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  1. Mussels

    Updated generic Wireless Driver for discontinued TP Link Archer T6E T8E T9E

    I own one of these adaptors (T8E) and despite official Win10 support from TPlink, the official drivers wont install with device manager "device cant start" errors So, after a lot of digging i found a combined generic driver for them that doesnt seem to be posted widely around the net (since...
  2. Mussels

    Failing 4TB Hard drive? Help me out!

    I've got an odd problem, which has shown up in my NAS system on my downloads/short term storage drive (things trickle back upto cloud storage from there) It's a WD Red NAS drive, wd40efrx. The problem is, that the drives speeds are incredibly erratic and some files perform fast, some perform...
  3. Mussels

    Monitor advice - 32" curved goodness

    To simplify the situation, my 4k 40" UHDTV will end up being wallmounted and used as an actual TV, so i'll need a different monitor for my gaming PC I've been using an old 32" HP envy 1440p 60hz monitor for a few days now and have no issues with the size or DPI, so higher refresh and newer tech...
  4. Mussels

    Windows 10 photo viewer memory leak - Anyone else get this?

    Any time i leave an image open for a few hours, i come back to see crazy RAM usage like this, has anyone else had this happen? I usually only notice because it causes lag in other programs, then task manager reminds me i dared to leave a jpeg in a viewer
  5. Mussels

    New build advice: ITX?

    Hey guys and gals, short version is i'm moving into smaller accommodation and thinking of shrinking my systems down a bit - either downsizing in numbers, or literally as well and shrinking to mATX or mITX I already have 32GB of DDR4 (2x 2667Mhz dual rank, 2x3200Mhz single rank) - so ram prices...
  6. Mussels

    Pondering case change - will it fit?

    I've been thinking about staying mATX with my ryzen setup, and moving to a smaller/more bling bling case (RGB motherboards, and all that) https://www.pccasegear.com/products/39948/fractal-design-define-mini-c-tg-case Problem: I'm running a fractal celcius S24 with 4x fans in push/pull - and i...
  7. Mussels

    3570k Delid - Pics!

    Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damage you to to yourself, or your CPU copying this. I had to clean blood off my CPU, so this CAN go wrong doing it my way. My method is simple: Stick the blade in a corner (angled 'down' towards the CPU to get it in, intially) wiggle it til it cuts and...
  8. Mussels

    D-Link DIR-890L overheating - how to fix the stock cooling

    This is mostly being posted so that people googling the DIR-890L overheating end up here and can fix this factory issue. As much as i'd love to use my own pictures, the guide over here at ifixit has better pics https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/D-Link+DIR-890L+Motherboard++Replacement/72067 I...
  9. Mussels

    What software do you use on your second monitor?

    Just got myself a second hand monitor for my LAN system and hooked it up dual monitor to test it out... and struggling to find a use for it... so as always, ask TPU! What programs/software/apps do you use on your secondary display? Why?
  10. Mussels

    Logitech G403 Prodigy RGB Mouse - User Review

    Logitech G403 Wireless First thing that stands out here has a G700s upgrade is that while its smaller its a better fit, despite my large caveman hands. Somehow this shape lets me use claw grip or palm grip, and switch between them easily while gaming without even noticing. (i use claw for fast...
  11. Mussels

    Choosing a 1070!

    **Cards already chosen, read the rest of the thread** First off, i can only really gets what available at the store near me locally due to the way i'm selling my cards (if a sale deal goes through, i'm not waiting weeks with no card). Stock on this website isn't always accurate, but they ship...
  12. Mussels

    HDMI for audio only - force a super low resolution?

