless, as spearman said, raising the voltages. But, again... Stability. Uhum :s
  14. Eternal

    I really want TPU Merchandise

    Hell yes, TPU Boxers LOl. I would have to get a mug aswell.
  15. Eternal

    LucasArts and BioWare Reveal Star Wars: The Old Republic

    Oooohh! Sounds juicy. Especially with Bioware involved.
  16. Eternal

    Silverstone's new FT01 chassis.

    That thing looks feckin' insane. N damn your CPU cooler looks like you just mounted a car radiator on it Lol. What is it? That ram cooler looks good aswell, im gonna have to buy me one of those babies.
  17. Eternal

    Needed?...Or am I just being stupid?

    Hi, is it really necessary to have 2 4870's when Im only gonna be gaming on my new build with a 20" screen (22" max), or is it just greedy. I wanna be able to play alot of games on it on High settings... I think i know im just being stupid, but i need people to tell me. *Apart from my...
  18. Eternal

    What to do ? Need Help picking.......

    I agree with Fits. The P5Q- Deluxe is a beast of a board. Hence why im buying it. *I swear im not biased* ;)
  19. Eternal

    High res 28" or large low res screen

    For me there no real choice, I'd have to go for the high res 28". If i was to go for the large screen I would always be wondering how the extra res would have been on the 28"
  20. Eternal

    Upgrade to P5Q or not?

    Niko084 is right, steer away form p43 and especially the Asus 'SE' boards. I havent had one myself but all i ever hear about, well 90% of it, is BAD. Mostly due to its horrible reliabilty n clocking issues.
  21. Eternal

    Mobo to get aroud 500fsb on Intel Quad Core

    Id definitely go for a P5Q, them boards can achieve 500 fsb 24/7. I heard they can reach near 600 or over fsb but then stability becomes as issue as you can imagine.
  22. Eternal

    Best card for PC gaming on 720p HDTV?

    768 is high def 720p. It sorta just doesnt utilize the other pixels. High def is only 720p, 1080i or 1080p. n above of course.
  23. Eternal

    Best Videocard setup for 1920x1200 performance?

    Id go with this option, unless of course your budget allows a 4870x2. But i think everyone else has put that point across.
  24. Eternal

    Intel Demonstrates World's First Working 'Moorestown' Platform

    I guess you could try, but then again if i wanted to get robbed or beaten the crap out of, there are better ways to go about it Lol.
  25. Eternal

    Just bought a ps3..

    I'd say definitely get MGS4 n Resistance 2 when it comes out. Its gonna be great. N you cant go far wrong at all with Uncharted.