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    AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT Features 2,304 Stream Processors

    I dont understand these specs, butchering 5700 market with a slap in the face with slower memory (even 5500 has 14Gbps). And this Asrock is a Challenger OC model with slow/original launch specs?
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    EVGA Announces GeForce RTX 2070 Super Ultra+ Series with Overclocked Memory

    Is this the samsung 18Gbps chips or is it only binned&overclocked 16Gbps? edit: lazy me, 15500 MHz :roll:
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    ASUS Radeon RX 5700 XT STRIX OC

    Finnish e-tailer Jimms.fi has STRIX version at 589€, w/o 24% tax 448€, current EUR-to-USD 501,85$ And a TUF version at about 40€/45$ cheaper with clock speed TBD, sauce Estimated shipping dates says not confirmed, for both currently.
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    Drivers from Over 40 Manufacturers Including Intel, NVIDIA, AMD Vulnerable to Privilege Escalation Malware Attacks

    "LoJax is an implant tool that uses RWDrv.sys to gain access to the SPI flash controller in your motherboard chipset, to modify your UEFI BIOS flash " Anyone else remember having to enable/disable BIOS write protection setting? :)
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    AMD Readies AGESA ComboAM4, Addresses Several Issues Affecting 3rd Gen Ryzen

    Very nice! But seriously just use numbers...:kookoo: Summit/Pinnacle AGESA never went above, and I have a hard time imaging they effed up so hard they need to go over
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    NVIDIA's SUPER Tease Rumored to Translate Into an Entire Lineup Shift Upwards for Turing

    And thus the cycle begins again, Welcome back LE cards!
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    ASUS Reveals Listing of Motherboards, Chipsets Receiving Update for Next-gen Ryzen; A-Series Absent

    All Ryzen chipsets have support for upcoming Zen2, BUT not all motherboards have big enough UEFI/BIOS roms for the support (e.g. Buy the cheapest and you loose support)
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    ZSA Technology Labs Brings out the Planck EZ 47-key Open Source Keyboard

    No typewriter key setup, :eek:WOO.. 180usd.. aaah:oops:
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    Maxon Releases Cinebench R20 Benchmark

    Yesterday: Cool! Today: F**k em, If they can´t supply a non-store download.(https://www.guru3d.com/news-story/cinebench-r20-download-taken-offline-after-legal-threat-from-maxon.html)
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    Anti-cheat Software Runs Amok Causing System Crashes in Windows 10 Insider Previews

    Why not do it like with the first few feature updates, just remove programs that are not compatible /sarcasm
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    Lenovo Adware Class Action Lawsuit Settled, Claimants Get $40 on Average

    This is a U.S only thing, kinda weird since it is a world wide issue
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    Battlefield V with GeForce RTX DirectX Raytracing

    Nice review! Cool tech, won´t pay extra for it though. On the game side of things, immersion is ruined in those screenshots instantly with realistic reflections that makes all the models look bad.
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    [Solved] Gigabit lan but slow internet. ISP verified full bandwidth is present.

    The crossover cable is the most likely suspect, educated guess its only running over 4pins(max100Mbit). Check/replace cables so its only "normal" cables.