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  1. FelipeV

    ATI Catalyst 9.9 WHQL Released

    Cant say the same for Core 2 duo, lost 3 fps there, 9,7 was the best for Crysis so far, but, i'm not playing this game anymore, just for testing. Anyone noticed any glitches in ovedrive menu ? mine is blinking everytime, the entire CP when using overdrive tab blinks, I think is when temp...
  2. FelipeV

    I'm going to DESTROY my logitech z-5500 digital

    Are you sure this is not a "owned" kind of thing ?
  3. FelipeV

    Gtx 275 Physx, need tips on poor physx performance

    What happens when you disable physx ? no slowdowns ? Did you tried changing graphics options ? setting everything to low and then going up one by one. 3dmark Vantage is on par with a GTX275 ? I don´t think its your CPU, I´ve tried forcing physx to run on the CPU by editing the cfg, and my FPS...
  4. FelipeV

    Block ALL internet access except one site.

    To use in a truck repair shop, the computer only needs to access one site, to check if the client is OK. Other than that it has no use for internet. But since the computer was instaled they are having problems with porn, virus, trojans, spywares, etc. I´ve managede by configuring the...
  5. FelipeV

    4870x2 won't display at 1680x1050 at all!

    What about ? Hide modes that this monitor cannot display I´m using my 22" LCD with edid disable, but I never have this problem before.
  6. FelipeV

    Block ALL internet access except one site.

    I´m having some problems doing this using hosts files and nework configuration. What I need. Stop All internet Allow only one site accessible. If possible Windows Updates and AV updates (Microsoft AV) I found this method. Configur IP manualy outside the range of the router, router...
  7. FelipeV

    Need some advice on possibly using 2nd video card for Physx calcuation

    I´ve tried this with my X2, 8400GS was only able to handle Warmonger, and even so, it wasn´t that good. Impossible to play Mirror Edge, it was OK until I´ve reach those broken glass and particles effects, than the fps drop like it was running on CPU. Cryostasis or those Physx demos for...
  8. FelipeV

    Cat 9.8 surfaced...

    Crysis High (No change at VH settings) 9.7 !TimeDemo Run 2 Finished. Play Time: 31.48s, Average FPS: 63.53 Min FPS: 34.73 at frame 1953, Max FPS: 98.19 at frame 108 Average Tri/Sec: -44724396, Tri/Frame: -704027 Recorded/Played Tris ratio: -1.30 TimeDemo Play Ended, (3...
  9. FelipeV

    4870X2 Temps

    Strange, today, here in Brazil, 21,5C ambient temp, my X2 is idling at 35C for GPU 0 and 36C for GPU 1. (40% fan speed) At full (55% fan speed) the card runs at 65C for GPU 0 and 55C for GPU 1. Riva
  10. FelipeV

    3D Gaming Glasses?

    I remember my old Asus V8200 Deluxe, it came with the glasses bundled and a lot o headache and nausea too. Dunno how much better the tecnology got since then, but, I wouldn´t pay before a test drive.
  11. FelipeV

    Windows 7 Club

    Codec suggestions ? I´m using K-lite full, mostly for flv playing, cant watch youtube in real-time, so I save then to watch later.
  12. FelipeV

    Painting case interiors

    Thats a 932 with interior painted, don´t know the right expression, but its car paint.
  13. FelipeV

    Windows 7 Club

    Vista, never played WH on XP, I´m not using XP since the end of 2007, XP was good for benchmark, but Vista offered better gameplay with MGPU. My WH is a fresh install no patches installed.
  14. FelipeV

    Windows 7 Club

    Did you disabled any service ? Go to Turn windows feature on or off and check if windows search is installed and the service is enabled. I uninstaled once and the search disapear from the start menu. Maybe uninstaling and re-instaling will bring it back. I'm using at work and trying...
  15. FelipeV

    4ghz Club

    FelipeV | E8500 C0 | 4.250 Ghz |Thermalright True Extreme 120 (2xCoolermaster 120mm R4-L2R-20CK-GP) http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=630945
  16. FelipeV

    Windows 7 Club

    Can add me to the list too, using it as primary OS, I still have Vista on another raid setup, but since 7 is runnign games better and I did like the new aero and the aero peek, I'm not using aero on Vista. No problems so far with games, only Crysis 64bits get appcrach. Didn't istall...
  17. FelipeV

    Need a new router

    Using the P3 and some kind of program like MikroTik wouldn´t be a solution too ?
  18. FelipeV

    Cable Management Helpdesk

    Two new cases from friends that I´ve tried to make look better. CM690, the best case so far to hide and organize cables, lots of options, and the best is that you can pass all the cables behind de MB. Cosmos 1000, good looking, but you can´t even pass the USB and power switch cables in the...
  19. FelipeV

    EA will never again capture the essence of the FIRST Need For Speed

    More companies should look at this, there are a lot of games that deserve a remake, no changes at all, just new engine. The closest game to NFS today is Test Drive Unlimited, real cars, real roads, cant say about music because the only music I care about in a car, its the engine sound, thats...
  20. FelipeV

    Resident Evil 5 PC Official Benchmark and Release Date

    No, thats my system, E8500@ 4250Mhz, with a 4870X2(stock), running DX9 Benchmark variable.
  21. FelipeV

    Resident Evil 5 PC Official Benchmark and Release Date

    But you just show that with your results. If the game was GPU bound instead o CPU, you wouldn't see any fps increase, but since every time you enabled 1 core you gained extra FPS, this shows the game is cpu bound. EastCoasthandle I did run the test again, I think i look at the wrong...
  22. FelipeV

    Resident Evil 5 PC Official Benchmark and Release Date

    Did you noticed if this others have ATI cards ? Changing from 1 to 2 I saw a increase in CPU usage, but for some reason not so much fps increase. That test I´ve posted is a GTX295. Other thing posted where I got these results, using HDR low, the game looks CPU bound, but if yo run using...
  23. FelipeV

    Resident Evil 5 PC Official Benchmark and Release Date

    From a friend 1= 79.8 FPS (Dual core) 3= 85.9 FPS (Quad core) 7= 108.4 FPS (i7 @ 8 threads using 7) 8= 108.7 FPS (i7 @ 8 threads using 8) It looks like the game reserves 1 for something else, dual cores is set to 1, tri cores to 2, quad 3, and I7 are using 7. I´ve only got 2...
  24. FelipeV

    Resident Evil 5 PC Official Benchmark and Release Date

    Framework MT Engine http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/face-off-resident-evil-5-article http://www.gamasutra.com/php-bin/news_index.php?story=24084
  25. FelipeV

    Resident Evil 5 PC Official Benchmark and Release Date

    CF work in DX9 mode, DX10 got some problems and not just CF not working, test 3 runs really slow. Same problems with shadows here. Renaming doesnt work for DX10 either. About the engine. "The Unreal Engine is one of the most powerful and versatile tools available for next-generation...