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  1. coolernoob

    NVIDIA Confirms Issues Cropping Up With Turing-based Cards, "It's Not a Broad Issue"

    yes this can be a very small problem. But it depends on ones perspective: A) perspective - 50 rtx 2080 ti's are dud - "who cares, replace, refund and move on, haters gonna hate"; B) perspective - 50 rtx 2080 ti's from 500 total are dud - "Houston we have a problem"; but two things are for sure...
  2. coolernoob

    Lian Li Intros LANCOOL One White Case

    something "white"? is another trigger-editorial coming?
  3. coolernoob

    Remedy Shows The Preliminary Cost of NVIDIA RTX Ray Tracing Effects in Performance

    so now we know... even rtx 2080 ti - will not add any value as RayTracing gpu in gaming - not now nor in future, and forget even about lower trier gpus (like 2080 2070)! want raytracing in future? me too - lets wait for RTX 3080ti, but for now lets - value RTX 2xxx as the most poor value...
  4. coolernoob

    NVIDIA Releases Comparison Benchmarks for DLSS-Accelerated 4K Rendering

    dlss = same performance and IQ penalty as a simple resolution decrease and that even on nvidia picked benchmarks souce
  5. coolernoob

    New PT Data: i9-9900K is 66% Pricier While Being Just 12% Faster than 2700X at Gaming

    your logic... can I just walk in the store quote you and they (in store) will be like: "oh, yes sir, take one for free, everybody need the bang... have a nice day" ?
  6. coolernoob

    MSI MEG Z390 GODLIKE Preview

    why no price mention in this "review"?
  7. coolernoob

    Cryptocurrency Trading Bots Manipulating Bitcoin, Altcoins' Pricing

    no sruprises here. also in real stock market happens the same though the real market is regulated vs previously well known tricks like these. my problem with this and mining in general is the fact that mining exists only because of this false Bot inflated turnover (volume) and miners feed these...
  8. coolernoob

    NVIDIA Releases First Internal Performance Benchmarks for RTX 2080 Graphics Card

    one thing both nvidia and amd taught me over 2 decades of their presentation observation is: if presentation slides do not show a stable +75% or more (vs previous Gen) in their cherry picked titles - then in real world it will be sub 30% gains. wich would be fine (altough questionable - because...
  9. coolernoob

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX Series Prices Up To 71% Higher Than Previous Gen

    guys, why are you keep doing this: this is not what Jensen wanted you to think about now (with that full moth of preorder time before first real reviews - that is the true inovation here :D)... think about all the GigaRays and RTX-OPS and preorder now, for just "499" (that actually might be...
  10. coolernoob

    Editorial AMD Issues Official Statement on RX Vega 64 Pricing Woes

    I have only one issue with amds gpu pricing and BS they are giving.... we live in a free world and it is free market out there, so if miners are ready to buy out all of the cards (there were not many, but who cares) in first day for 999$ - we can not prevent that... Only issue in this is the...
  11. coolernoob

    AMD RX Vega Mining Performance Reportedly Doubled With Driver Updates

    that is it. Vega is gone for good. I do not want to read about that crappy "gtx 1070 killer" (soon to be 2 year old by the way) for x2 gtx 1070 price.... obviously there will be reviews that will display msrp price (god I hate those - false information is false information, even if false...
  12. coolernoob

    AMD Says Vega Delays Necessary to Increase Stock for Gamers

    miners are buying rx 580 for 500$+ (now at 450$ sold listings at ebay - used or new does not matter), so if Vega will be on par with RX 580 - it will be sold out at day one even at 500$
  13. coolernoob

    AMD RX Vega First Pricing Information Leaked in Sweden - "Feels Wrong"

    but this looks right - at this twisted market (miners) this makes sense... RX 580 are sold out for 450$+... this card will be around +30% faster (also in mining) - so lets add real rx 580 price and +30%, now lets add +25% for sweden (in article even gtx 1080 there costs 650$+)... and we get - bs...
  14. coolernoob

    Acer Predator XB271HU bmiprz 144-165 Hz

    my eyes bled when I was checking out that bleeding test results.... I mean that black (when brigthess was more than 0%) was more white than Michael Jackon skin
  15. coolernoob

    Gigabyte AORUS RX 580 XTR 8 GB

    "270$" is not how you spell 450$ - please fix this error, because this card makes zero sense at current price (current - for last 3 months not "just a little spike till next cargo")
  16. coolernoob

    MSI GTX 1080 Ti Lightning Z 11 GB

    are you carefully ensuring that 4K is not happening? :D
  17. coolernoob

    Palit GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GameRock Premium 11 GB

    could not agree with you more, but what baffels me the most is the fact that they (Palit, Gainward) tested this card by them selves and how on earth they had the nerve to still release statements like: "The TurboJET4 fabricates dual Double-Fans with the anti-vortex design. It offers the...
  18. coolernoob

    ASUS Intros the VG245Q Value Gaming Monitor

    this is not funny... even in 2014 this would be a poor value.
  19. coolernoob

    AMD May Have Ryzen 16-Core Version and New Chipset in the Works for June

    I bet reviews will devote 90% of testing only for gaming on 1080p with top end GPUs (TPU included) and dudes with system like: i7-7700K and gtx 1060 Gaming X saying something like: "see - intel gets like 200 frames but this only 185 frames (on gtx 1080 TI watercooled on 1080p) - not good - so...
  20. coolernoob

    Editorial AMD's Ryzen Debut: Onwards to the HEDT Market or The Stumbling Hype Train

    "oh nooo... a 499$ CPU did not smoked a 1000$ CPU in games, AMD lied to us, the train is crashed"... there is several things wrong with mindset like that: 1) if you bought 1000$ CPU for games, or gaming benchmarks - please spare your opinion because you do not know shyt nor about games, nor...
  21. coolernoob

    Gainward Intros the GeForce GTX 1060 IceSoul 6GB Liquid Cooled Graphics Card

    why do not take that money and buy gtx 1070 and save the change
  22. coolernoob

    NVIDIA's AIC Partners to Launch GTX 1080, 1060 With Faster GDDR5, GDDR5X Memory

    about RX 480 8GB being useless overkill - not because games and future games can not utilize more than 4GB, but because games that do (or will) so - laggs (sub 20fps) on RX 480 anyway (in setting that require more than 4GB) - so 4GB+ for GPUs like that is and will be unusable overkill now and...
  23. coolernoob

    Intel Plays Dirty Over Ryzen, Attempts to Manipulate Ryzen Reviews?

    intel at its finest... tricks like these (to threten media) will not even cost a few hundred millions $ for intel... but there is more dirty plays from intel that costed billions for them in the past...and intel did pull it trhough - that is why we find our selves in such a horribly...
  24. coolernoob

    The Power of Marketing - AMD's Ryzen Hype Train Hyperloops On

    for AMD it is "all in" situation - you can hype the shyte out of it, because if it will be bust - it will be the last hype from AMD ever. if I was in the market for new system I would preorder - why? because if it will be somewhat good - there will be few moths till prices will settle back to...
  25. coolernoob

    AMD Reveals Ryzen 7 Family, Pricing, and Radeon Vega Logo

    there is no need to compare 1800X vs i7-6900k... you can compare 1700 (no X for 329$) vs i7-6900k and still come to conclusion that even a 50% price drop would still make intels chip look very bad