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  1. Sir B. Fannybottom

    .net framework 3.5 causing slow boot times

    I've been playing Elite Dangerous, and the launcher requires the 3.5 .net framework, windows opens a launcher to download and install the framework and it goes on with no issues. I restart my pc and it takes >90s to load into my desktop, and when it does finally show my desktop the icons dont...
  2. Sir B. Fannybottom

    [FT] 7950 Windforce for Nvidia

    Howdy there! I'm looking to trade my Gigabyte 7950 Windforce 3 video card for a Nvidia card. I'm looking for something around a 760-770, but if you come to me with something better I would be up for the card+cash. The card clocks very well! 1.1ghz with 1.15v, never taken the memory higher than...
  3. Sir B. Fannybottom

    [WTB] Nvidia Shield Tablet

    Found one, ty for space
  4. Sir B. Fannybottom

    [WTB] [CA][US] Saitek x52 pro

    I'm looking for a saitek x52 pro, I would be okay with the non pro version though. Please shoot me PMs with any offers you have Heat
  5. Sir B. Fannybottom

    GPU usage and core clock fluctuating

    I recently got my second 7950 in and the performance I've been getting is sometimes worse than it was with one card! My second videocard's usage will fluctuate from ~10% up to 100% and the core clock will go from ~500mhz to 1GHZ. In some tests this will also cause my primary videocard to perform...
  6. Sir B. Fannybottom

    Poor transfer speeds over network with WiFi [Solved]

    My router (DIR-655) refuses to transfer at any rate higher than 54Mbit/s. Going into the wireless settings and setting the transmission rate to MCS 15 - 130 ( the fastest option) makes the range of the router extremely small, and I have to be standing next to the router to even have a decent...
  7. Sir B. Fannybottom

    80246002 Error from windows update

    Every time I attempt to check for new windows updates, I get the error "Windows could not search for updates" and the error code 80246002. I've searched online quite a bit and only found a few links to Microsoft FixIts, and some commands you could run in attempt to clear it. I've attempted to...
  8. Sir B. Fannybottom

    [WTB] 7950/7970 or R9 270X/280X

    Like the title says I'm looking for some midrange video cards, please PM me with what card you have and a price. I'm located in Canada, so please keep shipping in mind when messaging. Heatware
  9. Sir B. Fannybottom

    Error inputting year of birth

    When I attempt to input my date of birth under the personal details page I receive the error "Please enter a valid date of birth.". Has anyone else had this problem? pls fix
  10. Sir B. Fannybottom

    Payday 2 4pack split

    found people THANKS FO DA SPACE
  11. Sir B. Fannybottom

    [FS/FT] FannyBottom's yardsale (Razer BlackWidow, PS2, NF7-S, and more!)

    Howdy! Heatware I will ship to any country, if you pay postage. I will prefer Paypal, but bank transfer is cool too. All prices are negotiable. Group photo! PlayStation 2 Still works beautifully! Runs PS1 games, aswell as DVDs. It comes with 1 Dualshock controller, one memory card, ATV...
  12. Sir B. Fannybottom

    Pc refuses to boot , possibly CPU or mobo

    Howdy! So, this night when I went to power on my pc it just refused to do anything. I pressed the power button on the mobo hoping that would cause it to boot, and still nothing. I tried removing my mobo from my case, and trying to boot it up with a new PSU, and different ram but still It wont...
  13. Sir B. Fannybottom

    Hmailserver issues.

    To start this off, I'm just going to say I am a networking noob, I know the basics but not much, please be kind. Last night I set up a server with Hmailserver, squirrelmail, and wampserver. I can send emails to any address with no problem, and can receive them from other email addresses from my...
  14. Sir B. Fannybottom

    Random crashes, one screen turns geen with lines, the other white

    I've been getting random crashes on my desktop (it's the system listed as sexy vanilla freshness in my specs). The crashes only seem to be when I've been running a program that is not super heavy load, for an extended period of time (Like a skype call, or minecraft). I thought it was my...
  15. Sir B. Fannybottom

    [WTB][US] [CA] 120gb+ SSD

    I'm looking for an sata 3 SSD with a capacity of 240gb, or more, or two 120gb SSDs. I live in Canada so I would prefer to purchase the SSD from someone in Canada for shipping costs, but I am willing to buy from Americans. I have a budget of $150 to purchase this SSD, so please keep that in mind...
  16. Sir B. Fannybottom

    [WTB][US] [CA] CPU and mobo combo (maybe ram)

    Hello! I'm looking a CPU and mobo combo, I would prefer an intel quadcore K series. Preferably a 2500k, 2600k, or a 3570k but I'm open to other options if they are well priced. I'm not looking for anything fancy in a mobo, just needs 4 ram dimms, a decent color scheme and preferably more than 2...
  17. Sir B. Fannybottom

    Multiple games only $5

    http://www.bundlestars.com/all-bundles/heroes-of-conflict-bundle/?reddit Theres some decent games in there
  18. Sir B. Fannybottom

    Overvoltage protection errors

    So, while my computer was under heavy load (like playing battlefield 3) my computer would go to a back screen, and tell me that it shut off due to PSU current protection and said it was likely due to an broken or failing PSU. I decided to RMA my powersupply, and when I got the replacement in I...
  19. Sir B. Fannybottom

    Looking for two other people to split a 4 pack of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transforme

    Like the title says I'm looking for 2 people to split a 4 pack of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. We will simply split the cost evenly, that's $5 a copy. If you are interested please private message me, having a link to your heatware would be appreciated but isn't required. If this is in...
  20. Sir B. Fannybottom

    [FF] Capsized, and Awesomenauts steam keys

    This is now over, the games have been given away
  21. Sir B. Fannybottom

    [WTB] [CA][US] 15 pin gameport to USB adapter

    I'm looking for a 15 pin gameport to USB adapter for an old joystick. I live in Canada so please think of the shipping. Pm me with offers, and please include a picture or serial number of the adapter. Heatware: http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=76544
  22. Sir B. Fannybottom

    [FF] Rosewill fans 2x 120mm and 1x 140mm

    I have two fans that I am giving away. They all have some grind noise, but with the 120mm fans simply shaking them will solve the problem until you shut off the pc. I will ship these fans anywhere in the world, as long as you pay the shipping for them. They are available for pickup if you live...
  23. Sir B. Fannybottom

    Best SSD for under $120

    I have some extra money and I've been wanting to get an SSD for a long time, and I was wondering what the best SSD I can get for under $120 is. I would like it to be SATA 3, at least 120 gigs and purchasable though a Canadian retailer. So far I've looked at these...
  24. Sir B. Fannybottom

    Free 8GB USB stick

    https://www.home.agilent.com/agilent/editorial.jspx?cc=CA&lc=eng&ckey=2185059&id=2185059 Known working for US and Canada
  25. Sir B. Fannybottom

    Headphones broke off in jack and now is glued in

    Like the title says my headphones broke off in my ipod and refuesed to get out, I thought putting glue in the part that didnt break off and trying to put them together and pull it out would work, but now it's just glued in there. Anyone have some ideas of how to get it out? It's an Ipod Touch...