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    Hey all! Does anyone know what "PTPNEGO2" is? Its supposed to be something isdn\telephone thing, but not even a google gives me anything. Its my brother having some problems in greenland, and the tele company is talking alot about that thing.
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    Google Android users clubhouse

    Sign me up! Htc hero since november '09! Appbrain.com is a great site to find apps on! :) You can even share what you got with others - heres mine! http://www.appbrain.com/user/Lillebrorable/apps-on-the-phone
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    The TPU Darkroom - Digital SLR and Photography Club

    Have no clue what car it is, but it blew by me at about 200km\h in heavy rain.
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    Old games that you just have to play every once and a while?

    Transport Tycoon Deluxe (and its free brother - OpenTTD) Theme Hospital (Just installed - gonna play in a min) Evil Genius Kknd Kknd2 MDK MDK2 Hugo (The one from the tv - not the horror game) I play these on a monthly basis :D they are ALL awesome!
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    HDD SMART Error - New HDD

    Could be a bad one in the batch. I would read up the SMART info (HD tune is a good program for that) and if they are bad, then rma it.
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    ASUS Xonar drivers are worse than Creative hands down...

    It should still work on vista tho ;)
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    ASUS Xonar drivers are worse than Creative hands down...

    Yeah, the drivers are AWEFULL at times.. I dont have any problems with mine, but i still like to get regular driver updates for my stuff. And theres only ben 1 for windows 7! Anyone who knows if theres some modded alternatives?
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    Windows 7... Arrrrghh!!! I'm still waiting for the gold at the end of the rainbow!!

    #4 - That one really sounds like its the harddrives spinning up again. http://www.ocmodshop.com/ocmodshop.aspx?a=1476
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    Do Not Press F1 If Requested To Do So By A Website.

    F1 is the new F5!
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    New cinebench program released 11.5

    Woah, totaly forgot to change my specs! im on win 7 64 bit now.
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    New cinebench program released 11.5

    But when rendering, more cores = more threads = higher rendering speed. Amd isnt fast when it comes to rendering with c4d :\
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    New cinebench program released 11.5

    only 3.39 with a quad?! :O i get 3.60 with a dual core!
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    New cinebench program released 11.5

    3.60 points on my system :) The new one got a WAY better opengl bench.
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    A study on twin-tower architecture

    and here i was thinking we were talking about ground zero and the WTC towers and stuff :D
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    Firefox 3.6 released

    Appeared to be a new setting! - toolkit.scrollbox.smoothScroll - has to be false instead of true.
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    Firefox 3.6 released

    Is it just me, or has it some kind of 'smooth' scrolling enabled, when you click to see your bookmarks?
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    Low frames in counter strike source

    What resolution do you play at?
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    My Windows 7 Start is Extremly SLOW

    Umm.. I saw in a earlier post, that you have SuperFetch Dissabled.. Why? it helps with your boot speed :) - http://www.osnews.com/story/21471/SuperFetch_How_it_Works_Myths
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    TPU's own 3D renders

    Im experimenting a little with a plugin called "Destruction" for Maxon Cinema 4d. Im using a homemade hdri picture, to generate the light.
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    Why You Should Use OpenGL Instead Of DirectX

    http://www.osnews.com/comments/22706 - read some of the comments. They sound like they know alot of it. :)
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    Why You Should Use OpenGL Instead Of DirectX

    http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/opengl-directx,2019.html - try and read that, while you guys are at it ;)
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    post code L11209-8C000002 / booting windows 7

    Finished a new build? How can you finish something, thats on a dvd? :confused:
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    The TPU Darkroom - Digital SLR and Photography Club

    Hey guys! Im in need of a wireless remote for my eos 450d. I just know nothing about wireless remotes, and from reading alot of reviews and such, havent given me a single clue about what to choose. So you guys have any recommendations?
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    Free 64-bit compatible defragger wanted

    I use MyDefrag - It uses windows own defrag api and its free!
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    Need help buying graphics card.

    Guys - what about we keep it in english?