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    [VBIOS] Sapphire RX 580 - how can I submit them ?

    Hi, Sapphire sent me new VBIOS for my Sapphire RX 580 Nitro+ because mine had mining VBIOS on it and I needed the original ones; so they sent me the original BIOSs both silent and boost mode. They are 2 VBIOSs for this card (has dual bios switch). Now, how can I submit them to the GPU-Z VBIOS...
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    RX 580 original BIOS

    Hi, I bought an Sapphire RX 580 Nitro+ and has mining BIOS on it and I can't find the original BIOS after board id which is present in GPU Z. Anyone knows how can I find the right bios and original BIOS? Thanks!
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    GPU-Z Bug Report - Wrong sensors detection AMD 7650M

    Hi, I have a HP ProBook 4540s running the latest build of Windows 10 and the latest AMD driver from Windows Update (doesn't matter if I download the latest AMD drivers from website or from HP's). The system specs are: Intel Core i7 3612QM Intel HD Graphics 4000 AMD Radeon 7650M 2 GB VRAM 8 GB...