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    Western Digital Ships Industry's First 1 TB Mobile Hard Drive

    nice post...thanks for the info!
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    No Retention Bracket!!

    i like your new heatsink!!! very nice!!
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    [Case Gallery] Oh So Sexy

    very nice case.....
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    High pitched sound while GPU is under load.

    its pretty normal...
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    Battlefield Heroes: Free Battlefield Game.

    thanks for the link... nice share!!
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    L4D Maps!

    that's cool.. thanks for the post!!
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    Overclocked 8800GT vs stock GTS 250: A very rough comparison

    very nice info.. thanks for the post!!
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    [Case Gallery] Basic 4Ghz Classified

    very nice pics...
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    USPTO Rejects Additional Rambus Patent Claims Against NVIDIA

    thanks for the post!!
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    Do i need to replace my PSU?

    i think you need to replace it!!
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    Time to leave

    thanks man!!!
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    a few more questions

    2 3870's are much better rather than a single 4870...
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    GELID Solutions GC-Extreme Thermal Compound

    thanks for the link.. very nice review...
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    Do i need a NIC to have a wireless internet connection

    no, you don't need a NIC card!!!
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    Win7 7100 or 7600??

    very nice info.... thanks..
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    Multi Platform Portable Gaming Entertainment Station

    it looks like PSP....
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    [FS/FT][US] Xeon 3220

    nice stuff!! good luck with the sale!!!
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    Super Talent DDR3 Memory

    super talent is a good product... but lack of marketing strategy!!!
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    ram for 780i

    i agree....
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    Is there a big drop in SSD prices coming?

    I'm planning to have one before the month ends...
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    NVIDIA GeForce 190.38 Beta Drivers Released

    that's good to know.. nice post!!
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    GTX280 Artifacting in Crysis

    very nice share!!!
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    Computer Is Beeping - Is It the PSU?

    i agree!!!