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  1. MEC-777

    AeroCool Intros Cylon 4F CPU Cooler

    That off-set, asymmetrical RGB strip is a big nope for my OCD, lol.
  2. MEC-777

    DeepCool Unveils GAMMAXX GT ARGB CPU Cooler

    I have the older, standard Gammaxx 400 on an overclocked FX-8350 and I can vouch, it's a very capable and very affordable, well-made cooler. If you set this beside a CM212, you'd see a number of differences. Yes, many coolers in this category are very similar in size, shape, but blatant...
  3. MEC-777

    SilentiumPC Announces Fortis 3 RGB HE1425 CPU Cooler

    It could probably handle passive on a 65w part and semi-passive on a 95w part. I ran a Deepcool Lucifer v2 semi-passive on an overclocked 4770k a couple years ago. The fan hardly ever ran and temps rarely breached 70C. 5 heat pipes is fine, it's the size and density of the fin-stack. This is a...
  4. MEC-777

    SilentiumPC Announces Fortis 3 RGB HE1425 CPU Cooler

    This would actually be a pretty decent passive cooler. Just ditch the fan.
  5. MEC-777

    MSI Announces the MAG Forge 100 Series Cases

    I get they're trying to make it different and futuristic, but this is not well executed, IMO. Same plain-jane overall layout/interior with a weird front panel.
  6. MEC-777

    Thermaltake Announces the H550 TG ARGB Mid-Tower Chassis

    It has front intake, rear and top exhaust though...
  7. MEC-777

    Antec Presents DP501 White Gaming Chassis

    Those are some weird looking intake fans. Pretty boring case aside from that.
  8. MEC-777

    Sharkoon Announces the TG6 RGB Mid-tower Chassis

    Same old, same old... To case manufacturers; Stop it! And get some new ideas!
  9. MEC-777

    GIGABYTE Threadripper TRX40 AORUS Motherboard Teased

    To Gigabyte and other hardware manufacturers: Can you please stop putting "gamer" phrases and slogans on your products? Thanks.
  10. MEC-777

    Razer Introduces the World's First Optical Laptop Keyboard

    And then some dust particles get in there and start triggering false key presses... lol
  11. MEC-777

    InWin Announces Unique, Ultra-Light PC Chassis with Colorful Covers

    Finally, someone trying something different!
  12. MEC-777

    Sharkoon Announces the RGB FLOW Chassis

    Another black metal box with a window and touch of RGB. Yawn.
  13. MEC-777

    Abkoncore Introduces the Helios 500 Sync PC Case

    Same old, same old. Cases have become quite boring as of late. All black boxes with the same layout and varying amounts of RGB.
  14. MEC-777

    DeepCool Announces Gamer Storm Castle 360EX White CPU Cooler

    No, not what I believe at all. You're way over-thinking this and making something of nothing. It's a white-themed product. A white version. And it's mostly white with accents - which most companies do with their white-themed products as well, and advertise as such by the imaging and promotional...
  15. MEC-777

    iBUYPOWER Announces Snowblind as First Individually Sold PC Case

    The front isn't blocked. Its the S340 - there are sizable openings at the top and bottom of the front panel.
  16. MEC-777

    DeepCool Announces Gamer Storm Castle 360EX White CPU Cooler

    All you have to do is look at the product and you can see it's not completely white, but mostly. There are plenty of "white" themed products that aren't entirely white. If that's not what you want, buy something else. Simple. No need to flip out on the company for "false advertising" (which this...
  17. MEC-777

    Antec Announces DP501 White Gaming Chassis

    There's likely a gap at the base of the front panel. Looks quite restrictive, none-the-less.
  18. MEC-777

    iBUYPOWER Announces Snowblind as First Individually Sold PC Case

    It's an S340 re-brand and no, the front is not blocked off - the front panel is open at the top and bottom. I had an S340 years ago, it had "decent" airflow.
  19. MEC-777

    Xigmatek Zest

    This is all I could think of with that name...
  20. MEC-777

    AMD Radeon RX 5700 Series Reference Models Revealed

    I like the look of these. Simple, clean and understated.
  21. MEC-777

    Thermaltake Intros UX100 ARGB Low-profile Top-flow CPU Cooler

    They need to get rid of the flames on the fan blades. Doesn't really fit with the rest of the design.
  22. MEC-777

    EK Announces Lignum Nature-inspired Water Blocks

  23. MEC-777

    EVGA SR-3 DARK Will Challenge the ROG Dominus for W-3175X Supremacy

    Now THIS is a good-looking board! That's how it's done! Less is more. ;)
  24. MEC-777

    ASRock X570 Aqua is a $1000 Zen2-ready Liquid-Cooled Monsterboard

    Seriously, who designs these things? Random lines and angles with no continuity. Looks terrible, IMO.