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  1. FamoSpark

    pc wont start

    help me., my pc wont start, when i press the on button the power led just blink once All the fan working fine Can some1 tell me what is causing the power led blink just once when i try to on the pc?
  2. FamoSpark

    help me oc my pII 550

    can u guys help me oc my pII 550 on ecs A780GM-A Ultra Black series please :respect:
  3. FamoSpark

    need 4 cores in PII 550

    can u guys help me which mobo can successfully unlock PII 550 cores?
  4. FamoSpark

    MSI K9A2 CF Limit?

    can you guys tell me what is the limit for OC on this mobo? :banghead:
  5. FamoSpark

    cant get higher than 3.0ghz

    i cant get higher than 3.0ghz 5000+ Black edition on my MSI K9A2 CF... NEED HELP!!:banghead:
  6. FamoSpark

    help me overclock my 5000+BE

    can u guys help me overclock my amd 5000+ black edition on MSI K9A2 CF?:)
  7. FamoSpark

    my upgrade have problem..

    i upgrade my pc from: amd 5000+ to amd 5000+black edition, abit NF-M2S to msi K9A2 CF, 2*1g corsair 667mhz value to 2*1g corsair xms2-6400 c5 800mhz, graphic still the old one, gecube ati radeon X1950pro 256mb, standard 450w PSU, when i turn on, about 30 sec my monitor flash once then...