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  1. Triprift

    BioShock®2 Special Edition

    Just read about the upcoming Bioshock2 games special edition looks like something id be interested in. Pitty about not having a vinyl player but oh well it would be cool to have. http://games.on.net/article/7460/Delicious_vinyl_BioShock_2_SE_to_include_long-playing_record Ofcourse it...
  2. Triprift

    New Bioshock multiplayer trailer

    Just seen this a few minutes ago makes me want Bioshock 2 now not Febuary next year capture the sister sweet. :D http://www.gametrailers.com/video/capture-the-bioshock-2/58296
  3. Triprift

    How to post pics at TPU

    Ive noticed a number of members both new and more experieced who have requested how to post pics. Im going to compile the three main methods for posting pics here uploading from your computer, posting online pics and attaching pics. Uploading from your computer Firstly go to the top...
  4. Triprift

    Alan Wake

    A new cinematic trailer for the upcoming game from Remedy has been released looks promising now lets see some game play thank you trailer and info on the game can be found here
  5. Triprift

    Spore has arrived

    Spore has now been released i picked up my copy on Wednesday and am wondering if anyone else has it and what there impressions are so far. Overall so far my empressions are very good i havnt got far at the creature stage atm with my species the Trippys lol. Internet is required for gaming...
  6. Triprift

    Lost a core?

    I have as part of my lappy a t7200 core 2 duo Normally when i boot up i see in my sidebar gadgets with my cpu meter 2 core registered but now only one? When i check cpuz it says 1 thread instead of 2 yet when i check device manager it says both cores are working properly. The only thing...