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    sapphire vapor-x 6770 unable to overclock

    my sapphire vapor-x 6770 is completely unable to overclock. on the default clocks(core@860 mem@ 1200) run smooth and without a hiccup if i try to use it on the core@910 mem 1300 in 1 minute flat it will crash the whole system (or make many artifacts) it is on a clean windows 7 x64 install...
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    sapphire 5770 lost its OpenCL capabilities

    As a say above after a recent post i run gpu-z and i find that the Opencl is un-checked i downloaded a program that it supposed to bench my opencl capable gpu but it wont run.There is any way my card have been damaged somehow? it is a bios bug?(anyone else have it?)
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    MOBO start losing lanes..

    thats pcie lanes... suddenly my pc-am2rx790 (sapphire pure 790x) was detecting my 5770 saphire (not sure for the code) as a pcie 2 x16 x4 ....thats low. i can however manually (although just a guess of how to do it) make them x16 but the system is frightening unstable . any ideas...
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    overdrive desktop link.

    well here is the case. i would like a on/off link on my desktop that's enabling/disabling ATI overdrive.because i like the 157mhz/300mhz thermal activity on my pc than the overcloaked.(is about 20c cooler) is that plausible???
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    GPU-Z Translation: Greek

    i would do the Greek/ancient Greek translation :toast:
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    winsxs in vista

    my folder winsxs (side by side) folder have been grown for some time and now is 10.5gb and i wan't to get it deleted or smaller anyone have any idea how this can be done??if there is any way. please don't start a vista bashing dialogue. my vista is x64 ultimate
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    the usual clitche "i need help"

    well i got an asus wl-520gu router to use it's wireless capabilities but the problem starts here this router gives ip so i cannot use my modem ip to port froward so i can share on utorrent (and the linuxmce is quite big) the question is can i make the router give 1 direct ip to the modem?if...
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    score problem after o/c

    ok here is the deal after i o/c my rig the card on 3dmark06 is way slow and sometimes artifacting(its that a word?) what i done on my o/c i pump the fsb to 400mhz and gice some v on the core ie 1.45 from 1.20 if i remember correctly it is possible that i need to give some juice to nb os...
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    2 1650 but no crossfire

    ok i buldi a rig with the p5bg premium(p965 ) and i install on it 2 1650 card but no crossifire option on the ccc wth? anyone know what shoul i do bios or in ccc? in the device drivers detects 2 1650 in the cc the same but no crossfire option are there any ccc croossfire??
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    up-side down..

    ok here is the deal im bulding a new rig and i want to place my hdd with the iron plate face down are there gonna be any problem???
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    hulu doesn't work on europe

    what a shame i registed on hulu to see every time on every video clip that i can see it because (shame on me) i am a european and not an american ..:shadedshu :shadedshu
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    phenom on x64 vista or win xp

    does anyone know a benchmark or made one him self on phenom on x64 windows??? does anyone with phenom have the time (and is he willing) to bench a phenom on windows x64
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    ati hd 3850 cheap as 150 euros???

    i found (through vr-zone) that in austria the d 3850 256mb gonna cost only 150 euros http://www.diskontcomputer.com/Hardware/Grafikkarten/PCI_Express/Sapphire_Technology_Radeon_HD3850_PCI-E__256MB_2DVI-I_TVO_DC_191657.html!!! while the 512mb 176 euros...
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    volt's question

    i was checking my mobo volts today and i find that everything was ok the +12v was 12 the 3.3v was 3,3 but then i look better and i find that the -12v was -6v is this a bad thing or it can destroy anything???
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    msn experts

    even if i don't think anyone knows.....:pimp: well i have an firewire cam connected to my pc and i want to use it as a webcam but the msn doesn't use it mic,the camera works(and on very high res) but the mic doesn't does any one knows a way??
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    nvdia optimized drivers

    well i was search for newest drivers and it just strike me :twitch: ,i remember the old omega drivers does anyone still use them? are they alright? are more fast? which are the benefits?? does support the newest games??
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    2950x2x anyone hear it?

    does anyone know about 2950x2x ??? maybe not this is the latest idea in amd/ati the plan tis o integrate two RV670 into a single die, if not on the same package and guess the name r670:eek: shocking isn't? well the card isn't something new the same idea was behind the hd2600 x2 and the...
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    gpu- multilingua

    this is a big community and we can help a lot what about a translation pack? from what i see there are many people around the globe if w1zzard want (is he's software) we can make it i like to make it in greek anyone else?
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    speakers noise

    a couple of days before my psu give up his spirit so i make a fast change. Then the problems start first the speakers starts make a low noise a small one but very very irritating one,which i thing is bad grounding but there is this thing?can be power leak from psu or the mobo? maybe less power...
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    MS release free online translator

    microsoft realease its free online translator based on systran although few language is supported will be more over time www.translator.live.com www.windowslivetranslator.com
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    hl2 64bit?

    until last week i was run the hl2 in 64 bit now it doesn't any change anyone knows a way to re-activate it? i have winxp x64 but it doesn't seems to start at 64 bit
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    new ipods not linux compatible

    since i have neither of those to i can confirm it but according to this http://ipodminusitunes.blogspot.com/2007/09/apple-cuts-us-off.html if you have the new ipods you can use them on linux players the reason well the all-friendly apple figure that the linux use open source players like the...
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    media center vs itunes

    according to http://www.forbes.com/free_forbes/2007/0917/064.html?partner=yahoomag the xbox 360 with a pc of vista can make the shiny mac looks like a bum* i quote "A PC running Windows Vista and hooked to a Microsoft Xbox 360 can outgun the coolest Macintosh, thanks to a key program...
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    halo the movie

    the official site for halo the movie have open and you can see a very nice trailer it requires silverlight as very nice neat and competitive application for Flash. microsoft have start the spread of silverlight first on taffiti (www.taffiti.com) a slick search engine powered by...
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    strange techpowerup pic

    what's the problem?if i found a bug i demand ...... i will think it later