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  1. jaggerwild

    What are you playing?

    Keep sending in your money, I'm sure you got pull 64K!
  2. jaggerwild

    What are you playing?

    Dude, nobody is gonna read your books NOBODY! Turn it down a few paragraphs........
  3. jaggerwild

    The train is leaving the station!!

    Opps, got me. Go stroke yer GPU now......................
  4. jaggerwild

    The train is leaving the station!!

    that's funny as it beats a 2080 TI but not a 2070Ti, also its in VR test lolz! Yawn..................:kookoo:
  5. jaggerwild

    How do you justify a CPU upgrade?

    If I have the funds extra? Can I use or sell the old one, is it worth buying.
  6. jaggerwild

    Data Recovery (Damaged MBR/Partition Table)

    Just Use UbuntU, down load it then make a sart up disc with it. Then boot off it, then you can see all files on main drive(no expense).
  7. jaggerwild

    OFFICIAL No Man's Sky (Discussion)

    How do I get a refund? I'd like to sell it to get a refund as Its like the type of game I need to spend a life time on and its not my cup of tea.
  8. jaggerwild

    New motherboard tested with 3 PSU: post only with one of them!

    OR Old unit with lowered rails, certain board will not with with certain PSU. This first happened with the X58 platform we saw this.
  9. jaggerwild

    Dead motherboard?

    You mean the board will power on with the 24 pin and not the CPU pin plugged in? That is how you can tell if you have a bad Mosfit, if your jumping and it starts working with the PSU, then something else is amiss. Use a Multi meter and test the mosfit, google is your friend. You'll know which...
  10. jaggerwild

    Is the need for PCIE 4.0 in Terms of Graphics Cards Really Several Years away?

    Intel owns server plat forums or did, so Intel isn't hurting Yet. They had the lead a long long time, with ogglez of money to spend. Intel is also the second highest selling GPU (lolz!) go figure, they don't even make a GPU(yet). a lil home work goes a long way...........
  11. jaggerwild

    EVGA Formally Launches the SR-3 DARK Motherboard for Xeon W-3175X

    16 layer PCB, love the Sata connectors turned like that.
  12. jaggerwild

    What PC specs were you rockin back in 2009?

    EVGA X58 Intel 3520 Xeon 2 X 4870 Raptors
  13. jaggerwild

    What is the bottom layer of the CPU die?

    The bottom layer of an Intel CPU is the contact pads...............:clap:
  14. jaggerwild

    TechPowerUp Wishes You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Merry Christmas All!
  15. jaggerwild

    Interpret Memtest86 results

    Or remove one at a time see if it goes away................................
  16. jaggerwild

    Broken Samsung Curved Gaming Monitor

    If you purchased it on the CC, you may contact them. Tell them what happened what make and model it is and in a few days a new one will appear. OR you could buy the same thing on your CC, wait a few days then show them the old one........ Not the most honest approach but.
  17. jaggerwild

    Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H reliability/quality

    The Z77-Z87 boards have an error where they will hang on power up, all you need to do is power it on(it will just sit there, not posting)hit the reset button and boom it will boot.
  18. jaggerwild

    A 2012 Extreme Edition in 2019

    you the Argon from the EVGA forums?
  19. jaggerwild

    Best Video Editing Laptop

    Why is it every thread gets this treatment, I know more then you. Blah blah, hell even a MAC book can do video editing not sure on the software side, I do know CAD is one of the most demanding software's out there as far as CPU goes.
  20. jaggerwild

    Strange issues with Asus P8Z77-V LK after Bios Update

    That's probably why they suggest only UPDATING WHEN you have an issue, NOT because the dating is old.
  21. jaggerwild

    Help install win 10 on samsung 970 evo plus

    Could be the jump drive you have in there, remove all others till the install is done
  22. jaggerwild

    Pc was off but wont turn on after switching off power outlet

    LOLZ! It has to be good cause the TESTER SAID IT WAS...................:clap:
  23. jaggerwild

    AMD Radeon HD 6950M Drivers crash computer Origin (Clevo/Sager) p170hm

    How are you removing the old drivers? There is a proper way to do it and this may be why your having issue's.
  24. jaggerwild

    Well, build log, profession advancement... The works I guess!! :) Complete and Total Overkill part 3!!

    You work on computers for a living right? My suggestion(this is only me)I do admire everything you have(and you have a shit load of it), get outside and find a new hobby. When you do that all day only to do it when you come home as well(that's nuts!). Even if its building them for charity, again...
  25. jaggerwild

    LGA 2066 CPUs

    All i9 CPU'S will be top dollar as there Extreme CPU'S, 10980XE is 18 core 36 threads. Then add Canadian exchange to it all.