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  1. Urlyin

    A Monitor RMA gone Bad_ASS

    This one is a first for me and perhaps common place for others. I had a 27" ASUS VN289H where the backlight went out. I thought dam I have to purchase a new monitor but before doing so I check my warranty and I had the ASUS Rapid Replacement still good from 2016 at the time I bought it. Well...
  2. Urlyin

    Intel Vpro AMT be used to view and make BIOS changes?

    Hey Guys, Looking over some of the Intel AMT on chip VPro setup requires a viewer to use as a KVM but can you use it to make BIOS setting changes like an ILO? I've used the Web access but that is just for AMT...
  3. Urlyin

    PCIe Expresscard producing 500 MB/s ?

    Hey Guys just wanted to see if I'm looking at this correctly. Okay here's the setup: HP 6470b Laptop w/ Mobile Intel® HM76 Express Chipset My assumption is the Expresscard port would be hanging off the 8 PCIe 2.0 5Gb/s thus resulting in 500 MB/s throughput. This is for some testing...
  4. Urlyin

    Creating a Kiosk with Windows 7

    I just thought I'd share a small adventure in using Windows 7 64 bit as a Kiosk. To begin with I needed several systems locked down for a hiring event and only wanted IE to start up to a specific web page. So what does one do when you need information on a topic? Of course you search the web. So...
  5. Urlyin

    Winpe Startnet.cmd to execute CDROM|DVD drive letter

    I create images for servers using Winpe AIK in conjuction with Ghost. I install the Windows OS do the SP and updates then sysprep. I capture the image with Ghost and then use Winpe to execute the Ghost image. Now the issue at hand is that the DVD drive is not always default at the drive letter...
  6. Urlyin

    [US] Cooler Master Storm Scout ATX Mid Tower Case

    Cooler Master Storm Scout SGC - 2000-KKN1-GP $69.99 + Free Shipping with Promo Code EMCKFKJ37
  7. Urlyin

    P6X58D Premium or ASUS Rampage III Formula

    Looking to upgrade my system from a DFI X48 and go I7 but thought I'd ask for some thoughts on these two mobo's. They're pretty close in price and it seems the Rampage has a few more options. Haven't had time to read up on either but my Santa Claus(Mrs. Urlyin) list is due... Any known issues...
  8. Urlyin

    GPU-Z is used with Furmark v1.8.2

    I know I maybe late to the party but something I found interesting and thought I'd share... When using Furmark v1.8.2 initially I saw the temps in the upper left corner as just Clocks: But when running GPU-Z in the background Furmarks switchs to GPU-Z Note: the pics shown are from...
  9. Urlyin

    Xigmatex NRP 850w Issue - works on one mobo but not the other

    I know I've read about this but never had it happen to myself before... I'm building a system and picked up a Gigabyte P55a-UD3 with a I3 530 and OCZ PC3 12800 mem. I hook up the Xigmatek psu and it just powers up then shuts off... I pull off the shelf a DFI P35 TR2 and hook up the same PSU...
  10. Urlyin

    TPU Contest Design and question thread

    Post your suggestions and or questions in this thread for the TPU Design Your Graphics Card Body Graphics Contest Comments are also welcome; Good Luck :toast: Important Update! We have decided that we will allow a small number of revisions to existing designs of the original three...
  11. Urlyin

    Intel integrated VGA not detected

    info for Intel 82845g, HP OEM ... error = Unknown architecture
  12. Urlyin

    Gigabyte 965p motherboards S & D

    Does anyone know what the difference between the GA-965P-DS3 and the GA-965P-S3 ? The S3 is less than 20 dollars in price but looking at their specs they appear to be the same ... ?? Thanks in advance .. :)
  13. Urlyin

    Your feed back on a "Urlyin's Couth Award"

    Guys and Dolls (=1) I thought I would try to collect ideas or your thoughts on creating an award similar to a Member of the Month Award. Where the community votes on a member that has provided or shown over the course of a month, that they have contributed to the community as a whole across a...
  14. Urlyin

    Mushkin 650w PSU

    Get a Mushkin 650w PSU for $117.00 here also a 550w for $64.00 Newegg Price for the 650w $199.00 here
  15. Urlyin

    GoldenMars Support Thread

    Please welcome GoldenMars Technology support team to TPU... This will be their support thread for their memory products on Techpowerup... :toast:
  16. Urlyin

    FX-55 Sandy w/ Free 250GB Sata drive $199.99

    at Newegg .. here AMD Athlon 64 FX-55 San Diego 2.6GHz 1MB L2 Cache Socket 939 Processor - Retail Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 ST3250824AS 250GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive - OEM Combo deal for $199.99
  17. Urlyin

    Diamond Viper X1900XT

    A while ago the Diamond Viper X1900XT was the lowest priced X1900XT card from all manufacturers and is still one of the lowest priced cards available today. Diamond Multimedia has produced modems, sound cards and MP3 players. One of the first consumer MP3 players ever was called the Rio PMP300...
  18. Urlyin

    Thermaltake Aquabay M4

    Thermaltake with its well known Aquabay series has added a HDD water cooler to its list of offerings for their water cooling kits. The new cooler is dubbed the M4 which is the next number in line for the Aquabay series. With the addition of this new HDD water cooler it opens a new debate as well...
  19. Urlyin

    Thermaltake Tai-Chi

    Thermaltake provides the Tai-Chi in two versions, one with pre-installed water cooling and one without. Obviously the water cooled equipped Tai-Chi comes with a hefty price tag and is one of the most expensive cases. Gazing at this behemoth one would expect it to do laundry too, however...
  20. Urlyin

    Diamond Viper X800GTO

    With all the attention on the high ends cards being released most people overlook the bargain video cards that are already out by numerous OEM manufactures. It seems everyone is on the band wagon and this includes Diamond Multimedia. With the release of the GTO and GTO² series there are some...
  21. Urlyin

    Help create an automated benchmark app

    Looking for members to help create a single app that will run TPU created timedemos for Video card benchmarking used in reviews. This would then be made available to the community to use and compare.
  22. Urlyin

    Diamond Stealth X550

    Diamond Multimedia expands its offerings and adds the Stealth X550 to their lineup. This card is aimed at casual users surfing the web or building a HTPC system. The Stealth X550 is a cut above the onboard graphics solution and can overclock to X600 speeds. This entry-level card is good news for...
  23. Urlyin

    Thermaltake Big Water 745

    Thermaltake introduces its new Big Water 745 kit with single and dual radiators. Adding an improved water block and a move to 3/8" tubing Thermaltake takes the Big Water to a new level. Also included is a beefed up pump with larger reservoir. We'll check the new parts inside and out while...
  24. Urlyin

    Guild Wars adds a little Halloween to Droknars

    I know several of us play GW and if you can't make it to Droks this is what GW changed for Halloween .... looks better in the game .. :)
  25. Urlyin

    ASUS CT-479 Pentium M Adapter

    We are taking a look at the ASUS CT-479 Adapter which allows you to use an Intel Mobile Processor in your desktop. This Socket 478 to Socket 479 converter is considerably less expensive than the native Socket 479 boards. With this adapter you can turn that old ASUS 865P/875P mobo into a serious...