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    Memoright Announces QuadLife 2.5-inch SSD

    20.000 times 5.000 PE cycles equals 100.000.000 PE cycles. Right!/s
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    TechPowerUp and Noctua Present Facebook Giveaway

    Funny and weird at the same time, just add your name, don't do anything else and you could win. No work, all play. Haha! Good luck to all!
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    European Commission Plans Criminal Case Against Microsoft

    You wanna sell in EU, you sell the way we tell you to. PERIOD Taxing US companies which contributed to the creation of this global mess?... YES, as opposed to indebting the people like US does now. How many trillions was it?
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    AMD A-Series "Trinity" Desktop APUs Set for October 1 Launch

    Steamroller will be introduced for mobile first, later desktop and as standalone CPU even later. FM2 should allow for compatibility so no worries there. AM3+ after Steamroller is said to be dead, but we hope it won't. @NeoFX, maybe they will add dual controllers for Excavator like they did...
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    AMD A-Series "Trinity" Desktop APUs Set for October 1 Launch

    These are the desktop line. You probably mean FX Vishera CPU's.
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    AMD Shows Off A10-5800K and FX-8350 Near IDF

    Recognize rhetoric when you see it... Higher IPC parts can't really clock high, which high clocking parts like BD can make up in performance just because of that. Add to it the capabilities, it's not just a clocking chip for benchers. The intel vs AMD is outdated thinking, and past...
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    New Smaller And Lighter PlayStation 3 To Hit The Worldwide Market

    Yep, they're using you as 0day guinea pigs before Japan launch. How nice.
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    Gigabyte F2A85X-UP4 Socket FM2 Ultra Durable 5 Motherboard Unveiled

    Nope, 2 Tons. I'll take one but with all SATA ports on, pls.
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    AMD Shows Off A10-5800K and FX-8350 Near IDF

    And why would clock-for-clock matter?... do they handle the same load of threads per core the same way to actually make a ck4ck comparison?
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    AMD Delivers New Generation Opteron and Xeon "Ivy Bridge" Processors in SM15000 MSC

    From my understanding, this is a transition and like HumanSmoke said, some clients are serviced with Intel products until support is upgraded completely.
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    Corsair Neutron SSDs Now Available

    Reason not to jump for it straight away. Same thing was for SF, and look how bad it turned out to be.
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    Prolimatech Magnetic Pin to Make Shuffling Fans Around a Case Snappy

    Dude, he means rubber mounts with magnetic contacts for quick removal. Not the rubber mounts.
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    Prolimatech Magnetic Pin to Make Shuffling Fans Around a Case Snappy

    Are you sure about that?... just because you never saw a commercial product it doesn't mean no one did it. In fact I did try several types of quick mounting mechanisms. The best one I could come up with, including mounting on aluminum, plastic and relief was the double sided tape mount. All...
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    Introducing the ICY DOCK MB080USEB-1SB Blizzard

    The only reason external enclosures exist is portability. Unless you're a woman, hauling one of those huge luggage-type hand bags with you, this is pointless. Might as well buy a 2 or 4 bay enclosure that makes full use of the space and offers that fan, untilted.
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    AMD Readies Trio of Athlon II X4 Processors in FM2 Package

    If they has the dough... but overall you might think that these people won't upgrade yearly like we do, they buy and use for 4, 5 years. It's that time-frame which makes some parts obsolete, or slow performing. Substantially?... well, Athlon FM1 + a better discreet graphics is a little bit...
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    Century Intros 12.5 mm-thick 2.5-inch Drive Dock

    They're one and the same with shat Sharkoon has for a time now.... and 9 drive units.
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    AMD Reports Second Quarter Results

    You two are some funny clowns. Tahiti is a competitive product and it's priced accordingly. Why should have it been sold for less? Less means low margins and profits would not have looked so good. It's a balancing act, sell less for more, get a good Profit per product at a good cost and less...
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    Intel Reports Second-Quarter Revenue of $13.5 Billion

    How high are you? Or is it: Hi, how are you?
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    Sapphire Debuts the Radeon HD 7970 6 GB TOXIC Edition

    So, you really though this card will be mass produced for more than 10% of the users out there? :laugh: This will be in stores in minimum quantities and the few of those 10% will have what they want, finally.
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    AMD Announces Preliminary Second Quarter Results

    At the moment, but overall GF has a capacity problem until their fabs get done. On another note, if capacity would not be a problem then fabs would not push for 450mm. Plus low-yields * n-fabs means higher capacity the more fabs they have.
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    Intel Appeals Against $1.3 Billion Fine by EU, from 2009

    Well, considering that those deals were made since 2000 or so I'd say intel and co.'s customers are already paying for years, intel just banked it all in the event it got caught and now that it did it has to cough up the dough. That's actually your money, Pete, not intel's.
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    AMD Announces Preliminary Second Quarter Results

    Well 32nm wouldn't suck if GF had the capacity of intel, then AMD, their biggest client, could aggressively push their products to OEM's and we would have more options and better competition. In time GF will build factories and capacity will improve, but so far AMD can't do anything about it.
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    Intel Appeals Against $1.3 Billion Fine by EU, from 2009

    No, because AMD doesn't hold the evidence, that is held by the OEM's with which intel made verbal agreements during lunch meetings. Which in turn landed in the hands of authorities and can be used to enforce EC's own evidence. http://www.sec.gov/litigation/litreleases/2010/lr21599.htm Like...
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    Intel Appeals Against $1.3 Billion Fine by EU, from 2009

    Huh... so it not just where I live. Well good from one point, bad from another. I don't... every fight costs, not just intel but the EU taxpayer as well.
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    Intel Appeals Against $1.3 Billion Fine by EU, from 2009

    They already are... and unless they want AMD to have a bigger market share, they won't. Pfff, are you serious? $1 bln is a piss drop in a storm... for Greece alone the EU states have coughed up over $250 bln and it's till not enough. You usually get mud in your eyes where you're from? /s...