    My current setup is Geforce 970 -> 4K monitor, with a second HDMI cable going from my intel onboard to my 5.1 receiver. Technically i can do this from the nvidia card, but this works out easier as the Nvidia card isnt forced into a higher power state. This does require windows to be in...
  13. Mussels

    Wireless Gaming mouse upgrade from G700s

    Long story short, i've been very happy with my logitech mice over the years, especially the MX518 and future wireless mice i've owned with the same body shape (G700, G700s, recently) Upgraded to 4K and i've noticed that unless they're in max performance mode (which eats the battery rather...
  14. Mussels

    TV advice - Australia

    My 2 year old had a train crash, thomas the tank engine survived but our cheapo 55" 1080P HDTV did not. Looking into moving my 46" 1080p sony (see specs) into the lounge and wall mounting it, and getting a 4K TV (or large 4K monitor) for my PC. I could really use advice on finding a screen...
  15. Mussels

    Seagate Drive, can't be formatted (Works in RAID, weird issue) [solved]

    I've got a seagate 1TB drive, that i've been using just fine for about a year in a USB 3.0 RAID enclosure. This 1TB drive *STILL WORKS FINE* in this enclosure, IF its used as part of RAID 0, RAID1 or JBOD. It has no corruption issues or data loss. This drive has passed the 'long' test in...
  16. Mussels

    File transfers slowing down, W10

    Top image is 2TB (M: ), USB 3.0 RAID 0 to SSD1 (C: ) Bottom image is SSD2 (D: ), to HDD1 (E: ) No antivirus while this is happening (incl windows defender) Task manager shows the mech drive is saturated (makes sense) but doesnt explain the super slow speeds. Resource monitor will show...
  17. Mussels

    Free games for elderly woman [Help!]

    Building up a PC for a friends grandmother, and she's after free games like solitaire, mahjong and so on. Googling for these is a guaranteed way to get over 9000 viruses, so i'd love any pointers from you guys on where to find them. Going on an athlon II x2 w/ 2GB ram in windows 7, so nothing...
  18. Mussels

    Fractal R5 SLILLY UPRADE [Case/SLI upgrade]

    New case is in, Fractal R5. I realised SLI can be read as silly, so system has its dad joke name now. Pretty picture shown here to lure you into reading the rest: SLI image after its all upgraded: I'll be throwing in pics and before/after results with noise (unprofessional, since i got no...
  19. Mussels

    SLI bridges - what do i need?

    Soon enough i'll be getting a second 970, having SLI for the first time ever. As i lose my Nvidirginity to this tag team combo, i know i need some kind of protector on my connector. My soon to be filled slots look like this: I'll have one gigabyte 970 G1 'super overclock, and a more standard...
  20. Mussels

    Unusual Ping spike problem to router

    Before people jump in with the simple solutions, please read the next few notes carefully. I was at a LAN when we first noticed this as i was stuck on wifi hosting a game and we got severe rubber banding every 30 seconds or so. *The problem is on my primary desktop - the OC'd i5. Pings are <1ms...
  21. Mussels

    AMD driver bug - screen zooming in and out with alt tab [And Fix]

    So recently i noticed my screen was zooming in and out rapidly during alt tabbing from games - roughly 10% or so. Text in a web browser was pretty obvious as it would be fuzzy, then rapidly move a little on screen and be clear again within 2-3 seconds of the alt-tab Finally found the cause...
  22. Mussels

    Budget 1155 HSF - advice please!

    I need a stock cooler replacement for an i7 2600, mild OC. Stock cooler handles it fine, but i'm missing a cooler for a pentium G620 and i think the i7 deserves the upgrade more. So... recommend me a cooler i can snag cheap off Ebay Au, with performance better than the stock cooler, preferably...
  23. Mussels

    Macbook system/file recovery [Help!!]

    To put a long story short, Friend B has decided to try and upgrade/update the OS on Friend A's macbook. It has gone poorly, and now the macbook boots into a 'system utilities' screen This mac has no internal battery as it tried to explode, and was removed but never replaced. Could be relevant...
  24. Mussels

    Signature "line" limtation

    The input box errored trying to add a third line to my sig, yet there is clearly a large wasted space below it in a desktop browser. Thoughts on asking w1zz to raise the limit a bit higher? A lot of us are using it for secondary/tertiary PC specs, and small fonts seem pretty common.
  25. Mussels

    TV and speaker remotes conflict - is all hope lost?

    TV is a Thorn 55THL3DS1 Speakers are Logitech Z5500's, over digital coax. TV has no other outputs. Tv volume has no effect on the z55's, so i cant just use the TV's volume control. The remotes conflict for a bunch of tasks, like: Volume down on Z55's mutes the TV "Guide" button changes the...