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    OFFICIAL Fallout 4 (Discussion)

    Hey guys, I've read you can get a scenario with waves of 3 different factions attacking in the Defend the Castle (Super Mutants, BoS, and Institute), but I always get only Institute attacking, even if BoS is my enemy too before starting it. Has anyone here done this quest with all those factions...
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    What are you playing?

    Marvel Spiderman on my PS 4 Fat :D
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    OFFICIAL Monster Hunter World (Discussion)

    Has anyone played it on the PS4 yet? I would like to hear a few reviews.
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    Should i buy Samsung Galaxy Note 9

    I'm using Note 8, I think it's worth upgrading, battery and performance have improved a lot.
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    SPDTool: Read, Edit and Flash your Memory's SPD

    anyone would kindly share the spd file from a corsair cm2x1024-6400?