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    FinalWire Releases AIDA64 v4.00

    The most splendid info missing; Compatible with Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, Me, NT 4.0, 98 and 95 operating systems:respect:.
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    What's the hottest new GPU technology this season?

    DirectX 11.2 did some good for us, but I'll wait for Mantle before I vote. Mantle might a game changer or a big marketing bull. Gsync, you kidding Nvidia? Give back 3dfx to us if you want to be game changer!
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    NVIDIA Dramatically Simplifies Parallel Programming With CUDA 6

    Woooááá Nvidia:laugh:. Forget it guys, it is nowhere to Mantle.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti 3 GB

    Great card, it does everything what the reference 290x cannot. Although I still gonna buy the Radeon 290x, but with custom cooler. Than I believe I have GTX780ti performance or more for cheaper;).
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    Seagate's Samsung HDD Division Ships World's Thinnest 2TB Storage Solution

    Is in it 4x500GB? I do not know any 2.5" drive with 666GB/platter density:o
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    AMD Radeon R9 290 4 GB

    Only power consumption is the real problem from the list, all the others can be fixed with custom cooler or maybe a re-paste with IC Diamond can make it really good! Driver is why problem?
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    AMD Radeon R9 290 4 GB

    Is possible the 290X performance will be much better with custom cooler, heatsink? It would have been interesting to see bf4 test too.
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    Radeon R9 290 (non-X) Launch Pushed Back a Week

    Yepp, exactly, with that AMD tripple twisted Nvidia:toast:.
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    Radeon R9 290 (non-X) Launch Pushed Back a Week

    That is Nvidia's staff, that is how they killed 3dfx back in 2000. Nvidia manged 5 more fps with worse quality graphics, unfortunately nobody cared quality, just FPS.
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    All Frostbite 3 Titles Will Be Optimized For AMD Only

    They should not optimize to Nvidia at all, all future gaming machines are AMD...
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    WD Shipping World's First 5 mm 2.5-Inch Hard Drive

    I'm more interested to buy their new 1TB 7mm drive. Any news on that drive?
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    Samsung Series 9 Premium Ultrabook with Full HD Resolution Now Available

    The Series 5 530U4E much better deal with Radeon 8750M 2GB GPU and usually priced under 700 Euro.
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    AMIBIOS Source Code and AMI's UEFI Signing Key Leaked

    This might excellent news, does this mean we are going to see more customizable bios, such as adding memory timings, overclocking CPU, GPU, changing voltages, etc in Samsung laptops?
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    AMD to Bundle SimCity with Select A8 and A10 APUs

    Nvidia and intel are so crap :(
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    Intel Core i7-4770K "Haswell" Tested, Not a Leap Ahead of i7-3770K, But Consistent

    Nope, they did not, anandtech is a trashcan.
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    AMD Announces Next-Generation "Richland" A-Series Mobile APUs

    Where the performance reviews?
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    NVIDIA Announces PhysX and APEX Support for Sony PlayStation 4

    What Nvidia want with Phisiyks on PS4? If I know well there is no a little piece of Nvidia hardware in it:D.
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    Editorial It's Sony, Not AMD in GeForce Titan's Crosshair

    I think Nvidia will fail soon, their Tegra 4 is garbage and they lost Xbox 720, PS4. I actually do not mind, because they the one who destroyed 3dfx disgusting way...
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    3DMark for Windows Arrives on February 4th

    The new environment is not too nice and directx 10 is add.
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    AMD "Richland" Desktop APU Lineup Detailed

    APUs speeds are lay on System Memory speed, with DDR3-2133 I expect significant boost over Trinity's DDR3-1866MHz.
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    Samsung 840 Pro SSD 256 GB

    I miss power consumption tests, because if real life performance is so close to each other, than I want buy the most efficient.
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    Intel "Haswell" GT3 Graphics Twice as Fast as "Ivy Bridge"

    Who cares CPU? CPUs stopped being bottleneck for years, the GPU is more important. AMD is going on this track for years, while Intel just start realizing GPU is important too...
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    Intel "Haswell" GT3 Graphics Twice as Fast as "Ivy Bridge"

    Intel graphics is scum, nowhere as fast as Intel claiming.