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  1. anonymous6366

    [FS][US] SOLD - DDR4 3200MHz Corsair Vengance LPX - 8Gb (2x4Gb)

    SOLD Got some new RAM so I don't need this anymore. Asking 60 55 50 shipped. Heat is in my signature.
  2. anonymous6366

    [FS] 6600k, CPU cooler, 4gb DDR2, & 500gb 2.5" HDD

    All shipping is free. Heat is at the bottom in my sig. First up is my 6600k (replaced by a 7700k). Used as my the CPU in my gaming PC for 2 years, never overclocked. Take this and the cooler below for: $180 Or the CPU alone for: $160 Next is the cooler used for that CPU. Phanteks PH-TC12DX...
  3. anonymous6366

    [FS][US] Danger Den water block, 240x120 blue radiator, XSPC dual res

    That's a good idea. I'll have to try that sometime in the next few days.
  4. anonymous6366

    [FS][US] Danger Den water block, 240x120 blue radiator, XSPC dual res

    I didn't realize there was so much interest in DD stuff (also didn't know they went out of business lol). The radiator is its stock color, shiny blue. I'm unsure of the brand as I got it off someone on here a couple years ago. 95% of the fins are still perfect and you can see the little area in...
  5. anonymous6366

    [FS][US] Danger Den water block, 240x120 blue radiator, XSPC dual res

    haha yeah its a sexy block for sure! and it is now pending. Bump for the other things!
  6. anonymous6366

    [FS][US] Danger Den water block, 240x120 blue radiator, XSPC dual res

    yeah that was a great block. It was on my q6600 which i was only able to get up to 3.2ghz (crappy mobo) but under full load it never got above 42C I believe.
  7. anonymous6366

    [FS][US] Danger Den water block, 240x120 blue radiator, XSPC dual res

    SOLD - Danger Den water block (leaving the picture up cause its sexy) PENDING - Next is a 240mm x 120mm blue radiator. Now the fins on this are pretty much all perfect except for the one spot on the bottom (see pics). The screw holes are stripped (happened before I got it) but I have some...
  8. anonymous6366

    1080p tv wont display properly with computer

    you guys seriously bumped my post from 2011 and proceeded to hijack it.. nice lol
  9. anonymous6366

    8K A Great Challenge: NVIDIA and AMD

    first off, 1080p 120Hz>4K 60Hz 8K... well first off, as other people said there isn't a video card that would be able to handle that. I would also agree with the comments about this being a marketing strategy to trick rich people who don't know anything and think that the most expensive product...
  10. anonymous6366

    Windows Phone users Clubhouse

    got stuck in the refurb circle when my 928s headphone jack went after a week of use. I'm on my third one now and it is broken now -.- so tomorrow I'm going to get an icon, hopefully this one is less problematic. From what I have read I just got unlucky.
  11. anonymous6366

    HP Unveils 360-Degree Convertible PC

    its like an ugly yoga XD
  12. anonymous6366

    favourite PC game?

  13. anonymous6366

    Projector questions

    thanks lilhasselhoffer, we were wanting to get a projector because we do have a pretty large space to put it in. However the room has windows on two sides so light would be an issue during the day. Guess that could be fixed with some thicker curtains or something. Honestly it would mostly just...
  14. anonymous6366

    Projector questions

    We just wanted to get a projector because we can get a bigger screen and the equipment is out of harms way from drunk people. Remember this is in a frat house and drunk people cause all sorts of mayhem. If we got a big flat screen I would be too paranoid that someone would spill beer all over it...
  15. anonymous6366

    Projector questions

    So my frat has decided to get a projector for our living room and being the "tech guy" its kinda assumed that I will figure it out and get all the stuff. I have never really looked at projectors so I'm kinda clueless and need some help.. We got about 1000 to spend on the projector mount screen...
  16. anonymous6366

    Looking for a 2 in 1

    bumpin this, so now I'm interested in the miix 2 10.1 and Pentium based yoga. Opinions on these two? I like the fact that the miix is an actual tablet and has great resolution. But the yoga is cheaper and has a better processor and a larger but slower had. help me decide! Lol