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  1. anonymous6366

    [FS][US] SOLD - DDR4 3200MHz Corsair Vengance LPX - 8Gb (2x4Gb)

    SOLD Got some new RAM so I don't need this anymore. Asking 60 55 50 shipped. Heat is in my signature.
  2. anonymous6366

    [FS] 6600k, CPU cooler, 4gb DDR2, & 500gb 2.5" HDD

    All shipping is free. Heat is at the bottom in my sig. First up is my 6600k (replaced by a 7700k). Used as my the CPU in my gaming PC for 2 years, never overclocked. Take this and the cooler below for: $180 Or the CPU alone for: $160 Next is the cooler used for that CPU. Phanteks PH-TC12DX...
  3. anonymous6366

    [FS][US] Danger Den water block, 240x120 blue radiator, XSPC dual res

    SOLD - Danger Den water block (leaving the picture up cause its sexy) PENDING - Next is a 240mm x 120mm blue radiator. Now the fins on this are pretty much all perfect except for the one spot on the bottom (see pics). The screw holes are stripped (happened before I got it) but I have some...
  4. anonymous6366

    Projector questions

    So my frat has decided to get a projector for our living room and being the "tech guy" its kinda assumed that I will figure it out and get all the stuff. I have never really looked at projectors so I'm kinda clueless and need some help.. We got about 1000 to spend on the projector mount screen...
  5. anonymous6366

    Looking for a 2 in 1

    So I am looking to get some sort of 2 in 1 but i feel like there isn't really anything that exactly meets my specs. I'll be using it as something of a replacement for my dated laptop which I use for work school and entertainment. This means it really just needs to run word excel word matlab and...
  6. anonymous6366

    [FS] OCZ Stealth Stream 600 watt power supply

    Here is a link to the exact product: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817341010 This psu has been in my computer since I built it about 5 years ago but I just upgraded to a corsair 850watt so its time for this one to find a new home. I have always kept my computer off when...
  7. anonymous6366


    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Core 2 Quad q6600 3.2Ghz Crucial SSD Seagate 7200rpm 500gb MSI GTX 580 Corsair AX850 EVGA 750i SLI FTW 2x2gb G.skill ddr2 1066Mhz Asus BD drive Custom Liquid Cooling SIIG 5.1 sound card Mods: Custom liquid cooling - radiator barbs needed holes...
  8. anonymous6366

    [FS][US] EVGA GTX 460 superclocked (768mb)

    Just got a 580 so I don't need this one anymore. SLI anyone?? Asking $70 shipped to US. Heat is in my signature.
  9. anonymous6366

    My folders look funny

    Randomly my "my documents" folder and a couple others changed how to folders look too this. Doesn't effect anything, just had me scratching my head.. anyone know what happened?
  10. anonymous6366

    [FS] 16gb samsung galaxy tab 10.1 & toshiba x505

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 32gb - SOLD Toshiba x505 (18.4" 750gb 7200rpm w/i7 gaming laptop) - SOLD
  11. anonymous6366

    [FS] DDR2 ram 800mhz 2x(2x1gb corsair and g.skill)

    Both sold, have a nice day :)
  12. anonymous6366

    Backlight on laptop not working

    Anyone ever seen this happen? I got this toshiba x505-q870 from a friend because he dropped broke the screen and needed money. The backlight on the broken screen was working but then when I switched it out for the new one it stopped working (as in no matter which screen I plug in the backlights...
  13. anonymous6366

    Strobe light control

    So my frat is having this part on saturday and we have a nice strobe light and mixer: behringer pro mixer dx 1000. We wanted to have the mixer connected to the strobe because I'm pretty sure that it can but I can't figure out how to make it work. What I tried was the 1/4" "light" output on the...
  14. anonymous6366

    Power for gtx460's in SLI

    Quick question for you guys, how much power would I be needing with my desktop as it appears in my info plus another 460? I've been looking around and getting mixed answers some say sli460s with a core 2 quad will need 600 some say more like 700. The problem is that my psu now is only 600 so...
  15. anonymous6366

    password on windows removal

    So randomly my desktop has a password on it (on my user, the admins account) and I definitely didn't do it. is there a way I can get it off Without changing my Personal stuff?
  16. anonymous6366

    Buzzing from receiver while on

    hello all, I have a problem with the receiver in my frat's living room. It's a sony (I can look up the model if needed) and whenever it is on there is a buzzing sound coming from the speakers (cerwin vega xls15's i believe). I've looked around and think that its something with a ground loop. I...
  17. anonymous6366

    [WTB] 4 1/2" ID fittings

    No longer need, just went ahead and bought some from frozencpu.com
  18. anonymous6366

    From ghetto to clean, a liquid cooling story

    (copied from my thread in "cooling and ocing") **I decided that it was in my best interest to go with water cooling as I want to overclock my q6600 more than 3.5ghz. LGA775 ftw :rockout: I had a coolermaster aquagate mini r80 but I killed the pump some how :( now im getting all the stuff...
  19. anonymous6366

    Gettin my liquid cooling up n runnin

    I decided that it was in my best interest to go with water cooling as I want to overclock my q6600 more than 3.5ghz. LGA775 ftw :rockout: I had a coolermaster aquagate mini r80 but I killed the pump some how :( now im getting all the stuff together for a much better setup. my pump will be a...
  20. anonymous6366

    [WTB][US] Water cooling pump

    title says it, not trying to spend an arm and leg for this as its for a single loop. it would also be handy if it had fittings for 1/4ID 3/8OD tubing but not necessary. I know these come up on here from time to time but I haven't seen any in a couple days. PM me! Thanks
  21. anonymous6366

    waterblock mounting for 460 vs 465

    Just a quick question, can't find the answer anywhere but can a waterblock specifically EK-FC470 fit on a gtx 460? I'm looking at buying one from "bot" on his fs thread. He had it on his 465 so I would think maybe its the same mounting? anyone know? Thanks
  22. anonymous6366

    ICEnhancer has a forum now

    So I'm guessing a lot of you guys know about gtaiv's graphic mod, icenhancer. If you haven't heard of it check out some youtube videos or something cause it's sick. Anyway he redid his site and there is a forum along with the site now too here
  23. anonymous6366

    The fate of the old processor

    Oh yes I think you guys know what this little processor has in store for it :cool: 220 grit done, copper is all exposed. Here is what it looked like to start I had already done some work on it a long time ago (basically just brasso to make it shinier. starting out copper beginning to peak...
  24. anonymous6366

    [WTB] Closed loop liquid cooling system

    Found exactly what I needed from mdnelson09 :)