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    ROG Crosshair VIII Hero (WI-FI) BIOS Update

    Version 1201 2019/12/03 14.93 MBytes ROG CROSSHAIR VIII HERO (WI-FI) BIOS 1201 01. Fix a compatibility issue with the ASUS-ESTX II-0074 sound card 02. Update TCGStorageSecurity Module to support TCG Pyrite 2.0 Devices. 03. Fix some boot issues with NVME devices. 04. Update auto-rules for CPU...
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    AMD SATA Controller drivers not installing?

    I'm noticing with the X570 Chipset drivers that the AMD SATA Controller drivers aren't being installed and leaving the Microsoft SATA Standard Controller drivers instead. I had to manually go into Device Manager and update each device. What do you all make of this? Should I have just left it...
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    X570 Realtek vs Intel LAN

    Which is better for gaming performance / latency etc? The Intel 1GbE (Intel® I211-AT Gb LAN) or Realtek 2.5 GbE?
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    AMD Graphics Cards Will Work With Future G-Sync Monitors

    "So if you have an AMD graphics card, you could still enjoy the VRR experience and other additional benefits that the G-sync module brings even from a native G-sync screen, which was previously out of reach to those users," TFT said. However, it's uncertain if users will be able to reap G-Sync's...
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    The Combined Performance Impact Of Security Mitigations On Cascade Lake Following Recent JCC Erratum + TAA

    If looking at the geometric mean across dozens of benchmarks carried out, the new CPU microcode update lowered the performance by 1~2%. With the new CPU microcode, the cost of the default mitigations on Cascade Lake with this dual Xeon Platinum server was just ~1%. Having TSX enabled and thus...
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    AMD Threadripper 3970X & 3960X Review, Total Intel HEDT Annihilation

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    Intel Core i9-10980XE Review: Better Than AMD’s Ryzen 9 3950X

    "Intel has done the right thing in cutting prices and the reality is that even though the Ryzen 9 3950X is a stunning processor, the Core i9-10980XE still beats it in plenty of tests and it's huge overclocking headroom means it leapfrogs the otherwise dominant AMD CPU in areas it's weak in at...
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    Ryzen 3950X Build Help

    I'm going to do a new build around the 3950X on the X570 Platform. What motherboards do you recommend? So far i'm looking at the ASUS X570 Crosshair VIII Hero. I also need RAM recommendations. So far i've already got the following components: RTX 2080 Ti FE Inland 1TB NVMe M.2 (Phison E12...
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    New attacks on graphics processors endanger user privacy

    https://news.ucr.edu/articles/2018/11/05/new-attacks-graphics-processors-endanger-user-privacy @Ravenlord @btarunr @dmartin
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    [WTB] NVIDIA GeForce FX 5800 Ultra (NV30)

    I am looking to purchase a NVIDIA GeForce FX 5800 Ultra (preferably Reference Design). 325 USD Reasonable?
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    AMD Bulldozer Cache Aliasing Issue Fix For Linux

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    Bulldozer BIOS support on ASUS M4A series

    Support is now here !
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    AMD Overdrive questions

    how accurate is AMD Overdrive at monitoring? my AMD FX 8120 is reading low 20 C across all cores, but this seems a little low... http://i.imgur.com/XYrRC.png also, what does that green button near "preferences" serve to do? i clicked it but don't know what it does...
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    Crosshair V Formula performance (bios settings)

    i have come up with a short list of critical settings for optimal performance thus far (1 day of use) on the Crosshair V Formula, disable C1E, Cool'N'Quiet, C6 state, and also change the default setting of Enabled for ECC (ram option) to Disabled. this will net you a consistent frequency...
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    best AMD 990FX motherboard for Bulldozer?

    i currently have an asus m4a89gtd pro usb3, but the bios doesn't yet support the Revision B2 retail release of the AMD FX processor, so i have to either wait for a new release bios or upgrade my motherboard... would it be worth upgrading my motherboard from the 890GX/SB850 to the 990FX/SB950...
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    Fallout: New Vegas Rendering issue

    I have been using ATI (AMD) and NVIDIA cards off and on based on performance and feature sets most of my career here, and I am wondering if this current generation if there was a noticable difference in the rendering between each company? I took notice in Fallout New Vegas in which I...
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    Best of the Best: HDDs

    i was wondering if you guys consider that the Samsung F3 1TB 3.5" HDD is a good buy for DVD/Blu-Ray creation... http://www.amazon.com/dp/B002MQC0P8/?tag=tec06d-20
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    Best of the Best: PSUs

    so what's the best 1200W PSU out at the moment? I have been eying up the Antec High current Pro 1200W, but i noticed that Maximum PC used a 1500W Silverstone in their latest Dream Machine PC..., so is there a 1200W Silverstone or by any other manufacturer of PSUs that is better than the Antec...
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    GTX 460 v. 9800GT in DVD/Blu-Ray encoding performance?

    does anyone know of any comparisons of a GTX 460 v. 9800GT (G92) in the arena of DVD/Blu-Ray encoding performance? I was wondering how much better a GTX 460 would be for the task... Thanks
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    New Realtek 2.59 X-Fi Mod drivers

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    Temporary Fix?

    I am considering helping a friend out whose PSU might have gone bad... this is just a temporary situation..., but he's using a Core 2 Quad (non-native quad core) and a gigabyte ga-ep35-ds3r motherboard... if i strip it down to just the CPU/RAM/MOBO/PCI video card do you think the following...
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    Thermal paste policies?

    this may be an issue of general common sense, but i want to understand more about what happens when you temporarily remove a HSF to say.. swap it with another HSF... generally I would think the preferred situation is to re-apply thermal paste properly to the HSF when you replace it..., but...
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    GTX 460...possibly bad DVI port?

    are either DVI ports on a GTX 460 supposed to work as the primary one? can i use either available DVI port for booting up with? one of my DVI ports doesn't seem to work correctly, and i think it used to work... it displays nothing during POST and only begins to work somewhat when the...
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    Can't get two nvidia cards working on motherboard

    I have a Crossfire board, but i am not trying to SLI... the board is, asus m489gtd pro usb3 i just want to use two nvidia cards for F@H i have a 9800 GT, and GTX 460 both are working independently.. when both plugged in, only the bottom card is recognized both PCIe slots work