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  1. Eternal

    Needed?...Or am I just being stupid?

    Hi, is it really necessary to have 2 4870's when Im only gonna be gaming on my new build with a 20" screen (22" max), or is it just greedy. I wanna be able to play alot of games on it on High settings... I think i know im just being stupid, but i need people to tell me. *Apart from my...
  2. Eternal

    Updating Bios on a first build?

    Just a quickie, how the heck can you update a bios on a mobo, which i heard some of them will need with an e8400 / e8500, if its your first build n you have no other cpu to boot from. Sorry if its a dumb question but i cant make sense why manufacturers say "Fully 45nm ready" when they...
  3. Eternal

    First Build...Final Spec decided...

    Well i think this is what im gonna go for... Intel e8400 3.0 Ghz Asus P5E X38 DDR2 - 1600mhz 4GB Corsair Dominator PC-8500 with cooling fan 640GB Western Digital HDD Pioneer DVD/RW (cheap as chips lol) Antec three hundred gaming case ATi Radeon 4870 512mb PCI-E Only thing...
  4. Eternal

    4870 bottleneckin'?

    I plan on getting a 4870 for my new rig n adding a second later on down the line. But will they bottleneck on a P45 mobo with 8x dual crossfire... i hear that they might cos they cant utilize there full power on 8x. Thanks guys!
  5. Eternal

    First Build Advice...

    I've got a budget of £750 for the rig itself. It'll be used mainly for gaming and preferably have good overclocking. My head is going round in circles trying to decide, so id thought id see what you guys would reccommend. Thanks. ;) Im probably gonna upgrade it quite a bit in the future...
  6. Eternal

    Which mobo to get?

    As the title says...What would you reccomend really? I have one in mind but just curious to see hwat you guys would have. It has to be 775 and under £140...Preferably xfire ready aswell. Thanks.
  7. Eternal

    Confused?!?...U can use a GPU entirely for Physx?

    As the title says... Can someone please elaborate! Im building my first rig so this sounds enticing to say the least. Cheers guys.
  8. Eternal

    First Build Advice (what cpu)

    Hi Guys, Im new in the forums and was wondering whether I really need a Q6600 quad or whether a dual core will be ok. It'll be mainly used for gaming and some dabble in 3ds max. Any reccomendations are welcome. Cheers ;)