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  1. CounterZeus

    Intel Core i3-10100 Put Through SANDRA, Beats i3-9100 by 31% in Multimedia Tests

    I don't know what you expect from HT? It's still the same cores, just depending on the type of load you can get some extra performance. The important thing to note here is the shift of the product stack and it's a nice improvement for the regular customers.
  2. CounterZeus

    TechPowerUp and Seagate Present IronWolf 110 NAS SSD Giveaway

    Chrome and yes, I am logged in. It sends me to home page.
  3. CounterZeus

    TechPowerUp and Seagate Present IronWolf 110 NAS SSD Giveaway

    Twitter share doesn't work for me as well.
  4. CounterZeus

    "Steam Was Killing PC Gaming", Former Valve Dev Says

    It's ok, now I can finally play through some of my gigantic backlog on Steam, instead of buying new games :-)
  5. CounterZeus

    GTX 1080 will not downclock. Stuck on 1633Mhz core clocks

    That problem was (should have been?) fixed since Kepler series. My GTX1080 is downclocking to 139MHz atm. Did some digging, lots of different setups still have it. Guess it's just really bugged :-D
  6. CounterZeus

    Do you suck at Fortnite and/or PUBG?

    I kid you not. I locked my max fps at 93 because my favourite weapons are shooting over 99% dps at that value. Someone made a spreadsheet.
  7. CounterZeus

    Do you suck at Fortnite and/or PUBG?

    To be honest, in pubg there is a bug with rate of fire. It's in sync with your framerate, so higher framerate makes you (in general) shoot faster.. :-)
  8. CounterZeus

    PSA: How to Fix Missing Voices / Dialogue in Devil May Cry 5

    Are you using surround with center channel? Voices often go through center only. Check the wires from that channel. Edit: that's probably why the voice is also missing in this game when it defaults to 5.1, it sends voice to center speaker, which is not in the setup?
  9. CounterZeus

    Apex Legends is good actually

    Are you even reading my post? last 30 days alone
  10. CounterZeus

    Apex Legends is good actually

    Those are unique players, not peak (concurrent). Dota 2 is now at 12 mil unique only during the last month (so active players).
  11. CounterZeus

    Halo: The Master Chief Collection PC Version Announcement Incoming?

    Been waiting for this a long time. If not, I'll have to pick up some cheap 2nd hand xbox one some day :-)
  12. CounterZeus

    Apex Legends is good actually

    Dota 2 is currently (again) the most played steam game with around 1 mil peak players. At its height it had 1.3 mil. Dota is not dying.
  13. CounterZeus

    Spoiler Alert: New Security Vulnerability Found Affecting Intel CPUs

    The tested AMD CPU was one bulldozer chip (AMD A6-4455M). So no confirmation if Zen is affected or not.
  14. CounterZeus

    Logitech G Announces the 2019 MX518 Gaming Mouse

    I still use mine at the remote office :-)
  15. CounterZeus

    Does it make sense, a Budget gaming monitor with 144hz spec and freesync or gsync as well?is it trap? Why it have freesync if it have 144hz?

    No scam, it's as you said a budget monitor. It's a TN panel and only full HD. It has some input lag and poor contrast.
  16. CounterZeus

    GTX 970... still a beast???

    I ran triple 1080p monitors with gtx970, then a triple monitor setup with 1x1440p + 2x1080p. Never had any issues regarding vram. What was your specific problem? Edit: nvm, you said it at the end. Never had that issue.
  17. CounterZeus

    MAD CATZ Announces All-New Range of Products, Including Iconic R.A.T. Gaming Mice

    I use a r.a.t. 3 at work, no issues.
  18. CounterZeus

    Monster Hunter World PC Requirements Outed, August 9th Launch for the Long Summer

    it's confirmed to be at least 4K, 60fps capable in options.
  19. CounterZeus

    EA, Sony, Steam everyithing what you hate in videogames.

    Now I wonder how crysis 1 looks and plays on my modern system with ultrawide... :-)
  20. CounterZeus

    Got a new 1080 but 0 FPS change???

    Couple years back, an upgrade from slower DDR3 to better really upped the frame rate on older CPUs, comparable to a decent CPU OC. The story of the guy easily checks out. However, you have a new platform with DDR4, so you cannot compare those results. Anyway, assuming you play on 1080p, I think...
  21. CounterZeus

    Steam Releases 'External Funds Used' Tool

    Over 2k. Most of my games I bought on external shops though. Well, other hobbies easily cost more right :)
  22. CounterZeus

    Why all Zbooks look the same G1(2014),G2,G3,G4(2017) ? The G5(2018) only has a new color.

    so we don't have to buy new docking stations? :-)
  23. CounterZeus

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Goes Mobile

    Sure, why not. They just released achievements and pretty much fixed the lag at the start of the game and are introducing ping locks. I never had big performance issues, but they also worked hard on that. The scopes are finally clear as well. They also fixed a lot of bugs. The roadmap for coming...
  24. CounterZeus

    AMD's FreeSync Coming to Xbox Console Family

    No console here... just a decent PC to use my G-Sync monitor with ;-)
  25. CounterZeus

    Google and Mozilla Push for AV1 Image Format Adoption, Beats JPEG and HEIC

    PNG is more the newer GIF and JPEG 2000 was too complex and had patent issues.