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  1. J

    How can I disable "found new hardware" for a sound driver?

    Hi guys, having reinstalled XP yesterday, I'm having a problem with sound drivers. I have HD Realtek onboard sound and it works fine, but ATI keeps trying to install HD Audio drivers aswell and when they are installed it causes problems with certain games and my pc will restart. It's...
  2. J

    q6600 arctic freezer 7 weird temps

    getting a 5 degree difference between core 0&1 and 1&2. I do not have and thermal paste or tim on me, ill order some more. Should i reapply it and is it safe to run this until it arrives? P.S. those temps are whilst running prime95
  3. J

    Will this cooler fit on my Q6600

    I've made a dumb mistake and didn't read the advert correctly and basically I've got myself an Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro 754 for a quad core 775. (I know i shoulda got the arctic freezer 7) Now for a dumb question, will it work with this? Or do I need to get the correct one lol. I'm...
  4. J

    Help with overclocking my q6600

    Hi guys, I've been reading up a little bit on this forum and been buying PC magazines for a long time, but I know my limits, I really am new at this but I'd like to take the plunge into overclocking! I got the go stepping version as I heard this is the best. I don't want to overclock to 3.6Ghz...
  5. J

    Whats your graphics card history???

    Mine is about 10 years old I think. 1. MX440 2. Radeon 9600pro 3. GeForce 6600 4. X1900XT 5. ASUS HD4850 Normally upgrade every 2 years or so. Or when something comes along that blows my card away, which most of those cards did to the previous one (apart from 9600pro, which made little...
  6. J

    RAM running slow?

    Hi, I'm new to stuff like this so go easy on me :) I have 2 GB of DDR Ram PC3200 400Mhz and I'm wondering if something is wrong with my ram as the pictures show it isn't running as fast as it says. My motherboard does support 400Mhz.
  7. J

    Is there a way to use a fake screen resolution

    Hi everyone, I use a Radeon X1900XT on a 19" Viewsonic monitor with a max resolution of 1280x1024. I know how to unlock the higher resolutions but then you have to "pan" around the screen to see your whole desktop (move mouse to edge of screen and it scrolls that way). I was wondering if...
  8. J

    Random BSOD's

    Getting the odd BSOD last few days. Only when I start a new 3D game, so I'm guessing graphics card. I have x1900xt just under a year old, receintly started making a slight but detectable whirring noise when I run graphics intensive games, more detectable when i use ati 3D tool to test. Any...
  9. J

    Advice on new sata hard drive

    Hi all, I've just installed a new SATA hard drive (not sata 2), my old hard drive is IDE and has windows installed on that. Everything works fine, but I was wondering would it make much difference if I refomatted everything and installed windows on my new drive rather than keeping it on the old...
  10. J

    Athlon 64 3500 overheating?

    Hi, I'm new here and have a bit of a problem. I think I just had my first BSOD. I just tried to open IE up and this screen appeared very briefly (about half a second) was all blue with some white writing on, I didn't have time to read it, my system rebooted before I could. So I'm guessing...