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  1. philbrown23

    XFX HD 4830....Overclocking, Temps and 3DMark, etc

    so these cards clock higher than the 4850's
  2. philbrown23

    Q9450 + P45 Oc

    3.5hrs of full load is pretty stable my friend
  3. philbrown23

    Help Wanted-NB Cooling ideas

    also enzotech makes nice nb heatsinks or you can go EK blocks for watercooling or MIPs for waterblocks
  4. philbrown23

    i7 920 2.66GHZ only OC's too 4.5GHZ

    "ONLY" 4.5GHZ?!?!?! 8 processing threads 2 per core all running at 4.5GHZ thats is fucking amazin
  5. philbrown23

    My Phenom II vs. QX9650 results at 3810mhz

    Thanks for this m8 now I know for sure AM3/ Phenom 2 is out of the question for my new build
  6. philbrown23

    Project: Income Tax FTW!!!

    Im gonna get the Banchetto and just use that instead of a case I like bench tables better
  7. philbrown23

    Project: Income Tax FTW!!!

    I have modded the rocketfish but it sux
  8. philbrown23

    Project: Income Tax FTW!!!

    I was also thinking about grabing a striker 2 extreme and 2 GTX 280's
  9. philbrown23

    Project: Income Tax FTW!!!

    ok so I need some major help. Im going for a new build. for starters heres what I have. Intel Q6600 VID: 1.215v good for 4.2GHZ benching Maximus 2 Formula 4GB Tracer REDS 2X HD4850 512 visiontek Ultra X3 1000w psu Rocketfish my dilema is: should I get 1: Q9650 2Xhd4870 1GB and...
  10. philbrown23

    Pretty nice price HD4870 1GB

    to bad mail in rebates are a joke
  11. philbrown23

    Keeping case panel off?

    dood I have both of my side panels off and have for quite some time and before that I used a bench table with no sides or top so yeah more than safe besides side panels are for pussies
  12. philbrown23

    [FS] BiNGE's Hardware Harem! Updated Daily!

    wasnt bashing your gear persay the the R2E sorry bout that well bump anyway
  13. philbrown23

    dead memory?

    yep rma time
  14. philbrown23

    Change of CPU cooler -- Can't overclock anymore =S ?

    is the motherboard bowed?? if you need to physically force the cooler on like that its not done right or something. I would say take it off lap i for a good 30 minutes then put it back on if your motherboard is bowed it will affect overclocking
  15. philbrown23

    Making a trade, is its worth it?

    they are not producing the Q9450 anymore because it has a major fsb wall at aound 3.6ghz IF you have a P45 board that will clock it like the high end P45's anything under that will not clock it that far. I say if your ok with that get it it will outperform the E8400 at the same clock speeds but...
  16. philbrown23

    3d '06 Question

    wow thats horrible i'd rma that card m8 something is wrong, I'm willing to bet one of the cores is shot it happened to me with my first 3870X2
  17. philbrown23

    Fit's current machine... always changing

    wow 47 pounds each or all together?
  18. philbrown23

    ATI Beta Testing program

    signed up lets hope I get chosen
  19. philbrown23

    Forum Wars 2009

    we need to get some of our i7 guys involved in this HELLO dark and fitseries stop being pussies and sign up!
  20. philbrown23

    [FS] BiNGE's Hardware Harem! Updated Daily!

    those rampage 2 extremes must suck everyone I know that has gotten one has sold it fast
  21. philbrown23

    [FS] Fits Acrylic Dtek Tops

    yeah they just bolt on with the dtek oring
  22. philbrown23

    Molly i7 (Large pictures)

    wow binge thats nuts
  23. philbrown23

    Watercooling 101 - here's my list of questions

    1: no it will not get a 320 for the cpu/nb and a 240 for vga 2:not that I know of and if so then they prolly suck 3: swiftech hydrx is the shit 4:you have it backwards 5: yeah they kick ass 5: tygon is good masterkleer is nice and mad cheap
  24. philbrown23

    [FS] Fits Acrylic Dtek Tops

    I'll takem all!
  25. philbrown23

    [WTB] Core 2 Duo E7x00/E8x00, GTX260, Modular PSU, DVD Burner

    you want a 4850?? you know I have one and I believe I still owe you. I have a 4670 to EDIT: I also have a modular psu im in the middle of wire braiding to ;)