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    MINIX Creator Andrew Tanenbaum Sends Open Letter to Intel Over MINIX Drama

    I'm out of the loop. What is the issue for customers about the ME ? It's a micro-code known for years. Common in OC to have to reinstall the ME if overclocking is degraded (risky operation, only for competition).
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    AMD Ryzen 5 1600X Overclocked to 5.90 GHz

    LN2 is a whole different world. You can't compare with daily water cooling OC, science happen at these temperatures.
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    AMD Ryzen Infinity Fabric Ticks at Memory Speed

    It actually tick with the full speed. The real frequency of a DDR module is always half its DDR-rating (eg DDR4-3200 -> 1600 MHz).
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    AMD Ryzen Machine Crashes to a Sequence of FMA3 Instructions

    From the hwbot thread, a fix is coming with a new microcode. Also disabling SMT prevent the crash.
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    G.SKILL Announces Flare X Series and FORTIS Series DDR4 Memory for AMD Ryzen

    You know, that are just Aegis and Ripjaws validated on AM4 board and rebranded :) These are not AMD-optimised DDR.
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    OFFICIAL Star Citizen

    Complais about times and delays are funny. Since 2012, they are working on two games, and most important they built an entire company of hundreds peoples. And it's a MMO, there is no "final release", there will always be enhancements and new features. For comparisons purpose ...
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    G.Skill Trident Z First to Achieve DDR4-5000 - A Frequency Record

    Extreme overclocking push technologies to their limits, and so help to find conception issues in the architectures of CPU/GPU.
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti Classified Kingpin Edition Pictured

    An air-cooler on this card is almost a crime, her place is under a LN2 pot ;)
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    ADATA XPG Z2 DDR4-3400 Overclocking Memory Breaks New Record

    Ha ha, as they will be at Computex to perform more oc, we are sure now that you will be behind to officialy validate xD But yeah lack of memory cpu-z for latencies ... CAS 35 ? x)
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    ADATA XPG Z2 DDR4-3400 Overclocking Memory Breaks New Record

    Pieter, Adata set the record on air-cooling, excluding any extreme like hicookie score :p